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  1. Absolutely insist on a police report. I had an accident. A policeman appeared on foot. He said no one was at fault. We should just go to my insurance agency. (I am a long time resident of Turkey) But they declared me at fault and I had to pay for the repairs to my car. I have Cosco insurance - comprehensive. A policeman friend of mine told me I should have been paid. The insurance agent backpedalled quite quickly when my friend sent the chief of the traffic dept. to give him the what for... bottom line.. do not move the car or let the other people move until the police or jandarma make a report for your insurance. If you are in a rental car. Call the people who rented it to you immediately. "And do not move the car."
  2. My grandson is coming next month I am excited.
  3. Be glad you do not have a contract - I think the gas knob is a very small issue just get it fixed yourself. I would try to find a nicer landlord. I have lived in several rentals here- I am lucky my new landlord has fixed things in this house he built himself and it is not up to code. From experience with Turkish people the renter generally deals with these small things. Where is this gas knob? On the stove? In that case just ask the guys who bring the bottles. They will know who can fix it. It is probably quite cheap to fix..
  4. This topic is a little old but this is a little important to know. If the car belongs to a foreigner and is in their name it may have an "M" plate. It is for misafer "guest" 2 middle digits are MA MB or MC. In that case only close family - spouse, parents, children or sibling are allowed to drive. THEY can confiscate the car if you are caught driving it and are not one of the above relation to the owner of the car!
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