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  1. Hey yeah I have recommended this place to a few expat friends now and they have all loved it. Ive been going there for 6 months now. Its called ADDRESS and is in Manavgat. Where Pameria shop is just down from Sali Pazari there is a Mosque on the right. The hairdressers is just down that road opposite Pamera xx
  2. I really don't like Turkish breakfast, I'm actually pretty fussy and don't like white cheese, olives, yoghurt and i cant stand eating tomato or cucumber either. I usually go for musili and activia yoghurt or French toast I do however love Turkish patisserie or borek but seeing as im on a diet and seeing a dietician there is no chance of eating any of that any time soon!
  3. I loved your blog and thought the way you write is brilliant!Unfortunately at the moment my husband is overdoing it with situations to getting ill! This winter I have had a chest infection and then pneumonia....so now apparently i cannot do anything as I will get ill again, even getting stressed will make me ill apparently! I cannot cuddling my dog to close as the hairs will make me ill, told of if I go out with wet hair, don't wear slippers in the house and most annoying of all....if i were my pj's and the top goes up at night i really will get ill (even tho im under the duvet!). However anno
  4. Hey just thought i would let everyone know, i went to the new hairdressers opposite genclek merkezi today, its called Ankara Kaufor and i thought it was really good! They done mine and my husbands hair really well and i got a good blowdry too
  5. swabs


    I am with Garanti aswell and had no problems with opening my account....Altho i did wait a while for my card to come! Thats normal here tho lol xx
  6. I never had to go to the consulate to get my documents translated, we just got our friend who is a translator to translate them and stamp them here in Side, then went to a noter in Manavgat and got them noterised! We did have to have blood tests, but this was all done in Manavgat and Side within a couple of days xx
  7. sna2007, I also have been getting my haircut lately in Manavgat too!! I find Side just tries to over charge you because of all the tourists around. That doesnt help you either tho sunny lol xxx
  8. I wouldnt think anyone would have any problems with laptops or tablets because many tourists bring them over with them on holiday and never get stopped for it. Ive never had a problem bring my laptop back and forth xx
  9. Hi Amy and welcome to the forum. I live in Side Antalya, Its great for jobs in summer but not the best in winter! Im sure you would find something as everyone i know does. Luckily my Husband is a Teacher so works all winter and gets 3 months paid off in summer. If you want any information about side or around manavgat area then give me a message! Also nice to make new friends! Sorry but i wouldnt really know other places xxxP.S this place is great for your family to come to visit! Its a really good tourist area xx
  10. Well when i have children its different as i can make it feel christmassy, they will get excited. At the moment however its just me and the hubby and hes happy for me to go and him to stay and work atm. If we had children aswell then the family would sometimes come to turkey, but atm my sister has a child so was all around hers xxx
  11. Dont worry we all go through it! You even will struggle sometimes when your even living in Turkey! You are at the beginning of your journey and you will cry alot, i know i did. You spend so much time just waiting for your partner to finish and when he cant contact you for a long time all you can think about is if he is ok and will he contact you again! I sometimes found myself contacting my then fiancee's family asking if they had heard from him. Now we are through it and it feels like a weight of our shoulders! You should be proud of him as he is getting it out of the way so you can have a li
  12. That is really sweet and so nice he done it on his own back without you knowing anything!! The amount of times my husband said he was going to send me some photos and stuff from army....unfortunately he was only there 6 months so didnt get the chance lol. I hope you get many more little notes and special conversations to keep you going xx
  13. Ill....Sooo ill.....Hate being ill!!!

    1. Abi


      Hope that you are starting to feel better now x

    2. swabs


      Thank you! Feel loads better, had a bad chest infection and spent 1 week dying in bed!!! Our apartment is soo cold, husband thinks its ok not to have any heating or aircon :( xx

  14. My husband calls it 'Chicken Translation' lol
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