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  1. well, it is only you who can make the decison....not sure if you read my story before...but we started almos the same way..i have heard from him nothing for 2 weeks, then he was keep calling me and now im his wife, living with him in Turkey and our baby is due in MArch next year:)whatever you feel one thing you must be sure of.....your heart and your brain has to work togethere....if does then do it what is says....but if your heart and you brain tells something different, then is better to listen to you brain....i was hesitating to go after he asked me to go, but i took the chance and took my friend with me as well...just in case:)good luck! x
  2. i agree with the above. he could find a way even to send you one mssg to say, "sorry, im having family probs, but thinking of you, will be in touch soon". it does not take 2 min to type it down.If he had time before to contacting you im sure it would not be difficult for him to do it even within this 2 weeks. Well if he has money and coming from a good family as he says, tell him to book your ticket....then you will see how serious he is. But if you decide to go, defo take your friend with you...just in case if it turns out bad at least you have your friend to have a good time with.
  3. Hi Steve, no I dont know about the porklines. will check it out. thanks.
  4. Hi Steve. my husband have lots of friends and we are trying to get aparment through them, but defo not agency! i do rent villas and apartment in high season for my customer, but im looking now for myself. I know how the agencies work over there. We need to move by end of this month. we want it for at least one year as we are having a baby next year in March.i know this is now good time to change the flat as the seaons has finished and will be lots of apartment but certainly dont want agency!
  5. hi all....im looking for 1 or 2 bedroom apartment in the city centre....dont wanna go through agency as we are moving for this reason. our agency is crap and just fed up with them! furnished/unfurnished. need to move end of October. if you know anyone pls pm me. thanks.
  6. only time will tell...in the begining all seems to be nice and they want you to believe them and trust them. As soon as start saying things what Sunny mentioned above...RUN!....also make sure when you withrdrawing money from the cash machine he is not there with you....he might ask you to trust him and give him your card to pay, asking together with the PIN number. Never do that! i heard stories like this before. if you show him you are an easy going, he can use it against you. try to not to play the game by his cards.....this will show exactly what kind of man he is.But as Abi said, if you already asked us about this and he has asked you money, then I do not know what are you still thinking about....it is clear....I suggest to go with a friend(s) and try not fall for everything he says for now....if after this trip he still will be in touch with you, then you will see....Good luck!
  7. HI Keltee....and tourist 1989.well, here is my story:I broke up with my bf in UK and was so depressed. after 7 month my friends could not see me in a dark so one of them took me for holiday to Turkey. I went there with her as i thought it will clear my mind and come back fresh. I was changing my job also so I had plenty of time for holiday.when i went to Turkey i went there to relax, did not even think about having "holiday romance" or meet with guys. We had all inlcusive so we hardly left the hotel. My friend was pregnant so she was more confi staying inside the hotel area. However in the evening we went for walk. Next to our hotel was a big shop and a man who tried to get attention from me but belive me or not I avoid him.....we had 7 days holiday booked. For 4days i just ignored him, even he tried to talk to me. He was talking to my friend and asked my friend to let me speak to him. My friend told him, if she wants to talk to you she will. The 5th day my friend wanted to buy presents for her husband, so we went to his shop. He was so happy finally could talk to me but i was very cold to him. He was asking me to go out for a drink after work with him but i refused.with this I kept him going more..... While my friend was chosing stuff we had time to talk and it was a nice conversation. So he asked me again if i can go out with him for a drink. I told him I will see. He said, if yes meet me in this and this bar. I told him if you wanna take me out i meet you here and we can go togther. He refused, so I did not go.Next day my friend needed somehting from the pharmacy. I went out to buy it and i had to pass his shop. He saw me and stopped me to appologize by being so idiot and asked me to go for lunch with him. Well, i agreed. Yet again we had a very nice chat. In the evening when we went for walk he stopped us and he said loud in front of everybody: " You will be my wife".... hahahaha.... i was laughing and I told him, "dream on, maybe you can tell this to the next girl who will come, anyway you are not my tipe". ( of course by then there was a very high tension between us, he was a good looking man, speak fluent englihs and even my friend said, she can see the spark between us) So he took us out for a drink. Next day we had our flight back to UK in the evening. WE had breakfast together and he asked my contact details. I gave him only my phone number ( was curious if he will contact me or not) he was suppried i did not ask for his detials. I told him, if you wanna contact me you will if not....at least I will not be stressed about it.we came back to UK and everybody told me, you can forget him he wont call. But my guts told me something different.....I knew he will. I was not looking at my mobile at all the time but something told me yes he will....and after 2 wks time he did. And after that we were in contact every day. Then he asked me to go back again to see him to get to know each other better. I did, but only under one condition, that I book the hotel and my friend is coming with me too. He agreed. So I went back to see him.....and this man is now my husband and we are expecting our first child and very happy together.He is a great man, husband, treats me like a queen, his family is just like my family, adorable and sweet, we are getting on very well. we are very happy and in love and even we had distance relationship for over 1 year, it brought us closer and made our love stronger....but was really really hard!Of course I was suspicious in the beginning as well, but we were in touch every day and I kept coming back to see him to get to know each other better. Also he came to visit my family too and everyobdy was impressed. Well my advice is Keltee, book a trip and take your friend(s) with you too. If you never go you will never know, however if he will not conatcing you till end of October then you better turn the page....you still have time to book your trip. wait and see.....but do not forget, not every Turkish man is nice and not every Turkihs man is a liar..... and is not only about turkish men....my bf in UK was worst then 3 Turkish man together....glad i was strong to kick him out and took a trip....:)Tourist 1989 - just forget him. he is trying to rip you off. he probs has - had lots of women and plays the same game with them. If you wanna go , you book the hotel, now you can do it online and you do not have to book it in advance as the season has finished..... but my advise - do not waste your time on him....you will remember it/him as a nice holiday romance:)Good luck to both of you!
  8. shark34


    thank you so much for all you repsond. I am much relaxed now. Only one more question, I heard that the doctors rather do cesarian then natural birht?! is it true? i do not want secarian unless there wont be other way to take out the baby.....
  9. shark34


    thanks Mellissa for the information. I had a private doc but he is way to expensive, so this month we have decide to go to hospital. I had my 2 ultrasound already and blood test. So far so good.However ladies if you dont mind I have lots of questions as I'm not familiar with the system over here and just would like to know generaly how is it with pregnancy, doctors, hospitals, ect..Below are some questions, what I would like to know as I met another girl from US ans we are tyring to find out answers for these questions.Please I would appriciate if you could help me with this so I will me much more calmer. I will give birth here but as I dont know the system and the country yet I am a bit worried. Hope you understand.Many thanks in advance.1.how the care of pregnant women, counseling, childbirth, breastfeeding ...is there any course to attend to? 2.Works as a pediatrician. care for children from birth to about 15 years., - do i have o reistere my new born baby somehwere? how often to go for check up?3.particularly with regard to counseling, preventive examinations and vaccinations 4.What is the approach doctors to children treated in the frame - are they nice, helpful?5.Outpatient facilities, waiting rooms , giving birth - facilities?6.Financial aspects - Reimbursement of examination, vaccination, vaccines, medicine7.Maternity / paternity leave, PN ... how long is the maternity if you work and if the husband can have time off like in UK when there is a new born baby?8. Insurance system 9.Prescription drugs, antibiotics, probiotics, homeopathy, herbs vzs. children10."Tidbit" associated with little children, for example. access with strollers, breastfeeding in public, children in the restaurant ...11.Nursery - how many years, provided food, finance ... many many thanks....sorry for these lots of questions....
  10. shark34


    Hi Abi, thank you for your comment. I am covered with his insurance and we will speak to them to find out. One more question, how long you stay in hospital when giving birth? Is ist possible to get private room in the hospital? thx
  11. shark34


    Ladies, I would like to ask you a question.....im pregnant and wonder if after having our baby will the goverment pay us child care support or not? im EU citizen my husband is Turkish. Moved to Turkey in May 2012.Thanks for your advise.
  12. hi guys...does any of you know how the long term rental works?one month deposit, one month rent? is there any other payment to make?Thanks.
  13. well, thanks to God our culture is very similar with Turkish and we have history together as well ....so maybe that's why im not afraid to go there and live there is funny, but lots of english people are moving out to another countries nowadays...wonder why? :)anyways.....im so exited!!!!
  14. ufff...dont even say this Sunny!!! i have managed to pack all my stuff into 5bags. 2 i will leave behind for my friends to bring me in sept (winter cloths) one i will give my husband now when we meet up for Easter in my country and the other two i will bring. ....im just so exited now! cant wait!!! please dont get me wrong, but England never felt like home to me..and i was thinking to move by end of the year.
  15. aaaah! i just got it changed! )) woohooooooo:) turkey here i come xx
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