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  1. Anitaswalwell, most families have their own complications of one sort or another if you scratch the surface a little, I hope things get resolved for your sister and I hope your mum doesn't get hurt. Like Abi I haven't heard anything about investigations of older / younger relationships and I can't imagine how it would be done.
  2. Good luck from me too, hope the future is great for you both
  3. Louisecos11 and Martyna I hope the time passes quickly for both of you and the future brings lots of happiness
  4. Virtue7 I am not sure I can offer any more wisdom that the earlier posts except maybe seeing things from you wife's point of view, she is probably lonely and missing you and frustrated with herself because she has to be in Turkey to repeat her college work, I wouldn't dismiss the value of your 100000 facebook messages because in a long distance relationship they are your communication they can be as meaningful or as worthless as any means of communication and extending that thought her anger and jealousy over your addition of a new female friend is the equivalent of in a 'normal' relationship
  5. and how many men get told the truth....... my options would be I have been saving myself for you darling (those strecthmarks the result of rapid growth spurt in my teens, thats not a c-section scar I just had a very big appendix) or belt out a few bars of Madonna's like a virgin or depending on where the relationship is at the answer could be enough to know you are not up to much
  6. hi and welcome fuzzy I can't really add to the great advice here but wish you luck and happiness with whatever you decide
  7. exciting times for you I hope everything goes perfectly, enjoy!
  8. depending on the time of the day and the length of the delay if both flights are turkish airlines they offer a free city tour while you wait might be worth checking outlibby,
  9. congratulations, you look beautiful together, wishing you both happy ever after
  10. LibbyCongratulations to you and Kaan, I hope these days apart pass quickly for you both
  11. congratulations, I figure with his pension and your book sales life is going to be good for you Vic!
  12. Vic hope you get the good news you deserve today
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