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  1. Hi all - I hope you are well. I will be having a Marriage Blessing this year here in the UK as I really did not have the wedding I wanted in Turkey. My husband is here on his Spouse Visa and should be able to apply for ILR next year. My parents would like to invite his parents and younger sister (16 years old) over for the occasion. My in-laws are both retired. They own land, property and a car. My questions are: 1) My parents have said they are willing to provide accommodation for them so they can attend the event. But they have never met. Is this a big fat no? 2) My in-laws will have to be financially responsible for themselves. Is there a ball park figure they need to meet? 3) I am looking to sponsor my friend from Turkey to come over. My husband and I live with my husbands cousin in his house. I pay for nothing other than my phone bill - will this go against me? 4) My boss paid me for the last 2 months in cash but I put this directly in the bank. Will this have an effect on the application? 5) For 2 months my wages went into my bank and then straight out again due to expenses for the event but now everything is paid for. By the time my friend applies I should have around 8K in the bank. Will it go against me for having £0 in the bank for pretty much 2 months? I can provide receipts etc for the event to prove where they money has gone. TIA. x
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