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  1. Hi all - I hope you are well. I will be having a Marriage Blessing this year here in the UK as I really did not have the wedding I wanted in Turkey. My husband is here on his Spouse Visa and should be able to apply for ILR next year. My parents would like to invite his parents and younger sister (16 years old) over for the occasion. My in-laws are both retired. They own land, property and a car. My questions are: 1) My parents have said they are willing to provide accommodation for them so they can attend the event. But they have never met. Is this a big fat no? 2) My in-laws will have to be financially responsible for themselves. Is there a ball park figure they need to meet? 3) I am looking to sponsor my friend from Turkey to come over. My husband and I live with my husbands cousin in his house. I pay for nothing other than my phone bill - will this go against me? 4) My boss paid me for the last 2 months in cash but I put this directly in the bank. Will this have an effect on the application? 5) For 2 months my wages went into my bank and then straight out again due to expenses for the event but now everything is paid for. By the time my friend applies I should have around 8K in the bank. Will it go against me for having £0 in the bank for pretty much 2 months? I can provide receipts etc for the event to prove where they money has gone. TIA. x
  2. OpUnfortunately I have had a look on there and seem to find nothing other than information about the process. I am really trying to find the form that I need and I all seem to find is SET(M) which I used for the first 2 and a half years of his settlement visa under the new rules. If anyone has any links I would be really grateful!E x
  3. Dear Forum, I am so confused at the moment. My husband and I applied for a Spouse Settlement Visa which he obtained. I know that 2 years into it I need to apply for another which is fine. However, I can not find the form for this or any information requirements or guidance. Does anyone know where I can find this form so I can start getting us prepared for it? I know its a little down the line as he was only granted it this year, but I would prefer to know everything now rather than chasin paperwork at the last minute. Thanks, E xxx
  4. tefl85

    Changing Details

    Dear Aston, Thank you so much for your clear clarification. x E
  5. tefl85

    Changing Details

    Dear Forum, My husband and I are currently considering moving within the UK due to my work commitments. He was issued a spouse settlement visa in January 2013. And as far as I am aware, he will need to apply for another in 2 years time. Do they send any paperwork to our current address to do this? Do we need to contact UKBA to change our address? If so, how do we go about doing this? Any ifo would be appreciated. Esmerim. x
  6. Ahh Finally. Many congrats. Hope you have a happy life together. X
  7. @Roxystanford - Thinking of you. X
  8. Good Luck Misskittylovesrobin - I hope it all works out for you. x
  9. Bernadette - I may bump into you in Istanbul ;)Thank you to you all on here. Yours support and advice assisted us in achieving this amazing news! x E
  10. Dear Bernadette,We submitted our application on the 19th October. Today my husband received his passport in the post with a big fat granted visa sticker! Hopefully you will inform us all of the same tomorrow. The next thing is getting him here! He really doesnt seem too fussed! Love E. x
  11. Sorry xpinkflowerx unfortunately I can be of no help I have no idea when it comes to [email protected] - Thank you. I really hope it is good news for both of us! [email protected] - I truly admire your optimism and hope that life with your husband is treating you well. xE
  12. Dear Bernadette,Although I know it is not entirely comforting. At least take comfort in the fact the decision has been made and it is on your way to you.I am sure your husband will be with you in no time.I could only wish I could say the same for myself. :(x E
  13. I am sure it will all work out for the best. x
  14. I do hope so. They do say no news is good news however I am doubtful! x
  15. God I feel sick reading all of this. Still no news on our application and I just know it will be a no! I have no idea as to why but I do not feel confident in the slightest. We will not give up though. I know this much at least.Esmersim.
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