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    Ken Grubb got a reaction from SarahHasaan in Just bought an apartment in Yenişehir district of Mersin.   
    Wow... that is really a nice place!
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    Ken Grubb got a reaction from SarahHasaan in Just bought an apartment in Yenişehir district of Mersin.   
    I imagine it gets pretty quiet after Kurban Bayramı.
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    Ken Grubb reacted to PeteJF in Just bought an apartment in Yenişehir district of Mersin.   
    Those sheep are the survives of Kurban Bayramı, the flock was around two thirds bigger before.
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    Ken Grubb got a reaction from PeteJF in Just bought an apartment in Yenişehir district of Mersin.   
    I imagine it gets pretty quiet after Kurban Bayramı.
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    Ken Grubb reacted to as012a2568 in Working remotely in Turkey   
    Hi nathanielr,
    Sorry I don't have a link to anything specific. There is a really good website for this kind of thing called DocMartin's surgery for Expats which has a whole host of important info although in this instance you just need to take a trip to the local tax office with your accountant if you have one. 
    Web: https://docmartinssurgeryforexpatsinturkeyblog.wordpress.com
    Like you I already had a tax file number from having previously lived in Turkey. This makes things a lot easier for you.
    If you speak Turkish then all you need to do is to go to your local tax office ( Vergi Dairesi ) and complete a declaration form ( beyaname ) applying for tax status. The certificate then takes about a week or so to arrive. It isn't difficult and you might get lucky and find someone in the tax office that speaks English or German if you don't have anyone to help you. It will help if your employer writes a letter explaining that you are applying for tax status in Turkey and confirming that they are employing you from their base in Germany. Also take any pay slips, end of year returns about your last income. For me it was quite straight forward once the local tax office had checked up what they needed to do. 
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    Ken Grubb reacted to Liila Torabi in Driving Furniture To Turkey   
    I just moved on Monday March. 22 and when I was looking around for a mover a very good friend of mine told me that a good friend of hers had used Mcs Lojistik and felt that they were excellent. They are more expensive than some of the other movers that I had gotten quotes from but as the old adage says, 'You get what you pay for'.
    I had to change a few things after the original booking but the office handled all my changes smoothly and always followed up with me - especially a couple of days before the actual move just to make sure that
    they had all the information correctly.
    My 2 movers Ahmet and Tahir were stellar. They worked tirelessly and made sure that everything was wrapped well and brought without any damage to my new place. They unwrapped furniture and put back any drawers or shelving that had been taken out initially to make carting these pieces more manageable. They even took a number of packed boxes down to my locker for me. They were great!
    I would definitely use Mcs Logistics again if (God Forbid!) I had to move again. I most definitely would HIGHLY recommend them to friends and family.
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    Ken Grubb reacted to MercerMersin in Just bought an apartment in Yenişehir district of Mersin.   
    I'm in Karaduvar. I've got sheep stealing washing of our clothesline every chance they get! 
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    Ken Grubb reacted to as012a2568 in Working remotely in Turkey   
    Hi there Nathanilr,
    Assuming that you are going to live here permanently then after your current tax year ends you will start to pay tax in Turkey since Turkey has a dual taxation agreement with Germany.  You have no need for a work permit since your work is based in Germany and you are just working remotely but you will need a residents permit and details on how to get one are listed on these forums under a separate topic. 
    So, arrive in Turkey and apply for your residents permit. Once you have your residence permit you will cease to pay tax in Germany at the end of your current tax year which is the calendar year in Germany i.e. January to December the same as in Turkey. You will need to go to the Turkish tax office and register for a tax reference number and then apply for the double taxation personal certificate. If you do not speak Turkish you might need to enlist the help of an accountant who speaks English or German.
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    Ken Grubb reacted to as012a2568 in Married UK woman due to divorce   
    Definitely worth doing it in the UK LibbyLackLuster,
    Just apply through downloading the form and following the instructions on gov.uk and get him to pay the application fee since it is him that wants the divorce. You won't need a solicitor unless as Eglegal suggests your partner is willing to pay for one. Details here: 
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    Ken Grubb reacted to as012a2568 in Rumors?   
    You can become a Turkish Citizen by purchasing a property in Turkey that is worth a minimum of $250,000. I heard that might be dropping to $150,000 dollars sometime soon. An alternative to scrabbling around with visas all the time for those that can afford it that is.
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    Ken Grubb reacted to REDDERS in Rumors?   
    Yes,thats my text copied & pasted word for word!.
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    Ken Grubb reacted to Matthew G in Needing a reliable website to find short term (less than 6 months) rentals   
    sahibinden.com    its very good it has private listings, and realtor. It's best if you know some Turkish but it is very easy to navigate.
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    Ken Grubb got a reaction from raminturkey in Denim Manufacturers   
    Unfortunately new members who have just joined can't access the member list or send PMs. This is to avoid abuse of the PM system. But you should be able to send PMs now.
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    Ken Grubb got a reaction from raminturkey in Business for coffee shop   
    I definitely wouldn't recommend it.
    1.  Coffee shops and restaurants often open for a short time, then go out of business for one reason or another. I see them come and go all the time. It is one of the most risky businesses you can invest in.
    2. You will not be able to control things, investment or not.
    3. There is a significant probability that the owner is not telling you everything. This is quite common in business here--they only tell you the good parts, and conceal the bad parts.
    4. Small businesses in Turkey often accrue a lot of debt. So your investment may be used just to pay them off.
    5. You are basically just buying air. Unless you buy the assets only, you'll basically just have a piece of paper, if that. Anything can happen, and you could lose your money. Then your friend could go open another business which you will have no control over whatsoever. Often in such situations what the person needs is your money. Even if you give him a loan, there is a good chance you will never be paid back. I have seen this happen many times.
    6. Your friend could simply disappear, at any time. I have also seen this happen many times. There is no way you can know what is really going on with him, or his character, other than what he tells you.
    If you want to invest, invest in a mutual fund. Or buy a piece of real property.
    Sorry for the negativity, but I really think you are going to get burned if you do it.
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    Ken Grubb reacted to scarter in Meeting Brother's Turkish Girlfriend for the first time   
    Great feedback, thank you!
    I'll try to discreetly get a better idea of what her preferences are around food, and having multiple options is also a great idea.
    I'll be sure to let you know how everything goes in January.
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    Ken Grubb reacted to Cukurbagli in Meeting Brother's Turkish Girlfriend for the first time   
    I think the first thing to establish is "where does she live at the moment" and "has she ever lived in or visited the U.S." An email to your brother with a few questions should be enough to establish what she doesn't eat. As Ken says, where she is from in Turkey will establish some idea, the eastern Turks are more religious and likely to be less worldly, the western Turks more used to interacting with people from European and western cultures. Of course that is not hard and fast advice, there are a lot of people from the east living in the western coastal districts and cities. Turkish hospitality is legendary, his girlfriend is very unlikely to feel at home and the best you can do is make her feel welcome, don't worry about trying to discover all the social etiquette. Like me, Ken has lived in Turkey for years and neither of us would claim to know what to do or say in every occasion, let her discover the way you live, that might be more interesting for her.
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    Ken Grubb got a reaction from raminturkey in New Law on Citizenship and $250k Real Estate Investment in Turkey   
    Mr Ender Keleş is the attorney for the Turkey Central community, he's been a member for quite a while and has provided a lot of assistance to TC members. He is the only attorney I refer people to. He has a contact form on the site here:
    Just let him know what you need and he'll get back with you.
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    Ken Grubb reacted to PeteJF in Just bought an apartment in Yenişehir district of Mersin.   
    Yes there are some blocks going up near by. Hopefully the land across from our living room will be left undeveloped. I quite like seeing the sheep taken there to graze a couple of times a week.
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    Ken Grubb reacted to MercerMersin in Just bought an apartment in Yenişehir district of Mersin.   
    Congratulations!! Yenesehir is a great spot. That would definitely be my choice if I could do it all again, well that or Fuat Morel. Depending where you are there is still quite a lot of building going on though. 
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    Ken Grubb reacted to PeteJF in Shipping to Turkey - bureaucracy and confusion.   
    About the worst international shipping story I was told to me by a friend who moved to Islamabad, from Leeds.  Their shipping company went bust between sending off the cargo and filing the paperwork. Their cargo arrived but was held in Karachi for nearly a year while things were sorted out.
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    Ken Grubb reacted to Cukurbagli in my Turkish boyfriend is married and he wants me to wait for his divorce   
    Hi Crystal, welcome to Turkey Central.
    If you read more of the topics in the Turkish Dating and Romantic Relationships forum you will find that over the years we have had a lot of posts asking this kind of question. In reality there are some Turkish men who have married women of other nationalities and some of the marriages work out very well. Unfortunately there are also a lot that don't work out. A lot of Turkish men are domineering and controlling and act like your boyfriend, There is a big problem with the way women are treated in Turkey and it is unlikely that he will change, you will either have to submit to his demands and attitude or find somebody else. It doesn't sound to me as if he really will get a divorce. His demands are only likely to get worse and if he really does get a divorce and you marry him I think you will end up being desperately unhappy. I'm sorry that my answer is so negative but from what you say about him it sounds as though you are already unhappy with him, there are a lot of nice men in the world, why not find one who will suit you better.
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    Ken Grubb got a reaction from greenstein in Want to move to turkey for work   
    You would need to find an employer in Turkey before anything else. Then after you get hired, your employer would start the process for your work permit. At the same time, you would work with the Turkish embassy or consulate to get a work visa to enter Turkey. Once your work permit and visa is approved, you can enter Turkey with the work permit, go to your job site, get your work permit and start working.
    Here's an article about finding a job on Turkey. At the bottom are links to employment websites.
    Finding a Job in Turkey
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    Ken Grubb reacted to angelaturkey in Jobs for Doctors in Turkey   
    I own 2 x apartments on Mirage Residence complex in Side, Turkey ... one I live in ... the other one I rent to a Brain Surgeon/Doctor from the local Bilgi Hospital.  He gets paid the same amount as a secretary would get in England and cannot afford to buy a property of his own.  He would like to buy the one he is renting from me but that is £65,000 with the furniture included and he only has managed to save up £35,000 ... sad but true ... and his advice ... go to another country where you WILL get paid what you are worth!!!  
    Here's a website for Pakistanis living in Turkey.  Perhaps contact a few of them for their advice as that would be current and "live".  https://www.internations.org/turkey-expats/pakistanis ... AND also one for Indians ...  https://www.internations.org/turkey-expats/indians
    Here are several Dental Jobs available in Turkey ... https://www.glassdoor.com/Job/istanbul-dental-jobs-SRCH_IL.0,8_IC3361434_KO9,15.htm ... AND also here for Doctors ... https://www.glassdoor.com/Job/jobs.htm?suggestCount=0&suggestChosen=false&clickSource=searchBtn&typedKeyword=doctor&sc.keyword=doctor&locT=N&locId=238&jobType=...
    AND there are many jobs throughout Turkey for people to work in health care, including physiotherapiss and doctors .. https://www.learn4good.com/jobs/index.php?controller=job_list&action=display_search_results&page_number=1
    In U.S.A. these are the average wages for various types of doctors working in USA .. 
    The top 8 highest paid doctors are: Radiologists: $315,000. Orthopedic surgeons: $315,000. Cardiologists: $314,000. Anesthesiologists: $309,000. Urologists: $309,000. Gastroenterologists: $303,000. Oncologists: $295,000. Dermatologists: $283,000. In ENGLAND, these are doctors' salaries for 2019 ... 
    Doctors in training - As a doctor in training you’ll earn a basic salary, plus pay for any hours over 40 per week, a 37 per cent enhancement for working nights, a weekend allowance for any work at the weekend, an availability allowance if you are required to be available on-call, and other potential pay premia.
    In Foundation training, you will earn a basic salary of £27,689 to £32,050.  If you’re a doctor starting your specialist training in 2019 your basic starting salary will be £37,935 to £48,075.
    Specialty doctors - If you’re working as a specialty doctor you’ll earn a basic salary of £40,037 to £74,661.
    Consultants - As a consultant from 1 April 2019, you'll earn a basic salary of £79,860 to £107,668 per year, depending on the length of your service. You may apply for local and national Clinical Excellence Awards. This is a competitive process which takes into account work that you do over and above delivering your basic job requirements. In addition, if you take on extra responsibilities, for example in management or education, you may expect to be paid more.
    Consultants can also supplement their salary by working in private practice if they wish. The opportunities available will depend on their specialty areas and the time they wish to spend on this outside of their NHS contracted hours.
    General practitioners
    There are two contractual options for GPs. They can be:
    1) independent contractors who are in charge of running their own practices as business either alone or in partnerships. They have autonomy in how services are delivered according to their contract with the Clinical Commissioning Group. In England, these GPs have increasing responsibility for the commissioning of hospital services for the community
    2) salaried GPs who are employees of independent contractor practices or directly employed by primary care organisations. From 1 April 2019, the pay range for salaried GPs is £58,808 to £88,744
    x Angela in Side- pronounced See-Day - in Turkey x 
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