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  1. Hello there, Fasial, My studies were over, however; my premit was still vaild, and schduled to be expired 10 days prior to my wedding appoinmnet. My stay in Turkey was schduled for more than 10 days, thats why I enter on toursit visa. Let me know if you have any questions I can help you with
  2. Hello Desitny, I will answer your questions based on my experience: When you actually have to go to Ankara? Whenever you want actually, and it depends on your embassy, if they accept having the documents via post or in person. In my case, it was in person, and it took me two hours to have the paper in Turkish & English. I didn't have to stamp my document from the ministry of foreign affairs, only from the Wali Of Istanbul (that took me 3 hours). But it would be in English so how can you get it translated in such a quick amount of time? If the embassy gave you the paper in English, you will have to translate it to Turkish and Noter it. That should takes you a day, maybe, for the translation. Usually the translation places deals with Noters as well, and they'll guide you to the Noter in the area. If your embassy in Ankra, and does not accept post, I suggest you spend a day or in Ankara to get your certificate, translate & noter it. Let me know if you have any extra questions. Thank you, Adie
  3. Hello Ercan & welcome to TurkeyCentral. As far as my information, there is no such a visa called "fiancee visa". As, an alternative, have your BF come to your country, get married in your country, apply for a Spouse visa from the Turkish embassy in your country. Otherwise, you can also apply for a Student visa via any school in Turkey and get your confirmation paper from the school then apply to a status visa.
  4. Hello Ey35, I am sure if you take a look around you'd find general answers for your general question. Do you any specific questions? As laws, there no laws which can prevent a turk marry a foreigner as long as you have the required paperwork which the Baladiya will ask for, you should be fine. Let us know if you have questions. Thank you,
  5. You are most welcome Ken, and thank you for your greetings. TurkeyCentral helped me a lot before and was a great source of information and I am glad to help the new comers to find what they're looking for
  6. Hello All, The answer is NO you can't get married on a tourist visa and you can only get get married on a valid resident permeant. I entered Turkey on a tourist visa "just in case". We gather all the margarine needed papers and we went to apply, they said where is my RS, I said its back home, she said, we can't get you married on tourist visa! So had to express DHL my RS from home and 2 days later I received it, went to apply, took the appointment, got married! Moral of the story, its Turkey!
  7. Hello YabanciGirl, I have asked the consulate in Dubai and called the embassy in Abu Dhabi, no on seems to have a certine answer I guess I will have to figure it by myself at the end of Octobar.
  8. Hello Ken and thank you for your prompt reply. I asked the Turkish authorities at the Airport whether I need to cancel my student permit since my education now is completed and I am no longer lives in Turkey, despite the fact I will come back and forth and despite I am still renting an apartment there, she said its fine as long as its valid and no need to cancel it till it expires, that was in April 2014 when I departed from Turkey for good. When my girlfriend asked the Baldiyea at the date of this post, they say I have to get married before my permit expired. When she went to ask again two days back, they say its fine to get married on a tourist visa as long as its valid. So we got confused :S Anyway, I will be in Turkey on the 23 of October on a tourist visa to know for sure the what's up and actually we will apply for the appointment on a tourist visa and see what will happen. For sure I will let you know the answer. Thank you again
  9. Ummmm, hello Turkey Central people, any reply? Maybe? No? Okie
  10. Dear Members, Hope all is well. I have a simple question which I urgently needs an answer for based on your accurate knowledge or expertise. Basically, I used to live in Istanbul for over two years on a student permit. My education now is completed and I move to Dubai for work proposes. Once or twice a month I visit GF here in Istanbul for 10 days or more and enter the country using my valid student permit. My permit will expire on November and given the fact the new April rules and the permits that takes months to be delivered and given that I can’t stay for long time in Turkey for that, I have decided not to renew it after it expire. Now I am getting married in December (only Baldyea Nikah), I know and have all the needed documents. My question is, do I need a resident permit in order to get married in Turkey? Or a valid tourist visa should do that job. Please advise. Thank you, Adham
  11. Dear All, Currently I am in Turkey on a student Resident Permit that valid for 3 years "I guess". Recently I decided to buy a vehicle in Istanbul, however; and for some reason, the secondhand cars are way too expensive . So, I have my car back home sitting in the garage is doing nothing and no one is using it. My question is, what has to be done in order to register my car that I will ship in two months? I knew that importing a car is a headache, but I can't afford to buy a car in Turkey since I am a student . Also, I am wondering if there are shipping companies who can handle the shipping and the registration process I am open to any suggestions Cheers, Adie
  12. Hey guys, I am wondering if there is an animals shelters in Istanbul where one can get a dog, i dont want to pay to a pet store and pay to animals shelter, please advise
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