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  1. Yippee - best ever news - Mete got his Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK. Cardiff Home Office was so much better than London - quick scan of paperwork - told to go off for a couple of hours and they would ring when decision was ready - called back after 2 hours, documents returned and visa granted....all the stress FINISHED. So happy - and also SO HUNGOVER
  2. Well tomorrow is the day - we are off to the Home Office in Cardiff to apply in person for hubbys Indefinate Leave to Remain. Got a mountain of paperwork and the copies requested and also have a back up file just in case. Fingers crossed b y this time tomorrow we will be drinking champage and celebrating
  3. Next month marks the 2 year anniversary of hubby's return to the UK, its gone so quick. This means that the process of Visa applications starts all over again. On the plus side we have "been there - done that" so I know what I am letting myself in for and also this time we will be together going through it so hopefully the stress wont be so bad as before. Life has changed a lot for us in the last two years. I was made redundant so we decided to buy a business together and have pretty much spent every waking day together - this was a good test of marriage, patience and tolerance levels on both sides.....while I wont say its been easy, it has worked out well for us and we now have new plans for the future as we make a good working team as well as a good marriage team. Hubby came here under the old rules (only just mind you) so from what I understand, he will apply under these rules as well. However the UKBA page is not very clear on which application we need to use - seem to get a link to one page, followed by another link etc etc. Anyone that could advise on which application we need? Also I cant seem to work out what we will actually be applying for - is it another short visa or is this the end of the paperwork trail for us? Looking forward to not having this hanging over our heads and being able to get on with our plans for world domination We have decided that we will make our application in person, all I need to do is stress the importance to hubby of NOT losing his cool if they ask about his past - am thinking maybe A GAG ha ha ha - as we are all aware its not easy for a Turkish man to bite his tongue. Fingers crossed someone has some advice, words of wisdom etc. Thanks Louise
  4. This December we will celebrate two years of marriage. After all the problems I had with getting hubby's spouse visa and our extended separation it's been lovely to just concentrate on being a married couple. His visa runs out at the end of May 2014 and am already waking up in a cold sweat dreading going through it all again. My file of joint name documents is massive and I am taking constant pictures everywhere we go. We are running a business together and the lease is also in both our names. I keep having visions of them turning him down and sending him back to Turkey, and although I tell hubby I am not worried coz I fought them before.....honestly I am terrified. Anyone else been through this process and come out the other side unscathed?
  5. My husband and his ex wife divorced over here and then he started proceedings in turkey.....it took 2 years, mainly because she wouldn't reply to any correspondence ...however, my husband had to pay the full divorce costs in turkey, at no stage did they try to get money from his ex wife...I. Fact he was told by the Turkish lawyers that she couldn't be asked today anything.
  6. Ha ha ha, Destiny I laughed so much at your post. The security guard thing at shopping centres completely amazed me, when they wanted to search my handbag I was really taken aback. Your right about meals being eaten and cleared away quickly, the only time I found this doesn't happen is at breakfast......perhaps my mother in law isn't too keen to start the constant cleaning so early
  7. Omg yeovil50 you must have tiny feet, coz I always end up feeling like one of the ugly sisters trying to cram her hooves into a teeny weeny glass slipper x
  8. Ha ha ha this blog made me laugh so much...but definitely Turkish Men tick a lot of these as well......the scrubbing and peeling fruit must be passed down from mother to son, obviously along with the slippers obsession
  9. I think they should employ a few of us to implement the changes and kick their a**e!!!!
  10. Personally I think an interview is a really good idea. I am pretty certain that in our case if hubby had been interviewed it would have been quickly apparent that ours was a genuine marriage........but I would have thought both parties would need to be interviewed separately and then answers etc compared before they make a final decision. UKBA really does need to get their act together tho......all well and good saying what they are gonna do but.....reading the report it doesn't look as if much of it is actually carried out.
  11. Wait till you start checking it every ten minutes - that's an addiction. Fingers crossed it doesn't take too long and you get a big fat juicy YES
  12. Hi Sabrina Just noticed your post. My husband is Turkish (we live in the UK) and my daughter who is 25 has Bipolar. Whilst I cant tell you how they treat it medically in Turkey I can tell you that my husband, and his family who are all educated people, have the opinion that she should just " get a grip". I have tried to explain that it is a medical recognised condition, but they seem to think that she is just being a drama queen and using attention grabbing behaviour. I dont know if this is the general thought process in Turkey, I guess its because most of the time she behaves in a conformist way and then when she has an episode all hell breaks loose I must point out though - that although hubby thinks this and is quite vocal in his opinion of it to me......he is lovely to my daughter and appears quite understanding Hopefully you can get some good advice from members who live out there Louise
  13. Its so lovely to see that people are getting their visa and their lives back to normal. Well done for being patient - it was worth it in the end x
  14. When my husbands visa was refused last year (they didnt believe our marriage was genuine) we gathered all the extra evidence and sent to the appeal court. Once I had verified that our information had been passed to Istanbul (the court of appeal office can tell you this information over the phone if you submitted the appeal yourself) we seemed to wait an eternity for news. However I did email and also sent letters by recorded delivery to both the consulate in Istanbul and also Ankara as well as Border Agency in Uk - pointing out that there was obviously an error in the decision and that this had been backed up by new paperwork sent to them. Within days my husband recieved a phone call to collect his visa as the decision had been overturned, and I recieved an email from the consulate in Istanbul to say they were now issuing his visa.Now maybe it was just coincidence that this happened so soon after my letters arrived but I like to think that in some way it raised awareness of my husbands case.Good luck - the waiting is awful and puts a strain on relationships - luckily once your husband comes home, life does return to normal very quickly.If you need to chat, just message me.Louise x
  15. hmmm wishing I had read this post before i spent £36 on sending some packages to Turkey. Whilst out with their cashmere jumpers and desert boots they will now be munching on thorntons chocolates with younger looking moisturised skin
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