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  1. I have just been talking to a friend about the amount of spirits I am allowed to take IN to Turkiye. I was under the impression that I would only be allowed 1 litre of spirit but she said that I can take 1 litre from my UK airport, another litre from Istanbul airport and another again at Adana arrivals Duty Free, totalling 3 litres. Is this right? I have been asked to take vodka for friends which I will quite happily do but I do not want to get in trouble with customs at either Istanbul or Adana.
  2. Hi this is a bit of a tricky one so I would appreciate any advice I can get. I am English and married my Turkish husband in Turkey in 2003. He stayed in Turkey and I came back to England to prepare for his visa application but for various stupid reasons I divorced him in 2007 while he was still in Turkey without his knowledge. He has never divorced me in Turkey so while we are divorced in England we are still legally married there. We are now back together again and want him to come to England on a Fiance Visa so we can marry again but I really don't know if he has to divorce me in Turkey before we can marry in England or whether the fact that in the English courts we are already divorced is enough? Also if we have to divorce in Turkey first how long does it take if I go with him and I have my Decree Absolute, and does this have to be translated? Can anyone help please as I am getting desperate for knowledgeable advice
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