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  1. I really, really appreciate everything. I can't explain how much this support has helped! And if any of you are in Altinkum over summer, or are in Izmir until April, let me know, so we can hopefully meet up, as I will still be checking here when I have time
  2. I know I haven't been around much lately...I'm sorry about this! But, I just wanted to pop up and tell you all how grateful I am for all your help over the past 15 months. On Tuesday, Kaan will finally be finishing his army service, and on Wednesday morning, I'll be flying out to Izmir, back home!I can't believe how fast it's come around, I really can't. And the day is finally upon us. So, 5 days and counting!
  3. So now, the finish is finally in touching distance! 50 days and counting! Sorry I haven't been on much lately. Been crazy busy, but I'll make sure as soon as January hits, I'll be on more often for my final 6 weeks in the UK and away from Kaan! I'm so excited, I can't believe it's nearly time for Kaan to finish the army, and nearly time to get my husband back for good! I've said it before, but I'll say it again...I owe so much to this website and this community, I love every single one of you that I've spoken to and who's helped me through these dreaded 15 months - you were all right, i
  4. Thank you!!! :DWell on Friday he's going back to the hospital - not sure if this means he's having an operation on that day or not, but he is definitely having an operation....he needs to have a metal plate kinda thing put into his finger to put it right again!!
  5. I'd heard this last year, one of my friends told me they apparently give them something, so being me, in December when Kaan came to pick me up from the airport, one of the first things I asked was whether they had to have any injections or tablets for things like that, and he said nothing had happened....he wasn't lying
  6. Kaan went back to the hospital yesterday about his finger and he now has 10 days rest in the army as they x-rayed his finger again and it's still broken, not moving properly etc. Then in 10 days he's going back to the hospital, where they'll most likely discharge him for 30 days. By the time those 30 days are up, he'll have about 3-4 weeks left of the army. This army service has been quite a breeze for the both of us, we've been quite lucky in that sense On the downside, because he's been given 10 days off, he's not allowed on the internet this weekend because he has to rest...so by the ti
  7. Thank you so much Aston!!! That's really sweet
  8. I got confused...it's 82 days today!! That countdown is amazing Aston I love it!!! Just a day longer, as he's finishing on the 12th...my fault, I counted the days wrong lol!! Louisemarie, sounds perfect!! Go all out this year!! Congrats on your 1st wedding anniversary...when it gets here No, Kaan doesn't really celebrate it, but he always says Happy Christmas to me etc. I think next year will be different though, especially because we've vowed to celebrate every single Turkish/English holiday next year!!
  9. ...I was spending my first full day back in the UK, and Kaan was enduring his first of 450 days in the army. But now we only have 84 days left to go!!! I can't believe how fast this past year has gone. Time absolutely flies! And on the bright side....1 week on Saturday it's December! CHRISTMAS And my last one without Kaan, can't wait!! I'll be going all out next year, decorating the house from head to toe haha....even want to buy a proper Christmas tree, not a fibre optic one!
  10. Kaan would still find a way to be on facebook a lot of the time, even if he was just scrolling through his homepage and talking to his friends. He's terrible when it comes to the internet lol, and we all know what a Turkish 5 minutes is like!!!
  11. We were thinking about that, but the internet cafe is only a 2 minute walk from his sister's house, so it's not a proble Also I know that if we had a dongle, Kaan would be on facebook playing his games ALL the time! I'd like a couple of months with my husband without his nose pressed to a laptop screen Thank you cayaholic
  12. Vic that is very true!!! We'll be able to tell this story to our grand children That'll be lovely!! I know Aston, I can't believe it now....52 weeks down, about 13 more to go that's it!!! Looking at it like that, it makes it seem so much better! Abi and Sunny, thank you so much! And of course I'll still be around once I get back to Turkey in Feb - I just won't be on too much until April, as his family don't have wi-fi at their houses, so it'll have to wait until I can get to the internet cafe, but in April when we move to Altinkum we'll be getting wi-fi sorted So I'll be on more often then
  13. I would just like to announce that this army is finally in double figures.....351 days down, 99 to go I am so excited! Getting Kaan back for good is finally in touching distance! Before I know it, we'll be in 50 days and then 30 days and then I'll be getting on that plane to get back to Kaan!!!!! I would just like to say thank you to everyone who's helped me through these 15 months on this forum! I joined when Kaan first started his service and you've all definitely helped me through it
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