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  1. Shipping things to Turkey the only problem I've had with PTT is slowness, but whatever, no one's ever sending me things that can't sit around for a few weeks. My kapıcıs like me, so I always get stuff. It's annoying having to go downtown, but now I know the drill. What about Aras? Someone else mentioned them. Are they good? I would assume FedEx, UPS, and DHL are more expensive than PTT, right? If I recall correctly, they're always more expensive than the USPS.
  2. I mostly just know university professors and students. Since I live in Denizli, I do have a go-to guy for towels, but I don't have any carpet contacts. My friend called the museum and they said they don't do that, but that there's someone at the main library who does. He's gonna go by there sometime and ask about it.
  3. So what's the cheapest way to ship things from Turkey to the US? I've always just used the PTT for sending home Christmas presents and stuff. It's a little slow sometimes, but everything has always been delivered just fine. The price with PTT isn't too bad, but it still seems expensive to me. I saved my shipping forms from X-mas, and for example, one package was 1090 grams, and another was 1202 grams, and both of those were 44 TL with surface mail. Two other packages, one 620 grams and the other 690 grams, both went for 34 TL. How does that compare to companies you guys use? Is PTT the
  4. I'll have to check into it this weekend. I've never seen anyone who looked like more than just a security guard at our little museum.
  5. Hmm. Like the local ethnography museum? That's the only one we've got where I am.
  6. I did a search for carpets and read a thread about buying carpets, but I didn't see this answered anywhere. Forgive me if I overlooked something. So after two years in Turkey, I'm preparing to head back to the US in about a month. As a parting gift, a very, very, very good friend of mine has offered to give me a carpet that his mother made. He has several carpets, kilims, and other woven knicknacks that she made and he wants me to have one. I am honored and touched by his generosity and would love to accept it, but I'm wondering if I need any paperwork to get it into the US. I've heard that
  7. That's more like what I was thinking...plus maybe more for having a masters in TESOL and experience. But maybe right now they don't care about that and just needs a warm, English-speaking body to fill the classroom.
  8. I was hoping to pick up some extra money this semester and heard that the British Culture school by the university was looking for a native speaker for some classes. I went by to talk to them today and the girl there said they could offer me five hours a week (spread over three different days) and that they pay all their teachers 15 TL an hour. Is that really normal or was she playing me as the naive foreigner? That seems terrible! I guess maybe I'm a bit overqualified for that kind of thing. I thought it might be nice to work at a place where I didn't have to worry about finding my own s
  9. Ugg. This is totally my life this year! But anyway...I wonder if any of the big universities in Istanbul or Ankara have special education departments where Melissa could teach. As in, departments for university students who are planning to become special ed teachers. I know it's not a big thing, but even at my university I know at least one professor who teaches the general education department students about special ed techniques. The problem is the classes would most likely be in Turkish, but maybe at one of those big universities they'd be doing English-medium education? I don't know. It's
  10. That might be a state-by-state thing, because I've been looking at it for VA, where I'm from, and it says request ballot by Oct 30th. Obviously, given the experience I've had with the Turkish postal system I plan on doing it much earlier than that, but that's why I asked.I was looking at this site: http://www.fvap.gov/map.htmlIt looks the same for VA on the site you linked to as well. For VA the ballot needs to make it back by election day, but I poked around in some other states and some places have a deadline after election day.Anyway, definitely do it as early as possible, but check your st
  11. The deadline for requesting a ballot is Oct 9th, or is that the deadline for sending it back to the US?
  12. Well I mostly just know university professors...so it worked for me. My point though, was to find something special and American but that doesn't scream AMERICA.
  13. I brought some nice carved, wooden bookmarks with a quote from Thomas Jefferson on them ("I cannot live without books.") when I came last year. They didn't take up space or weight and were well recieved.
  14. I brought home a lot of Turkish towels when I was there this year. Those are becoming very chic in the US and buying them from import places here can be pricy compared to what you can buy in Turkey. I also sent people some nice scarves with crochet around the edges.I didn't get into music as much as I should have, but I bought a Tarkan CD over there. It's okay, but not that great.
  15. Before I left for the summer, the city of Denizli added some new, more handicapped-accessible buses to their fleet. The floor inside is lower, so you don't have to go up any steps to get on. They sit around curb-level, so that's good, but the middle doors also have a button you can hit that makes a ramp extend for people to get on and off if needed. The problem is, out of a huge fleet of buses, I don't know how the people who need the special bus know which route it's running on which day. And what about all the other people around town? Oh well. It's a start.
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