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  1. Hi, I would like to know if anyone can give me an average for the price of water per cubic meter? 


    I have just gotten information that our cost in Marmaris has now gone up to 6 TL Posted Image  that is more then twice what we have been paying up to now, how is this possible???


    any advise appreciated 

  2. I usually stop in the Alinn Boutique hotel in Sarigerme, its not to far from the airport, about 20min and its all inclusive and very relaxing, beautiful setting. but its adults only.

    transport by taxi is about 50 lira


  3. one other thing, I would like to order some stuff from an online pet drug store, like drontal and a scalibor collar for my husband to bring over.

    These two things don`t seem to be a problem but the other thing I tried to order was Advocate spot on as she has always been on this and it protects against heartworm and lungworm and a few other nasty things at the same time, now the online company requires a prescription for this, any idea how to get one anybody???

  4. hmm, knowing how hard it is to get a visa, especially to work it wouldn`t it be interesting to find out all the details? I mean if he is 30 and working in the service industry why should he have been invited over to England to work??

    Are you sure that it wasn`t a visa he got because of a woman as well? just a thought

    Other members on here know a lot more about the visa situation and how likely it is that his story is true, I`m sure they will be along with advise :)

  5. I see what you are saying Cukur. It makes sense. :)

    We usually only clip her to make grooming easier and obviously the grass seeds are easier to get out.

    I think it depends on the fur structure as well, possibly?? her fur is really fine in structure but lots of it, designed to keep her warm I think. She does seem to feel better when we keep it short and is more active straight away. I keep it quite dense on her back etc. because of the sun but I do shave her belly and she seems to enjoy laying on cool floors when it is shaved.

    Its a bit of a mystery to me that the furs are so different in structure because when I look at her in comparison to for example a Havanese it doesnt look that different but Havanese hair is designed to keep the dog cool and they even have to wear jumpers in winter where as mine is always quite warm even in the coldest temperatures?

  6. Thanks for that Cukur...now I`m worried again lol

    do you by any chance have the name of that Vet or is there only one in Kalkan? :)

    And do you know if that Vet has got the vaccination or just the kit?

    Yes I know its worse in the evening but at the same time thats the nicest time of the day Posted Image

  7. Thank you so much for your reply Sunny

    I know its silly but I really do worry about her, she is such a good dog and cute as well as you can see, I always used to laugh about people fussing about little dogs (she is not tiny, about knee high) but she really is my little girl Posted Image

    She makes me laugh every day :) somebody already mentioned booties but I thought they were taking the micky

    Its such a shame for her, she loves to run and is amazingly fast but the seeds stop all that, maybe I will have to take her to the beach instead. Shouldn't be a problem to let her have a good run there, up to now the Turkish people seem to love her and I have gotten a lot of positive feedback when I take her out, much better then I thought it would be.

    As for the vaccinations, she has all them apart from the corona virus one, never heard about that one, weird that the vet didn't mention it, maybe he is not a switched on as I was made to believe?

    The Leishmaniasis should be in Turkey as well, its passed on through sand-flies and we have plenty of these here, more of a problem for me then the mosquitoes actually as they are so quiet you cant hear them at all and so tiny you don't feel them till the little swine have bitten you :(

    Maybe the virus is not as spread here so that it is not worth the vaccination?

  8. So now that I have my lovely little girl with me in Turkey and are all happy about this :) a few new problems have arisen.

    When we were planning to move out here I was worried about the heat and about wild dogs, she is fluffy and only little.

    We sorted this by getting clippers (her first home made haircut is a whole different story) and bribing the neighbours pit bull mix into being her bodyguard Posted Image

    The one thing I didn`t think about was nature, it started as soon as the grass started to turn golden, she kept on stopping every few meters to pull quite nasty seeds out of her paws.

    The neighbours short haired dog doesn't seem to have any problems with it, so we thought the best way to go would be to shave the fur in-between her toes. Her paws are very fury and webbed toes, she is a Tibetan Terrier cross.

    This has made it worse

    Now she has sores in-between her toes, it looks quite angry and crusty. The only way I can explain this is by thinking its the seeds actually breaking the skin, its very thin and delicate in that area.

    I checked the internet as well for soreness on paws etc. and one thing they come up with is grain allergies??? as I cook for her anyway how can I not use grain?? or are there grains she can eat?? the only different grain I used was something looking like Barley but turning out to need a lot longer cooking, translation for the name on the packet just said "pulses" (bakliyat) but I have seen the same wort on totally different grains so ???

    Another problem is she has got little sore bumps all over her but mostly on the legs and undercarriage. The seem to itch her, so once again, seeds or maybe mosquito bites.

    (before anyone asks, yes of course she is treated for fleas and ticks)

    Also I`m quite worried now, before we left England my Vet who is Spanish herself, said to register my dog with a local vet as there may be different vaccinations needed on top of what she already has for England. She didn't go into detail but she seem to think that in the Mediterranean areas are different diseases we don't vaccinate for in England. She mentioned its because of the mosquitoes.

    I did register her over here with a reputable vet who put all her details into his pc, checked her pet passport, gave us some more Frontline but then said that she is fully vaccinated and he doesn't know about any other vaccinations.

    So I believed him, but now I have just stumbled over an illness called "Canine leishmaniasis" Posted Image

    I know that a lot of you are doggy lovers as well so maybe you can advise please? I really could`t bear it if her life would be miserable because of my move Posted Image

  9. This is unfotunately normal in Turkey,for some reason even the most sivilised turks believe that dogs will be OK. That is why I will newer leawe my furfrriends more than a couple of days With a turk,for some reason they believe that any dog will be OK!!

    There is no punishment to this under turkish Law,this IS NOT CRUELTU,bcs it is not an active act- SORY!!!! Under Turkish Law this is NOT an active act of CRUELTY,I understand it sounds crazy to you,but in Turkey leaving an animal whitouth water,food is not a crime,-even if its tied up!!

    There is absolutely NOTHING you can do abouth this,if you try to persecute this man,he would probably turn against you and you could face SERIOUS problems for wrongfull percecution!!! This is a goverment ofenc in Turkey,and not to be taken lightly!!!

    If by any chance you should see him activly beating this animal,and if you have a (preferably turkish) witnes, then Things are very different indeed!!! Provoke him,like turks do!!!

    Signs,signs-those mean nothing in Turkey. I have lived here almost ten years,-provoke him to activly hurt an animal,-With a witnes,-then youl be in the Clear. If not ,He will almost certainly make you the guilty one. Yusde Yus!!!!!

    Allah,do you not understand,this is not illegal in Turkey. This is NOT cruelty to animals Is not this logical to you,this is NOT an ACTIVE act of cruelty.

    If this is not illegal in Turkey yet then surely it can be made so only by people taking offence and protesting against it??

    Not so long ago it was the same in many western cultures

  10. I think the more relevant question is : would you as a presumably young western woman realy like to stay in an aerea were you have to take these insane precursons? These aereas exist in Istanbul,but I cannot for my bare life understand why any modern woman would want to venture into them!!!!

    As Paks states, she is a very conservative dresser anyway and she just wants to be sure when she ventures into non tourist areas, its not about having to dress a certain way but about wanting to if I understand her correctly.

    And some people, even modern woman would like to see more then just the tourist areas Posted Image

  11. At the moment I just get my information from other ex-pads around me and the general saying is that you get stopped arround 3-4 times just driving around town on an average day with M plates.

    Maybe because its so touristy around here?

    But that would be a major pain in the *ss.

    I`m a bit concerned as well that not even my neighbour can drive the car, what if I`m ill or something.

    I got my info about single driver from this site, under point 7 http://www.kirazlivillage.com/wordpress/?p=1736

    My husband will be here for 9 weeks in the summer but he hasn't got his residency yet, so would he be able to be included in the AİLE FERTLERİNDEN BAŞKASI KULLANAMAZ???

    If not then that would mean I`m the designated driver for the summer and there would be none of this :beerchug: for poor me:(

  12. So now that I happily live in Turkey I would like to take the next step and buy myself a car....the idea was something small, cheap and cheerful and I must say my first reaction after having a look at the local used car market was :surprise::shocked: and finally :bawl:

    Sadly a new car is not an option at the moment as the thought of driving something expensive and pristine in Marmaris makes me shiver.

    One example is that all the traffic lights in the city center have just been removed at the same time, no explanation but it makes for some highly amusing driving as you can imagine.

    All this aside, the question I really would like to put to you:

    I have been told that to drive on M plates means being stopped and hassled constantly, additionally only the named driver is allowed to drive the car, not even the spouse.

    Soooo would it be better to register the car in our Turkish friends name? (trust is not an issue)

    Is it right that in Turkey once the car is insured (if officially owned by a Turk) its the vehicle that is insured and not the individual driver, meaning anyone who drives it with permission of the owner is insured??

    please advise :)

  13. hmmm. I know I`m probably an overly trusting person but why not just give him the benefit of the doubt? Everything you have looked into up to now has checked out hasn't it?

    so why not just meet the guy, not on your own though but with a friend maybe and check him out some more?

    I know that there are a lot of scammers out there and I`m not blue eyed and admittedly it doesn't look to good with him asking you for money but on the other hand you sound like a woman who can look after herself and who goes into things with open eyes.

    so check him out and whatever happens don't give him any money and you will soon get to the bottom of this, if you want to :)

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