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  1. Sorry I wasn't any help and believe me I was not suggesting you were a coward. My brother in law who lives in the USA will be pleased to find out that his sons who are of military age will not be pulled into the army when they visit here. I wish you well.
  2. Hi Selim, welcome to the forum. I can't help with advice on aquiring Turkish citizanship but I am curious as to why you want it. How often do you visit Turkey, do you have strong ties with relatives or friends here, do you speak fluent Turkish ? I don't want to scare you off but we see state funerals for Turkish soldiers every day. Your insistance in avoiding joining the military would suggest you don't wish to defend your country. I have lived here in Turkey for 12 years and became a Turkish citizen 10 years ago. I married a Turkish woman in Istanbul 30 years ago. The procedure was, translation of my birth certificate and British passport. Both parents first names, a visit to the local courthouse for security check and criminal record. Medical check and fingerprints. An interview with the city mayor and the city counsil. 200TL fee and an 8 week wait. Whilst waiting the jandarma visited my house. If I can do it, I'm sure you can too. Good luck.
  3. I have just read Ken's 5 bullet points and agree completely with every point he has made One thing that has not been mentioned is the fact that you have to carry ID at all times, be it passport or residency paperwork. These are as valuable to a thief as càsh or cards and extra care should be taken with them. Many people wear what is some times refered to as a bum bag. (a zip pouch worn around the waist) These in my opinion are not secure as a would be thief now knows where you keep your valuables an can plan his strategy. What I would suggest is a money belt, this is flat and roomy and is worn under your clothing. Keep some small money in your pants pocket and be careful where you access the belt. There might be one other item which Ken would be more qualified to answer. There is a growing feeling against the West at the moment, particularly Americans. Good luck and enjoy your stay here. Pete.
  4. Softly softly catcha monkey, I noticed that Thomas made his one and only post a year ago and has probably been and gone by now. I have visited many parts of Turkey during the last 30 years and met no agression at all from Turks. I am English born and bred and have many American relatives, I am not sure if this has affected my accent but I have been mistaken for an American on many occasions but not suffered as a result. Moving on to Turkey in current times it might not be such a good idea for foreigners to visit major cities right now because of the animosity being promoted recently. That is not to say that foreigners won't be welcomed by most. The flash points here have always been places to avoid. That does though apply to many other countries of course. As Bob Dylan used to sing. "You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows"
  5. Just an update on this thread, A few dayss after the cylinder instalation the guy came back and painted the pipe. We ordered a top up for our main tank, they came and delivered a few days later. That about winds it up, my wife is happy, I'm happy and Aygaz is happy. Result.
  6. The guys from Milangaz arrived at 9:45am this morning and were finished at 11:00am. My wife asked them if they were going to paint the pipe, they told here they didn't have any on board but would return soon to do it. They cleared debris from inside the pipe, tested for leaks and commissioned the kitchen hob. Job done and costing less than the nonsence Aygaz wanted to do.
  7. After much though and consideration my wife has decided not to allow Aygaz to ruin her kitchen. We are going to have a 45kg cylinder outside the kitchen. Today my gardener came and he formed a base for the bottle. Tomorrow Aygaz will come in the afternoon to cut their supply to our kitchen. On Thursday Milangaz will make the alterations to the existing pipework and divert it to their cylinder.
  8. JANUARY 21st What a difference a day makes. I have managed to get a telephone number for the company who carried out the instalation back then. My wifes cousin who has an engineering backgound and speaks Turkish is going to call by so I can show him the
  9. All fixed now I trust Ken. Over here in Ortakent the wind started to get up around 6pm on the 6th. Whilst we were in bed the noise outside was horrendous. The following morning I first went outside to check that my solar panels and satellite dishes were still there. Next I looked out the terrace doors into the garden, as we have a few very old olive trees on our boundary I was looking skyward to count the amount of large branched still in place. There was what we thought was one of my wifes olive trees that she planted some years ago on the ground. It turned out to be a branch from one of the older trees. We have spoken to neighbours but there doesn't appear to be any damage locally thankfully. The weather here in Turkey seems to become more extreme with each passing year Pete. P.S. I wanted to post a couple of pictures but as yet I have no idea how to.
  10. Over the last few weeks there have been several destructive storms in thia area. A warnig issued yesterday resulted in high winds here in Bodrum last night. The Antalya Governor’s Office announced that all education from kindergartens to high schools have been halted in Kemer, Kumluca, Finike, Demre and Kaş districts due to the meteorological warnings about a storm that is expected to continue until Feb. 7. With all these events in mind I am, and I am sure others on this forum are hoping that our Antalya members will be safe. Best wishes to you all, Pete.
  11. Confucius he says, 'every journey starts with the first step'........ only 49 to go.
  12. Today I'm walking on air. I've won a day!
  13. Hi Ken, how do I get the emblem for Bodrum onto my title? Oh and how is it my user names are wrong way round, surely kemerkid should be first!
  14. I had to smile at your post to Neil_Denizli. When I read down your list of English to Türkçe phrases I came to... Change the bed sheets.............. Çarşafları değiştir I did wonder what the next line would be.
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