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  1. Hi Abi, oh I see - you used the words 'by comparison' in your later post - but you didn't say that in your first post...... I didn't make a big thing out of your single comment - I simply pointed out that you cannot change your skin colour, or remove a natural suntan with a mitt or loofah. Doctors will tell you that. You see, a suntan is natural pigment - and that cannot be removed by brushing or scrubbing. But if you think otherwise - who am I to disagree?!!! Going slightly off-topic, when I lived in Turkey Mr L wasn't happy for me to go to a mixed hamam! I did sneak off to one with
  2. Hi Vic, I didn't say it's only wine bars that young people should go out to meet! I also said there's sports clubs, concerts, parties etc - but what's wrong in a wine bar, anyway? At least you can pick up a person's body language and odour, meeting that way! Regarding 'living in the sticks' I think a 'rural boring place' could be construed as insulting one's taste. But you may disagree, of course. Incidentally, whilst a thesauraus may be helpful and inspirational - one needs to choose their suggestions carefully! Different terms (albeit meaning the same thing) can be read quite diffe
  3. Hi Sunny, I'm curious as to why you think the term 'living in the sticks' is derogatory? According to the English Dictionary it isn't at all! http://www.usingengl...the+sticks.html Neither do I see it as a derogatory term, and actually, I wasn't implying anyone lived in the sticks, anyway! There's nothing wrong with living in the sticks, by the way. Indeed, many people who do live in the sticks live a very privileged lifestyle! L x
  4. Hi Sunny, I never said people who use dating sites are not normal! I actually said that dating sites are a fantastic tool for many people! However, I do think that they're unnecessary for young people in their prime, who lead an active social life and have a wide circle of friends. I believe that's true - and I'm as entitled to my opinion as you are yours. Further, statistics prove beyond doubt that young people don't usually bother with dating sites, as they have no need to due to the reasons I've just given. Those figures you've quoted do not reflect what age-groups the participants
  5. Hi Abi, I think I did read what you wrote properly! You wrote, and I have quoted it for you from post 30 above: "If you go after you have got a tan you will lose it. I was in the hamam once when a man who was very tanned walked in and left looking white, he was nearly crying because it was the last day of his holiday and didn't have time to get brown again.." I can't see the word 'comparison' in there? But if you can - then that explains it - we obviously have different eyesight! The thing is, Abi, no-one leaves a steaming hot hamam looking paler than their natural colour! It's a me
  6. Hi Sunny, well I don't know what materials they use in the hamams you and Abi frequent, but in all the ones I've ever been to, no-one with a natural golden tan has left the hamam turned white! There would be uproar in Turkey if all the holidaymakers lost their tans after a Turkish bath and massage! It's actually a biological impossibility to remove natural pigment from the skin by a simple rub-down with a mitt or loofah! If that were the case, Turks would be inundated with older people queuing up to have their liver age-spots removed - and all within 5 minutes too! Medical companies w
  7. Hi Sunny, most young people (and oldies too) communicate online. That's true. But you'll find that the majority of young people who do, communicate with the friends they've already made outside in the real world! They'll communicate on Facebook - so maybe that's what you're referring to? It would be most unusual for the average youth to have no real friends in real life (only cyber ones) and to have to find a romantic interest on a dating site. If you don't think that's true, then do some research on dating sites and you'll find that there are very few young people trying to find partner
  8. Hi Sunny, yes, Turkish parents do like to see their children married off when they're young, but they tend to choose someone who is also Turkish and Muslim. But if they are pressurising him into trying to marry Southerngirl - all the more reason she should be concerned! I don't know about the Walmart emails, but in the UK we would think it odd that a young man didn't socilaise in the normal way ; going to play/watch sport at clubs, going to concerts, nightclubs, wine bars, pubs, parties, meet-ups, work functions etc etc etc.......nearly all young people usually have a wide network of single
  9. Hi Abi, aah - how mean to laugh at the poor man's misfortune! I'm sure they didn't mean to be nasty, though! Regarding a natural suntan, it is actually impossible to scrub it off . When we sunbathe our skin produces melanin deep in the skin, which protects us from the sun's rays. It's melanin that gives us a darker colour. The melanin cannot be scrubbed off with a mitt, as it's too deep underneath the skin. You would have to effectively 'skin' a human to remove the melanin! A suntan (natural one) will only fade with time. Generally, for the average Caucasian, if they develop a deep su
  10. Hi Abi, I think what you saw must have been some kind of optical illusion! Sloughing off dead skin cells with a mitt or loofah cannot remove the melanin deep in the skin, and a suntan comes about by the production of melanin You can't slough off a natural suntan - only time will let it fade. Having a Turkish bath and scrub at the start of your holiday will help your tan look more even - but it can't change your natural skin colour! L x
  11. Hi Southerngirl, Sue made an excellent point when she asked why his parents are so keen on him marrying you. I mean this in the kindest possible way, but most families are very protective of their children (even when their chilren are adults! ) and it seems kind of strange that his parents are so anxious for him to marry you! Besides him working, you said he's also at aviation college, so I wonder if they've considered the interference having a wife right now will put on him, while he's training for his future career? It seems that both of you have crammed in an awful lot in just two wee
  12. Hi Southerngal, you sound very keen on him if you've already taken up learning Turkish! What is his English like? Can you communicate OK? I personally think two weeks is way too short to get to know someone properly, and it's far too early to develop true feelings. All this rush, rush, rush is totally unnecessary. It was different, say, in the last world war, where couples wanted to marry in haste before the man was sent back to battle - but I don't see the rush these days? Why don't you just let the relationship develop naturally at a normal pace? You say you feel he's rushing thing
  13. Hi Reyhan, 'not for all the tea in China' is a saying in English, meaning nothing in the world could tempt you to do something. It's not detrimental towards the Chinese! Some of the very best and most expensive tea in the world comes from China, alhough I prefer Assam tea myself - with a drop of milk. Sunny, another similar idiom to the ones mentioned is 'killed the goose that lays the golden egg' L x
  14. Libby isn't getting married until May, so she's got over over two and a half months (about 80+ days?) to get her Coni! I don't see any panic. When she rings her local registrar he/she will tell her everything she needs to take with her to the Registry Office, it's very, very straighforward. At least she won't have to fret and waste time trying to get through to the Turkish Embassy! L x
  15. Hi Libby, you don't need to contact the Turkish Embassy in London. Your local registrar at the Registry Office will know exactly how to fill out a CONI! Good luck! L x
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