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  1. In the end things went quite smooth. So maybe my story might help other people here:The MOST important thing is just to postpone officially your military service AND have a valid passport and nüfus (for at least a year I would say). The military service you can postpone until (including) the year in which you becomes 38 years old (like me now!). You also need official documentation that you have another nationality. Another passport is NOT sufficient, you need some official declaration of the Ministry of Immigration/Interior that says since when you have been nationalized. After
  2. Hi Meral,Wanted to thank you for your very informative PM. At this moment I am rather busy, but I'll write you mid next week a longer email.Take care,Erdal
  3. Hi Meral,Thank you:) My ties to Turkey are indeed not that strong, and the quality of my Turkish is (unfortunately, because it is a beautiful language) deteriorating in a fast tempo.But that is not my biggest issue. My basic problem is that the content of the (possible) new Dutch law is not yet law, also not sure when it will pass the parliament, most probably from 2012 but could also be in 2013. I just want to be prudent, because once I loose my dutch passport, it will be very difficult to get it back. I also prefer not to pay 10,000 euros (I find it outrageous they just doubled it by two!),
  4. Hi there, my name is Erdal and this is my very first post.. I am 37y old, my mother and father are Turkish born, but we emigrated to the Netherlands when I was 8y old and we all have double (dutch and turkish) nationality. The Dutch parliament soon will treat a new proposal for a law. If taken, it will mean that any person with a Dutch passport and another passport will loss his Dutch passport if he lives outside the Netherlands or the European, and (I emigrated to Chile 4 years ago). My aim is to keep my Dutch passport. For this reason I want to get renounce my Turkish citizens
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