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  1. Hello to everyone, I am sorry to raise again the old topic of coming with a car to TC, but I really don't know how to find out what to do. I also would like to know if anybody experiences my same trouble with customs. Last summer I came, multiple times, with my motorbike through Cesme. The total time I spent in Turkey was less than three months. After while, I decided to rent a house (looking around to buy one) and move here, for three months, for the moment, and then hopefully for good. When I asked for information at customs offices and on the internet, I found out the rule of the six months for vehicles, and three months for me, and I took the bike out of the country, to be able to have it here next summer. Before going out, I asked if I returned with my car, how long could it stay in Turkey, and the obvious reply was "six months". But when I was back, the custom officer told me that I was not allowed to come in with a vehicle, having been already too long with one in the country! After my protests, they made a thorough check on their database, and they found out that I had actually spent only 75 days in Turkey this year with a motorcycle (they even included 5 days I spent in Istanbul in January, with no vehicle). But the conclusion was that I was allowed to stay with my car in Turkey only for the remaining time out of the six months counted from my first entrance with the bike, i.e. 180-75= 105 days, after while, I have been told "You, your car and your bike must stay out of the country for six months". In other words, they calculated the time I spent in Turkey with my motorcycle as if it was the same vehicle, a car, I was returning with. And they said that my person has to stay out of the country for six months, as the vehicles, after that deadline, but they even implied that I could stay in for 105 dd, more than the 90 I know I can.... When I opposed that I was told differently by them only one week earlier, the answer was that there must have been a different officer on duty. I asked to the consular authority, that on one side confirmed me generally what local authorities say, being "not informed nor updated on local laws", and on the other side denied that I could be forced out of the country for six months (provided that I did not exceed my visa-free three months time)."Of course", the custom officer did not speak English, so what he said was translated by an employee of the shipping company, that spoke a very broken English, that also advised me to ask to the main Custom office in Izmir, but he also admitted that the officer on duty in Cesme could ignore what they say, and act as he thought right. Please, can somebody explain me if this "cumulative" rule is correct, where can I get SURE and official information about it, and in case, how can I persuade the Custom Officers in Cesme to change the way they applied the law to me? Can I even hope they would rectify the stamp on my passport? Many thanks to whoever could provide infos!
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