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  1. This December we will celebrate two years of marriage. After all the problems I had with getting hubby's spouse visa and our extended separation it's been lovely to just concentrate on being a married couple. His visa runs out at the end of May 2014 and am already waking up in a cold sweat dreading going through it all again. My file of joint name documents is massive and I am taking constant pictures everywhere we go. We are running a business together and the lease is also in both our names. I keep having visions of them turning him down and sending him back to Turkey, and although I tell hubby I am not worried coz I fought them before.....honestly I am terrified. Anyone else been through this process and come out the other side unscathed?
  2. 22 days to our 1st wedding anniversary

  3. Was thinking that as the summer season is nearly upon us, the dreaded Take a Break magazine will soon be publishing countless articles about love rats. I thought maybe as a group we could get together a load of our stories (funny, romantic, etc) to show that not all Turkish men should be grouped the same. A sort of chick lit book put together by people who have inside intelligence on these relationships. Not sure how we would go about it, but I could enquire as to getting it published if we get that far. I am thinking along the lines of "Light hearted reading for holidaymakers"Am sure many of you have interesting stories to tell of how you met your partner and how you coped with the cultural differences. It's about time we overcame all this prejudice BS ......ok.......who wants to go first?????
  4. Was wondering if anyone could help with the following:Can I buy a left hand drive car in UK, drive it to Turkey and keep it over there for when I visit. I am UK citizen married to a turkish man who usually resides in the UK with me. I know the laws are weird when it comes to foreigners and cars .......or could my husband keep a UK registered car in Turkey.any help, advice or links to other site would be gratefully appreciated
  5. Hi all - my name is Louise and I am new here (although I will admit I have been reading posts on here for months). I live in the UK and met Mete nearly two years ago. He had been in this country for 5 years but originally came here on a spouse visa - his marriage broke up before the two years so he changed his visa status to a work permit visa. In August 2009 his visa was up and after over a year of wrangling with the home office by him, his solicitor/agent and myself the UK border agency told him to go home before they came to remove him. We had been living together for nearly a year by this time. Mete returned to Turkey in November 2011 and we agreed that the only option available to us was to get married. I went to Turkey in December and we got married on Christmas Day. We put all documents into Istanbul on 28th December 2011......... I had a call from the Agency asking if I was still happy to sponsor him on 8th January 2012 - obviously I said yes. Since then we have heard nothing. I have a full time job, no dependents, my own home and car nd money in the bank...we proved all this with documents, we proved we had been living together in UK and also proved Mete had ample funds in his bank to support his return to the UK. Worldbridge have urgently emailed the Visa Department (after I paid them $14 and a 15 minute call to Turkey) but two days later we still havent been contacted - they promised a response in 48 hours. Am starting to panic now and wondering if he is ever going to get back here. Any help, advice or information would be much appreciated. Thanks x
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