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  1. I have found out since posting this that the reason for the high prices is that we still dont have a living license on this estate its 6 lira per cubic for us and 3 lira for the rest of Marmaris, I would love a bill like yours Kukur my last one was 139 lira, thats for a month
  2. Hi, I would like to know if anyone can give me an average for the price of water per cubic meter? I have just gotten information that our cost in Marmaris has now gone up to 6 TL that is more then twice what we have been paying up to now, how is this possible??? any advise appreciated
  3. I have just done the trip in spring and I needed a residence permit, rental agreement and a list of things in the van. Be prepared to empty the van on the border and what ever you do don`t go over Croatia and Serbia
  4. I usually stop in the Alinn Boutique hotel in Sarigerme, its not to far from the airport, about 20min and its all inclusive and very relaxing, beautiful setting. but its adults only. transport by taxi is about 50 lira http://www.travelrepublic.co.uk/hotels/turkey/marmaris_sarigerme/cheap_rates_alinn_sarigerme_boutique_hotel_hotel.html?oid=196294&mkid=64254303&aid=1&dev=c&gclid=CK3titC1kLgCFYS_3godOjsArw
  5. Sorry but I can not imagine that the hospital would refer to a verbal agreement in its official surgery report?? I don`t want to ask funny questions but it just isn`t clear to me what you are saying, sorry. As far as I have understood and please correct me if I`m wrong : Your father has gone for a major back operation with no paperwork, no surgery plan and no written quotation of costs? He is now having titanium screws in his vertebra but there is no mention of such in the official surgery report? And the hospital is billing you for them? If the screws are not mentioned in the su
  6. one other thing, I would like to order some stuff from an online pet drug store, like drontal and a scalibor collar for my husband to bring over. These two things don`t seem to be a problem but the other thing I tried to order was Advocate spot on as she has always been on this and it protects against heartworm and lungworm and a few other nasty things at the same time, now the online company requires a prescription for this, any idea how to get one anybody???
  7. hmm, knowing how hard it is to get a visa, especially to work it wouldn`t it be interesting to find out all the details? I mean if he is 30 and working in the service industry why should he have been invited over to England to work?? Are you sure that it wasn`t a visa he got because of a woman as well? just a thought Other members on here know a lot more about the visa situation and how likely it is that his story is true, I`m sure they will be along with advise
  8. Hi Ash, it sounds like you are quite smitten you mentioned that he has been over to the UK before? how did he manage to do this?
  9. Its always difficult to make decisions when you are in pain did your father get the quote in writing? also, in most cases you don`t see just 2 titanium screws but rods or plates and you want to show the images to a orthopedic surgeon not neurosurgeon
  10. I can understand your concern but to say anything about what was or became necessary during surgery is absolutely not possible. Operations on the vertebrates are nearly always very complex and to be honest I`m surprised that you were only quoted such a low price. Your explanation that it was an operation "to correct a problem with his vertebrae" is very vague, sorry. What does it mean? he had back pain, problems walking, was the spinal column involved, slipped or unstable disc? the list is endless and there is no way of knowing what was necessary without knowing the medical background. Did
  11. I see what you are saying Cukur. It makes sense. We usually only clip her to make grooming easier and obviously the grass seeds are easier to get out. I think it depends on the fur structure as well, possibly?? her fur is really fine in structure but lots of it, designed to keep her warm I think. She does seem to feel better when we keep it short and is more active straight away. I keep it quite dense on her back etc. because of the sun but I do shave her belly and she seems to enjoy laying on cool floors when it is shaved. Its a bit of a mystery to me that the furs are so different in
  12. Thanks for that Cukur...now I`m worried again lol do you by any chance have the name of that Vet or is there only one in Kalkan? And do you know if that Vet has got the vaccination or just the kit? Yes I know its worse in the evening but at the same time thats the nicest time of the day
  13. my Iranian friend just messaged me saying yes its Farsi and no its nothing bad lol thats all I got from her sorry
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