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  1. This is such an interesting topic. I was travelling on a bus one day and a young man got up to give me his seat addressing me as Teyze, I bought some hair colour on the way home and re-dyed my hair, there was obviously too much gray hair showing through. A note pushed through my door last night for an apartment meeting today and it was addressed to - Sayin 2 Nolu Daire Sahibi.
  2. This is so true Sunny, the eyes are the windows to the soul and people cannot look you in the eye when they are not telling the truth
  3. Hi, a friend of mine regularly uses a golf bag to bring in her heavy bits.
  4. The last I heard, the phone had to be registered within one month of your re-entry to Turkey. I don't know if this is still true.
  5. Hi there, How about........You reap what you sow........?
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