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  1. I have found out since posting this that the reason for the high prices is that we still dont have a living license on this estate its 6 lira per cubic for us and 3 lira for the rest of Marmaris, I would love a bill like yours Kukur my last one was 139 lira, thats for a month
  2. Hi, I would like to know if anyone can give me an average for the price of water per cubic meter? I have just gotten information that our cost in Marmaris has now gone up to 6 TL that is more then twice what we have been paying up to now, how is this possible??? any advise appreciated
  3. So now that I have my lovely little girl with me in Turkey and are all happy about this a few new problems have arisen. When we were planning to move out here I was worried about the heat and about wild dogs, she is fluffy and only little. We sorted this by getting clippers (her first home made haircut is a whole different story) and bribing the neighbours pit bull mix into being her bodyguard The one thing I didn`t think about was nature, it started as soon as the grass started to turn golden, she kept on stopping every few meters to pull quite nasty seeds out of her paws. The neighbours short haired dog doesn't seem to have any problems with it, so we thought the best way to go would be to shave the fur in-between her toes. Her paws are very fury and webbed toes, she is a Tibetan Terrier cross. This has made it worse Now she has sores in-between her toes, it looks quite angry and crusty. The only way I can explain this is by thinking its the seeds actually breaking the skin, its very thin and delicate in that area. I checked the internet as well for soreness on paws etc. and one thing they come up with is grain allergies??? as I cook for her anyway how can I not use grain?? or are there grains she can eat?? the only different grain I used was something looking like Barley but turning out to need a lot longer cooking, translation for the name on the packet just said "pulses" (bakliyat) but I have seen the same wort on totally different grains so ??? Another problem is she has got little sore bumps all over her but mostly on the legs and undercarriage. The seem to itch her, so once again, seeds or maybe mosquito bites. (before anyone asks, yes of course she is treated for fleas and ticks) Also I`m quite worried now, before we left England my Vet who is Spanish herself, said to register my dog with a local vet as there may be different vaccinations needed on top of what she already has for England. She didn't go into detail but she seem to think that in the Mediterranean areas are different diseases we don't vaccinate for in England. She mentioned its because of the mosquitoes. I did register her over here with a reputable vet who put all her details into his pc, checked her pet passport, gave us some more Frontline but then said that she is fully vaccinated and he doesn't know about any other vaccinations. So I believed him, but now I have just stumbled over an illness called "Canine leishmaniasis" I know that a lot of you are doggy lovers as well so maybe you can advise please? I really could`t bear it if her life would be miserable because of my move
  4. So now that I happily live in Turkey I would like to take the next step and buy myself a car....the idea was something small, cheap and cheerful and I must say my first reaction after having a look at the local used car market was and finally Sadly a new car is not an option at the moment as the thought of driving something expensive and pristine in Marmaris makes me shiver. One example is that all the traffic lights in the city center have just been removed at the same time, no explanation but it makes for some highly amusing driving as you can imagine. All this aside, the question I really would like to put to you: I have been told that to drive on M plates means being stopped and hassled constantly, additionally only the named driver is allowed to drive the car, not even the spouse. Soooo would it be better to register the car in our Turkish friends name? (trust is not an issue) Is it right that in Turkey once the car is insured (if officially owned by a Turk) its the vehicle that is insured and not the individual driver, meaning anyone who drives it with permission of the owner is insured?? please advise
  5. I wonder if anyone can help me with this or if my question is just downright silly In the guide for importing personal effects it states: Your used household goods and personal effects are permitted for import if they are for your own use, and they must arrive no more than two months before or six months after your passport is stamped for entry into Turkey. Surly this only applies if you have your goods brought in by a company? I mean, when I`m driving my household goods in myself I will get a stamp there and then! I last entered Turkey on the 26 of September to get my 3 years residency, we will be bringing our stuff over on the 31 of March, that means the last entry will be more then 6 month ago!! will this be a problem or am I just loosing the plot?? one more thing : electrical goods, does this just apply for TV, Video etc. or does it include things like Toaster, breadmaker etc.??
  6. I`m just wondering if anyone has got any experience with wine making, especially fruit wines. I would love to try this out and I think the big water containers are just begging to be used for this. I have drunk some truly delicious fruit wines in Germany and I would really like to try my own hand at this, even more interested now that i have seen how expensive alcohol has gotten in Turkey. Not that I`m a raving alcoholic
  7. Hi all one of the things I look forward to in my new life is the possibility to do some gardening in the sun. I plan to grow some vegetables for my own use (yes I know they are ridiculously cheap in the market but I love to eat my own) and I would like to try out to grow some flowers from seed/bulb etc. At the moment my soil is awful but I plan to compost and to get the quality up that way, anyone here with some experience and tips?
  8. hi again after just getting a quote of nearly £ 6000,- from a transport agency for shipping what comes down to a 2bed house I`m considering bringing it down our self. We have got a luton Van. I won`t be bringing any electrical items apart from some kitchen stuff and we would like to take the ferry. Has anyone any experience with doing something like this?
  9. Hi there so to come to my first problem: I have a lovely little dog and when I move to turkey next year she will be coming with me, she is always up to date on her vaccinations, had her rabbis shots, blood test, is micro chipped
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