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  1. Hey yeah I have recommended this place to a few expat friends now and they have all loved it. Ive been going there for 6 months now. Its called ADDRESS and is in Manavgat. Where Pameria shop is just down from Sali Pazari there is a Mosque on the right. The hairdressers is just down that road opposite Pamera xx
  2. Ill....Sooo ill.....Hate being ill!!!

    1. Abi


      Hope that you are starting to feel better now x

    2. swabs


      Thank you! Feel loads better, had a bad chest infection and spent 1 week dying in bed!!! Our apartment is soo cold, husband thinks its ok not to have any heating or aircon :( xx

  3. Hey everyone,I hope you are all ok and sorry i havent posted for sooo long, I have kept an eye on the forum though but since i moved back to Turkey i really have been so busy. The past few months it feels like one thing after another we have had to do but now we are able just to be normal again lol. First we had our Nigde wedding, then we had our Side wedding and entertaining both our families. After we went on a weeks honeymoon to Hisourano which was really nice, I could not believe how many English people are there tho!! A few weeks after was Bayram so we went back to Nigde to spend it with my husbands family, really i loved Bayram but my gosh i was crying by the end of it. I couldnt bear to eat any more food or speak any more Turkish. We literally went from house to house visiting people, eating their borek, baklava and fruits. As we were just married and i am English i was naturally the center of attention (which after 1 week of seeing 100's of people is really really tiring) and not just that, eating real real Turkish food. I am however used to all these things now as we eat traditional food at home nearly every day but bayram wow there was sooo many things i had never seen before! When we came home it took us a while to get back to normal, relax a little bit and get the house together, i also painted and decorated and picked all the furniture before the wedding and then had all of my husbands family living in my new cleanly decorated home when i stayed at the hotel with my parents lol.... O the Turkish life i love so much. Really i actually didnt mind as i love my family in law very much, but by the end of the week i just wanted my home back!!!!! After we managed to relax a bit it was then Kurban Bayram and since ive just been trying to make friends and live our normal mixed cultural life which is going very well. Ive adapted fine into Turkish life, last year when i lived here just felt like a holiday now i look back but this year we live a normal life really. Sorry for the long post but as i havent posted for sooo long i have actually done quite alot lately,This is some photos from the Nigde wedding and Henna.And here is some photos from our Side wedding and Henna.There are sooooo many photos but i wont bore you!! I look forward to getting back into the community again too xx
  4. Time goes by fast.....Its my Hen party this weekend!!!

    1. Abi


      Hope you have a lovely time :)

    2. swabs


      Thanks! it was amazing, altho i really do not feel well now and ive lost my voice haha xxx

  5. Hey, I have gone through unlocking my mobile phone twice before, but i have always made sure that they were first unlocked in England to any network. I am bringing two mobile phones over with me next month which i will get unlocked in Vodafone when my family come over in July for our wedding. I was just wondering if i had to make sure that the phones will be unlocked first of all, i will be buying them from Vodafone so they will be locked to the UK Vodafone network, when i bring them over can i just go to get them unlocked in the normal way at Turkey Vodafone without having the hassle of first unlocking the phone in the Uk?? Thanks in advance for all your responses, am starting to panick about the littlest things now days even tho ive moved before etc, i guess because its permanant so want to make sure everything is sorted!! I keep panic buying things aswell!! haha xx
  6. Hey all,As im sure all of you know, i am going to be getting married in July in side where all mine and Haluks family will come down for our big wedding. We shall be having a mixed cultural wedding which i am pretty excited about it. I found out recently tho that we shall be having another wedding 'wedding party' in Nigde when we go to visit in June, they said to get another dress as we will be holding a proper village wedding but without the signing of papers and exchange of rings (we will just exchange puzzle rings for our right hands on that day instead)Now i was just wondering what to expext in this wedding, I mean i know pretty much how turkish weddings go, but im starting to get pretty nervous seeing as i shall be the only non-Turkish person there and i am told there will be like 300 people attending!! HAWe are having it as Haluks mum really wants to have all the neighbours and people in the village attend a wedding party to celebrate our wedding, i guess in a way to show me off as we will not have our wedding in Nigde. Any stories about what people have experienced or advice for what to watch out for would be great!! I am really excited to be having two weddings and to actually experience a proper Turkish one aswell xx
  7. 49 days left!!! :D

  8. Hey I found this online and been watching a few episodes. I thought some people may find it interesting aswell as a good series to watch.http://www.1channel.ch/watch-2729949-All-American-Muslim
  9. 2 months left until i fly back...Not long left now :)

  10. swabs

    Side Festival 2012

    Just to let everyone know whos interested that the program for Side Festival 2012 has been posted.http://www.sidefestival.comIt was very busy last year, many great shows and good time for free night out. Swabs xx
  11. Has had a lovely night at a family party, was really nice to unwind for a stressy in control person :)

  12. Hey Guys,Now im importing my TV in June when i go over, ive decided to do it through my flight as extra luggage. Ive tried searching google to find strong boxing or anything on TV boxing, but i dont really find much, just a cardboard box with some bubble wrap. Now i dont know if anyone has imported their TV this way, but what is the best way to get it over there in the hope it wont get broken, any packaging tips or any websites i can go on to order something half decent. Thanks in adanceSwabs xx
  13. Hi everyone,I don't know how many people can relate to this but just felt its something that needed highlighting and chatting about, also i would like to know other peoples experiences. Now i know everyone struggles at first with mix cultural relationships, especially from friends and family worrying about you, but i find that sometimes this can go on too long. When we were first together I heard everything in the book about Turkish boys and how he will just use you for visas and for money etc., that he will cheat on you and use you. I found this usually goes away after being together for a while. One time i had someone messaging me on Facebook, they were my friends boyfriend, telling me that im scum for being with a Turkish person and i should never be with a foreign terrorist and let them into this country, least to say i was not best pleased!! Now my family really struggled at first and it took a long time before they took my relationship serious, but then they learnt that Haluk is a good guy and looks after me very well. We are great in our relationship and happy together. We always shared money when we moved in together and most of the time he was the earner and even borrowed money to give me to take back when i came back to England to help me before my first pay slip. He didn't even have any money to take with him to the army. The reason why i say all this is because after two years and everyone accepting our relationship and looking forward to us getting married, today my best friend (and maid of honour) done the same thing as everyone else has done at the beginning, even tho she has never said anything about it before. She had an argument with me and said he only wants me for my money and is just using me, once we have got married he will just leave me and take my money. That he has said he cant wait to marry me and leave with my money as well (although i know this is not true as she knows no one that we know in turkey). I mean she was fighting about it, and said she doesn't believe in him and that their is no point in her coming to the wedding. Now i have lost a bridesmaid and a best friend. This obviously really hurt, after all i thought i had got through all the prejudged behaviour and moved on. I thought that i was pretty much in a normal relationship, and just get the strange looks from new people i meet and tell. So my Question and topic to discuss is: Why do people think its ok to say such horrible things about another persons relationship just because of what they hear about others, and do you think it will ever go away? Swabs xx
  14. In the best mood ever! Father can make it to the wedding after all :)

    1. Abi


      Wonderful news, very happy for you xxxx

    2. swabs


      Thanks me too! I actually am shocked how many people have made an effort to come over :) xxx

  15. 4 months left and Haluk will be out of army...Just want time to go by fast now!!

    1. scusi


      it will and soon you live together forever with him hun <3

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