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  1. On wandering around in Izmir on Friday, I was astonished to see lokma being distriubuted for free in the streets. There were long queues in front of the mobile lokma-stands (I thinks it is called different in fact, I'm speaking abut the round ones with a hole in the middle), I joined one of them, wondering where to pay for my treat ... they didn't want any pay. Does anyone know or can explain to me what stands behind this custom? The inly hint I found in the internet is a somewhat enigmatic: "People for people who they love and lost it for their memory give free lokmas in izmir streets."Besides, they were delicous!
  2. Hello everybody - new user here -We're going for a one-week trip to Karaburun next week. We would prefer not to hire a car at Izmir airport, but to go on Dolmush to Karaburun, to save money and because we usually try to travel in the most simple and "local" way possible. On the other hand, it would be great to have a possibility to get around on Karaburun peninsula itself - it seems to be a gorgeous place with a lot of nature and lonely places to be discovered. Does anyone per chance know about a possibility to hire a scooter or a small motorcycle somewhere around Karaburun for some days, once we are there? Even a contact to a private person who would rent his would be perfect - I have all permits, german domestic and international, and made this kind of agreement before in other places. (First-time Turkey-visitor, besides). Any ideas appreciated!
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