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  1. Hi Rebecca and welcome, I hope you find this Forum very useful. This time last year we were living in Didim, bear in mind that Winter 2011 was the coldest on record for 33 years with snow falling within 4 miles of Altinkum/Didim. I write on another Forum(non-Turkey related) and having looked back to the time that you've booked to come out, for most of that period, I was wearing 3/4 length trousers and short sleeve shirts. We had the odd wet or windy day towards the end of the period you're talking about. As Sunny has said, expect the evenings to be very cool. All being well, the weather
  2. Libby, it is a possibility we could stay at Toros in the future as we no longer have said apartment, having sold it some five weeks ago. We are now based back in the UK.Les
  3. Libby, we stayed here in 2009, the year we bought our apartment. We enjoyed our stay here with its close proximity to Dolphin Square and the beach. It is fair to say that it is in a very good position for families as well as couples. Obviously it has changed ownership since then but wishing you and Kaan all the very best for 2013.Les
  4. Barbles

    Burger King

    So as not to go off topic on McDonalds subject i've started this up !! We go in here for a change, the 2 meal deals are brilliant. Sunny, have you tried the Steakhouse Burger meal ?? You certainly need to be hungry to tackle one, we tried one for the first time last week and really enjoyed it.Les
  5. Have been for a meal tonight at Panormos Hotel and it was excellent as always.Les
  6. Barbles

    Mc Donalds

    Had a meal with a milkshake here, wasn't too bad but prefer Burger King.Les
  7. Barbles

    Tapu Help

    Kay, welcome to TC, your best bet is to speak to a solicitor. We are using a lady called Ozge Cil on 05335 153 190 or 0256 811 6375 or e-mail att.ozgecil@gmail.com Located on the second floor of the building next to Aydem where you pay you bill. Have the details of your builder to hand.Les
  8. Several updates, the Pool Party is cancelled until further notice. The a la carte menu is also cancelled but until the end of August. As for the Turkish Buffet, this is on every night at a cost of 15tl. Some mezes, the soup, hot dish and sweets change every day. With the sweets, yesterday it was red water melon, to-day is about 4 or 5 desserts and so on.With the restaurant being on the top floor(there is NO lift) and the only access being via stairs. Anyone who has difficulties with stairs would be well advised to stay away.Les
  9. Along with the Buffet and 70s Night, this establishment is now also doing a Pool Party on a Thursday Night. Dinner is served beside the pool from 7pm until 10pm, then it is everyone in the pool until midnight, ALL ages welcome. Les
  10. Thanks Ken for the in depth reply to Sues post but it was Abi who got the point that I was making. It's just in case Sue, at some point in the future, decides that she wants to live out here full time hence the insulation issue.Les
  11. I know it's a bit short notice but there is a 70s Night here this Saturday from 7pm, fancy dress is optional and Gin, Vodka, Raki, Brandy and a mixer(not Red Bull) will be 5tl. We had another meal here last Sunday(10th) and tried the set menus of chicken(20tl) and steak(30 tl) which consist of Soup, Cheesy Garlic Bread, Mezes, Main Course(chosen from the menu) and Dessert. Once again, we were not disappointed and despite what seems like a gargantuan meal, it was surprisingly light and we were comfortably full at the end of it.Les
  12. The food is excellent Abi and some of dishes served will be changed on a weekly basis so as there's not too much repetition.Les
  13. Attended the Turkish Buffet last night(this will now be on every Tuesday evening from 7pm until 10pm). Jo and Volkan did not disappoint and they were well supported. We are now looking forward to trying something from their Menu.Les
  14. Barbles

    Mc Donalds

    A branch of this franchise opened its doors yesterday, 26th on Ataturk Boulevard and was packed out with mostly Turkish people. Now all we need is a KFC and we will have the set !! Les
  15. Attended the BBQ held on the 22nd and was not disappointed with the quality of food presented to us. Another successful evening. Next Tuesday 29th, it is back to the All You Can Eat Turkish Buffet at a cost of 17.50 tl pp. Anyone attending should arrive between 7 and 8pm. Les
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