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  1. They may be playing "cool" in their heads.I f you are dating more than 1 man, that usually is not a good thing to do in Turkey even nothing serious is going on, if they know it or realised it they can do such things.They may be taking you as a back up project.Anyway not a typical behavior for a man who wants to continue proper dating.
  2. Hi Aine, both women AND men lower the tone of their voices (sometimes even subconsciously) when they are attracted to another person, or they want to show interest in them! Women don't adopt a high-pitched voice or try to speak like a young girl when attracted to a man; they actually lower the tone of their voice. Liza thats not Aine is talking about. Sometimes Turkish women really talk like (imitate) little girl talk.
  3. Sorry I made amistake in my previous msg as it it was all quote. I guess Sunny is right. And I guess I am very cold. Istanbul is very cold guys
  4. So mothers should breastfeed their baby boys longer lol
  5. g. deligi is very slang lolthere is even a more specific word it but I think I shouldnt write ))Mutlukadin is there a discrimination for obese people in USA?
  6. The owner of the house left the place without taking his dogs and rent another place. Locked doors no food no water, dogs were left to die. Whats more, the security of the site and the administration of the site heard the dogs, knew about the situation and didnt bother to do anything. ANYTHING! I am one of the people who think that man must pay for what he had done. I want him to be punished also to be an example for like minded. Also there will be a case for the security and site admin. Only if we can have enough signs. If you agree please sign http://www.sessizkal...tay.asp?
  7. You are right. But there is preference and there is "preference". Difference is like "I wish" and "It must be".
  8. But Mutlukadın your husband was a golden boy and different from the most :)Of course not every man is like that but the majority prefers boys
  9. I just read a joke which I think related :)They made an experiment with a mouse.They made him drink wine and the mouse laughed and danced . They made him drink whiskey and he laughed and danced . They made him drink vodka and he laughed and danced again. Then they made him drink rakı, and the mouse punched the table and yelled "that cat will come here! right away!"
  10. Good day :)Hey Sunny whats your idea?To my opinion its about abetted gender roles. We should take a closer look what it means to be "a man" in general for Turkish tradition.In traditional sayings a man should be in very control of 3 things , "his horse, his gun and his woman". Even we don't have horses anymore and not everbody has a gun, control your woman still a sign of being a "real man". He has to control her and protect her. Even tough being the main provider and protection of the woman for a man is universal tradition mostly, here "controling" is also joins in.When the man realise he can
  11. I dont think there is enough school-teacher-family collaboration.And I wonder whats going to happen when all those "serve me" kids grow to be adults. No matter what country.I usually feel like Turker and United State is a bit more alike than Turkey-Europen countries. Basicly bc we have been followers of the states. Most of the movies we watch, books we read, tv shows...etc are american. We, expecially young ones imitate some of the american culture and as a result we copy the pathologies as well. America acts like a social trendsetter in most cases. Good or bad.
  12. After reading a few expats upsetting personal stories I thought we can talk and share about this issue here. I also wonder your point of views in some matters. You may have realized in Turkish job adds there usually an item which is "candidate should be under the age of 30 (or 35)". I could never understand that. Beyond being unethical I think its silly. At the ages of 40' s and 50's a person is the top of his/her experience and knowledge. So whats with under 35? Whats it like in your country? One other thing is for young people. They always say "experienced" in the adds. How come a
  13. I am so sorry. Last night I read another like story in a different expat website. So you had nothing signed, right?
  14. Mutlukadin I dont think its not just all about system but very related to practice of the school.There is a particular difference between private schools and government schools. And again there is a difference between high ranked most wanted private schools and the others.Government ones are still mostly firm.My guess is you are teaching in a Turkish private school.For example you might know there are some French private schools. From my friends I remember they were very very firm. Also Australian High School (St.George) and German High Scool were quite firm.I think these ones (and some more
  15. Liza I have responded some your questions at my other posts. I am repeating and writing some again.why man send money?Liza thank your for your detailed contributions. I want to make sure of something, I never mean one culture is better than the other. And all behaviors should be interpreted in culture concept. As I mentioned before we are in Turkey mostly group minded. Parents think of children as investment. So its very normal for you to expect your investement to fruit. This is not always a conscious process, but its the main idea. The expactions for boys is to send money, and for daughters
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