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  1. I adore Turkish food and it always amuses me when people think Turkish food is just kebaps! There's such a wide variety of Turkish dishes - fried Mackerel sandwiches stuffed with pine nuts, walnuts and herbs, mussels stuffed with pilaf, mezzes of wild greens, warm, nutty hummus, fried aubergines and pomegranate molasses (delicious!), not forgetting delicious sweets flavoured with flowered waters, rose syrups and honey. There's also a wealth of fresh herbs, nuts and spices - including seriously hot pickles! Something I use liberally is kirmizi biber (Turkish chilli flakes) I love their smoky, spicy taste and have developed a Turkish tongue for sure! Has anyone tried (or made) fried Mackerel sandwiches Turkish style? It's one of my favourite dishes and supposedly keeps you young, healthy and fit! Added bonus! L x
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