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  1. Hi,I have been told that I need to get some of my documents notarised and translated for my soon to be employer to submit to the Ministry of Education. However, I'm totally confused as to the process and the order in which this needs to be done. After contacting some translation companies in the UK and thinking that I'd got the whole thing sussed, I get some completely conflicting information which has caused me to doubt exactly what I need to do!Has anyone had this done or know anyone that has? If so, please help! :)These are the different things that I have been told:1) Get copies of my documents notarised. Then get these notarised copies translated by a company that is certified to do this. (All in the UK)2) Get copies of my documents notarised. Then get these notarised copies translated by a certified company. Then get the translated copies notarised.(All in the UK)3) Get copies of my documents notarised (in the UK). Then get the notarised copies translated in Turkey.Can anyone help to clarify which (if any) of these is correct please?Many thanks,Candle
  2. Thank you for your help guys! There have been some developments, i.e they want me to apply from within the UK now.......will get back when I know more! Thanks againCandle
  3. Thank you both Abi and Fil! You have made me feel much better about the situation and have cleared up a lot! I have found on the British Embassy in Turkeys website that I will need 6 things. Of those, what does it mean when it says [*]The appropriate valid visa obtained from the Turkish Embassy abroad Does that just mean my tourist visa? And with regards to the "residence declaration form" which you can download from the site, there is a section that I have to complete that asks: Have you been to Turkey before? When? Where? The purpose of your entering into Turkey? If yes, the authority that issued your previous residency permit? It is number This is the English translation given......I don't have my old passport which has my stamps in it, but I can make a pretty good guess about when I have been before and where, will this be ok? Or will it have to be exact dates? Purpose: Does it mean my purpose for entering before? Or now? Before as a tourist, now to apply for a work permit. "If yes, the authority..." well I'm answering yes to the question "have you been to Turkey before?" but I haven't had a residency permit before, so I leave this bit blank? "It is number"....assume this means "what was your residency permit number before if you had one"? Thanks p.s link to the site http://ukinturkey.fco.gov.uk/en/help-for-british-nationals/living-in-turkey/applying-residence-turkey I
  4. I have been offered a job working in a private school in Turkey as an English teacher. However, I'm finding it almost impossible to work out what visas etc I need, where I can get them etc etc and would really appreciate some help please!My soon-to-be employer has told me what the process is, but I'm not entirely sure that it is correct :S This is what they have said:1) I travel from the UK to Turkey on my tourist visa (which has 75 days remaining) and upon arrival, go to the "foreign nationals bureau" (a local police station??) where I apply for at least a 6 month residency permit and I take with me a job offer letter from the school2) Both the school and I apply for a work permit (from within Turkey)3) The school inform the Ministry of Education of their wish to employ meHowever, this seems far too simple! It is really true?? I've read so many conflicting things online and as soon as I think I understand, I read something that totally contradicts it! ((((There seem to be residency permits and visas and work permits and visas. What is the difference between these? The website of the Turkish consulate in London mentions only residency visas and work visas, and says that residency visas can be applied for in home country or in Turkey, while work visas are applied for in home country. Most advice on forums mentions permits as well as visas. Do I need to have at least one visa so that when I leave the country after my tourist visa expires, I won't be fined for not having a visa? My soon-to-be employer has said that I only need a residency permit and work permit, once in Turkey.Also, would I be able to start working after applying for, but before obtaining, a working permit/visa (whichever it is I need)?Finally, where can I find out the current cost of the visas/permits? I have read that the costs on the consulate website are out of date (£245 per visa) and that the rates have gone down a lot recently.I want to travel out there as soon as possible and find an apartment to rent , but I don’t want to leave the UK and then find out that there was something that I should have done at home first!If anyone could enlighten me, I would really appreciate it!Candle1000
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