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    Ken Grubb reacted to REDDERS in Residence Permit Fees in Turkey 2020   
    As a UK passport holder the cost for a 2year RP is $80 USD for the 1st year, $60USD for year two ,both converted to Turkish Lira on the day you pay the fees + 89Lira for the RP card.
    As for the special private health policy,this will depend on your age.,but will be anything from around 360tl 40years of age to 1000tl for 61-64 years.
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    Ken Grubb reacted to Cukurbagli in Turkish Superstitions   
    Well numbers six and seven have sealed my fate, one of my cats is black and I wake up with her on my bed every day, she constantly crosses my path especially on the stairs. I am doomed 
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