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  1. Hi,I found similar topics but not all the answers I need. I am french and my wife is turkish. We currently live in Paris but we'll move to Instanbul in September. Even though I'll be based in Istanbul, I'll continue to work for my french company so I'll go to Paris every week to work from tuesday to friday. We want to import our car that we love (a Buick Enclave of 2010) that has currently a french registration (imported from US). We want to import our car with a Temporary status (staying max. for 180 days). Is it possible if I go in Turkey as a simple tourist (no visa required for french people for staying 3 months) ? Is it possible if I take a residence permit ? How much it will cost (in total) and what would be the procedure ? I read that when I go out from the country (by plane) I need to leave my car at the customs, is it true ? Thanks in advance for your help.
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