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  1. Lonesome Cowboy

    Aygaz LPG

    The guys from Milangaz arrived at 9:45am this morning and were finished at 11:00am. My wife asked them if they were going to paint the pipe, they told here they didn't have any on board but would return soon to do it. They cleared debris from inside the pipe, tested for leaks and commissioned the kitchen hob. Job done and costing less than the nonsence Aygaz wanted to do.
  2. Lonesome Cowboy

    Aygaz LPG

    After much though and consideration my wife has decided not to allow Aygaz to ruin her kitchen. We are going to have a 45kg cylinder outside the kitchen. Today my gardener came and he formed a base for the bottle. Tomorrow Aygaz will come in the afternoon to cut their supply to our kitchen. On Thursday Milangaz will make the alterations to the existing pipework and divert it to their cylinder.
  3. Lonesome Cowboy

    Aygaz LPG

    JANUARY 21st What a difference a day makes. I have managed to get a telephone number for the company who carried out the instalation back then. My wifes cousin who has an engineering backgound and speaks Turkish is going to call by so I can show him the
  4. Lonesome Cowboy

    Antalya storms

    Like this!
  5. Lonesome Cowboy

    Antalya storms

    All fixed now I trust Ken. Over here in Ortakent the wind started to get up around 6pm on the 6th. Whilst we were in bed the noise outside was horrendous. The following morning I first went outside to check that my solar panels and satellite dishes were still there. Next I looked out the terrace doors into the garden, as we have a few very old olive trees on our boundary I was looking skyward to count the amount of large branched still in place. There was what we thought was one of my wifes olive trees that she planted some years ago on the ground. It turned out to be a branch from one of the older trees. We have spoken to neighbours but there doesn't appear to be any damage locally thankfully. The weather here in Turkey seems to become more extreme with each passing year Pete. P.S. I wanted to post a couple of pictures but as yet I have no idea how to.
  6. Lonesome Cowboy

    Antalya storms

    Over the last few weeks there have been several destructive storms in thia area. A warnig issued yesterday resulted in high winds here in Bodrum last night. The Antalya Governor’s Office announced that all education from kindergartens to high schools have been halted in Kemer, Kumluca, Finike, Demre and Kaş districts due to the meteorological warnings about a storm that is expected to continue until Feb. 7. With all these events in mind I am, and I am sure others on this forum are hoping that our Antalya members will be safe. Best wishes to you all, Pete.
  7. Lonesome Cowboy

    What do points make.

    Confucius he says, 'every journey starts with the first step'........ only 49 to go.
  8. Lonesome Cowboy

    What do points make.

    Today I'm walking on air. I've won a day!
  9. Lonesome Cowboy


    Hi Ken, how do I get the emblem for Bodrum onto my title? Oh and how is it my user names are wrong way round, surely kemerkid should be first!
  10. I had to smile at your post to Neil_Denizli. When I read down your list of English to Türkçe phrases I came to... Change the bed sheets.............. Çarşafları değiştir I did wonder what the next line would be.
  11. I have been reading some of your previous posts on this thread Ken and I have real sympathy for you. You seem to have worked so hard at this Turkish malarkey and are not that much better than I am. In my case I put it down to ageing brain cells and a cluttered mind. Because my wife is native Turkish I tend to give up now, my needs are few and if I can't make myself understood I just give up. I can always get what I want the next time we go out shopping together. I find that I can do just as well with nodding my head, raising my eyebrows, rolling my eyes and waving my hands. Another method is to let them show me everything in the shop or stall untill they show me what I want. Turks have a much smaller vocabulary than us English speakers and less educated have bearly 30,000 words to work with. If you mispronounce an English word when speaking with an English person they can quickly compensate the slip and understand... not so with a Turk. If for instance you want a pencil/s and hold up a stedledder, they will look at it and shake their head, even though you can see a shelf full of pencils behind them. What they are saying to you is they don't have any stedledders. After arriving in Turkey to live permanently here I applied for citizenship being eligable having married a Turk in Istanbul, after all the toing and froing chasing the paper chain I was finally summoned to Muģla to attend my interview. My wife was held back in the anti-room and I was ushered through to a large hall, after the hoşgeldin & merhaba I sat down, I was faced with five or six officials, assistant governer, chief of police the fire chief and two more. The head of the board opened the questioning, I just answered bilmiyorum to all his questions, then the police chief asked me if I was a veteran but in English, I said I was a retiree but not yet a veteran. The board fell silent the the cop said 'you're not an American then? They had read UK citizen as USA citizen. The assistant governer had had enough by this time and called for my wife, he gave her such a roasting saying 'you have been married to this man for almost 20 years and not taught him any Turkish, you had better start now' We were both waved out of the room. About three weeks later we had an email to say we had to attend the nufus to collect my kimlik. ....... Who needs Türkçe!!
  12. I'm not sure if I am going to add anything to this topic, in fact I am more likely to be a job's comforter. My introduction to the Turkish (Türkçe) language was about 1988 when my now wife and I became an issue. On my first visit to Turkey I was introduced to her parents, to my surprise they both accepted me right away. Her father was very frustrated because he wanted to speak to me but couldn't. When we got married in Istanbul he told me I was now a part of the family and must learn Türkçe, I foolishly promised him that when I next visited Turkey I would have learned the language and we would be able to speak to eachothe when we were playing backgammon. That was a long time ago and I still haven't been able to hold a conversation. Despite attending many language courses and recieving private tuition lessons I am still hopeless. I know several words, their meaning and correct pronunciation but I cannot group them into a usefull sentance. A friend of mine in England used to say thet when God was handing out languages to different nations, everyone got something they could manage except the Turks who complained that they didn't get a language. God looked around on the ground and hurriedly and gathered up all the letters that had been dropped, put them in a box and told them they now had a language.
  13. Lonesome Cowboy

    Aygaz LPG

    When I built my house in 2007 I opted for LPG to fuel my central heating boiler and my gas hob in the kitchen. Aygaz gave the contract to install all the pipework to a local company, Mak-el. On completion Aygaz came to site to carry out a full inspection of the instalation and signed it off complying with the regulations. Now after eleven years they are telling me that new legislation makes my isolating valve below the hob illegal and has to be changed to bring it into compliance. This involves having the granite worktop drilled with holes to allow the pipework to be extended above the worktop where they will fit an isolating valve then pass back to below to reconnect to the flexible pipe to the cooker hob. The cost of their work will be 900TL. We have to commission a marble company to drill these holes which they say will fill the kitchen with dust. Additionally we have no idea what the marble company are going to charge. Before I retired in the UK I was a CORGI registered gas engineer. Faulty or dangerous installations would have to be brought up to current standards at the customers expense. Legislation upgrades were not applied retrospectively if the instaltion was sound and safe. We are looking at ways to fight this, not because of the cost but more to do with what a dogs dinner this is going to be in the kitcken that my wife loves.
  14. Lonesome Cowboy


    The smarter I think I am the dumber I become! Because I changed my display name, when I tried to log in I was still using my kemerkid display name, so whatever password I entered the login was rejected. However because I figured it out for myself perhaps I'm not so dumb. Before I start turning TC into a social media site I still have a lot of work to do and will need to ask many questions. So, I need to know how to send a PM and find ones that get sent to me, can you tell me Abi? Last thing I want to say though is that I really like this site and the people I have had exchanges with to far.
  15. Lonesome Cowboy


    I'm in trouble here Ken, I'm running out of passwords plus I have also been thrown out of other apps. What can the cause be