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    Ken Grubb reacted to REDDERS in Turkish Ministry of Health - Vaccination Certificate   
    Many of my Surgery members are stating that even after checking the HES app for updates,they still only have 6 not 7 green boxes on the HES home screen & the one thats missing is the vaccination box.

    In this case you need to go to the e-nabiz site,login with your e-devlet credentials & obtain your certificate from that source. One can either print it from the PDF source there or simply take a screenshot of the certificate.
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    Ken Grubb got a reaction from Meral in Turkey Extends Lock Down to cover Sovereignity Day   
    Thanks for catching that Meral, I've corrected the time.
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    Ken Grubb got a reaction from Meral in You Must Connect Your HES Code to Your Turkish Public Transportation Card   
    I wrote an article explaining how to connect your HES code to your travel card. It's one of four how-to articles concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.
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