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  1. Oh, I'm sorry! By "wrong" I meant that I was the last thing I'd posted about thinking he just wanted to practice English was wrong. He IS interested and we are getting involved. Sorry, for the confusion. That was a happy wink. I just wanted to give you guys a little closure and let you know the outcome now that I know for sure. I don't think you guys want a continuing run down of every single time I see him, since that's a lot now. (And now I'm really getting all kinds of things confused...Heh. This is why I need to stop posting about this here. Double sorry.)
  2. Hi, I don't really want to keep posting here, because I'm worried about all these details on an open forum, but I just wanted to come back and let you guys know...I was wrong.
  3. Well regardless of my feelings, I'm feeling more and more like maybe I misread things. I had tea and lunch with him yesterday, and tea and lunch with him and our mutual friends today and it was nothing more than friendly chatting. I also had tea alone with my female friend and nothing came up, even when he called to invite us to lunch. We were sitting in her office alone having tea when he called, and the only thing she said when they hung up was that he was so happy to have a chance to practice speaking English with someone. Given what you guys have said, I was expecting her to pop in a quest
  4. Yeah, I was thinking about that yesterday. That goes back to my initial reluctance. It's a tricky situation. Maybe I'm still reading things wrong. Maybe he really does just want to practice English.Turkey is complicated.
  5. Heeee. I know, right? I thought you guys said things moved quickly here? I'm not sure how possible meeting his family would be. I know he's from much further east. I think he has at least one sibling around here though because he borrowed their car for the evening. It's certainly quite impossible to meet my family...unless Skype counts. But anyway, as you say, it seems way too early to be thinking about that.
  6. Ah, well nothing terribly exciting happened but it was still fun. I'll admit that I'm now starting to doubt my interpretation of everyone's intentions, but maybe you guys can shed some light on it.His job for the evening was to pick me up. He arrived at my apartment on time, a few minutes early actually, which is a big plus in my book. We chatted on the drive over and once we got in and settled he asked for my phone number. He called me on his so I could save his number as well. It was just the two of us, our mutual friends, and another woman who's friends with them who came with her son so he
  7. Today my female friend invited me to a small New Year's gathering at their house...her and her husband, me and this guy, and another couple from a different department. So what's the Turkish policy on people kissing at midnight?
  8. Thanks guys, again. It's the end of the semester now and I'm traveling a lot in the coming month, so I'm super busy, which means it won't be hard to take things slow. I'll definitely come back and let you know what happens though. We shall see.
  9. Okay good, thanks for the advice. I can handle things if it's like dating in the US. Of course, I still could be reading way more into it than I should be, but we'll see. I appreciate it.
  10. Thanks for the continuing advice. All the various opinions are helpful and eyeopening, and it shows me that I need to make sure I know a lot more about this guy before I get too emotionally involved.One thing I see you guys saying is give it a shot, take it slow, but maybe try "dating" if that's where it leads. But that brings me back to a question from my original post that I don't think I articulated very well...what does dating look like in Turkey? What's an acceptable date? Something that won't make me look bad...to either my colleagues or this guy. In the US for a basic date I'd do someth
  11. Thanks guys. I guess the next step should be a little girl talk with my friend when I get back in town. I was a little hesitant to mention anything to her because I don't want her to get any ideas either and possibly encourage things that don't need to be encouraged. I think Turks like to play matchmaker, right? I feel like I heard somewhere that making a successful match makes them really happy.And, romantic things progress much faster in Turkey Time? That's must be the only thing that happens faster in Turkey Time, because I've learned that most things in Turkey are much slooooower.
  12. Hi, I’m new and I was hoping you guys could help me with something. I’m here in Turkey working at a university. It’s a special program through the government so I’m kind of representing the US here. Anyway, I’m having a great time and I’ve met many lovely people. I’ll be here for maybe a year or two. Anyway, so I have these two friends here, they’re married. The woman is in my department at the university and the man is in another department. They’re super sweet, but I think they’re trying to set me up with a friend of theirs, another professor from another department. They invited both o
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