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  1. I live in the UK and have received a divorce decree from a Turkish court. I have not contested this after 15 days. Does this mean I am officially divorced in Turkey or do I need to apply for a decree absolute from the courts?
  2. My sister married her turkish boyfriend in 2007 in Turkey. She then filed for UK citizenship for him which he received in March 2011. He then went back to Turkey in May 2011 two months after receiving his passport and filed for a divorce. He clearly only married her to obtain his British citizenship but the problem is she has property which she purchased in the UK with my brother whilst they were married. He signed away his rights to the property in the UK during the legal stage of the purchase of the house as he pays nothing towards the mortgage or household bills, but if they were married in Turkey will he still be entitled to 50% of the property when the divorce is heard by a judge? He has property in Turkey but now says they are all in his mothers name? Can someone please give me some advice as she is very worried. Katherine
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