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  1. Earthquake Insurance

    Can anyone recommend reputable insurance companies?
  2. Just submitted my business banner advert to show on TurkeyCentral.com, can't wait to see it!

  3. Calling All Golfers

    Any golfers on here???
  4. Calling All Golfers

    I travel to Turkey many times each year on business and often take my golf clubs with me! Belek is a golfers paradise with soo many top quality courses close to each other, that not getting a round in whilst there would be criminal! I am a keen golfer but playing by myself takes away the fun. Golf is a very sociable game, where 4 hours can be spent networking or meeting new friends with a similar interest.Wonder if this post will get any response. If so, could be a great meeting place for single traveller golfers or locals to set-up games of golf with each other?I am a member of a golf society based in Turkey who run monthly competitions in Belek. Think there are over 1,000 members now. If this proved popular, i could suggest this area of the forum for us to meet, greet and organise games in advance?