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  1. Hi Abi and Samantha, Thank you both so much for your input I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. I have spoken to the UK agent today and been given several contact numbers for people who have bought on the royal liks, one who I already know, some have bought off plan in 2008 and are happy with them, others bought last year, most of them used a solicitor, some chose not to and all was fine.Apparently the reason for handing over the remaining balance is so that we can use the apartment immediately although it may take several weeks for the tapas to come through, I am pretty confident
  2. Hi All, Firstly thanks to everyone who replied to my previous topic, we have now decided to purchase an apartment on the royal links in seregerme and we have already paid a deposit. I now have the contract and we are due to go over to Turkey in 17 days time. The contract says we then pay the balance of the deposit
  3. Hi Sunny, thanks for the reply, the propertys are now 2 years old and I have spoken to the ownere of one of them went I went out a couple of weeks ago, he had a solicitor check out the land and Tapu etc and it all was ok, he actually bought his off plan and id delighted with the finished appartment.I have heard the horror stories and it is a worry.Thanks Soulsoles
  4. Hi All,I am new on here so would like to say hello to you all and ask for some help.I am looking to buy a properyt in Serigerme the devolopment is royal links. Does anyone have any info about the sellers? the company is called Lycia property and we have been over to talk to them, they have a base in Burnley England.Has anyone bought property from them? Are they good guys?Any help would be appreciated.
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