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  1. You might as well go for two years. The only issue with that is that you might pay the fees for two years, then the immigration specialist gives you one! So you might go to your appointment without paying the fees and explain to the immigration specialist that you wanted to make sure he would give two years. Then at the end of the interview you can go and pay whatever fees you have to pay and come back with the receipt. If the immigration office is one of the main provincial ones, there will be a vezne (cashier) where you can pay. If it's one of the local branch offices like they have in Istanbul, you'll have to go somewhere else to pay.
  2. It's best if you contact the military authorities and ask them. This is a serious issue and you should get your information directly from the source.
  3. Just to add to what Redders has already said... You can't use a foreign policy for a residence permit. The company must have an office in Turkey. So any insurance policy you get must be from a Turkish company. Here's a link to the contact form which goes to Mertsel Insurance. They provide health insurance for residence permits for our members and guests. https://www.turkeycentral.com/forms/18-turkey-residence-permit-health-insurance/ Besides the basic residence permit policies which only meet government standards and have limited coverage, Mertsel also offers more comprehensive private policies that can be tailored to your needs, including what you want to be covered, deductibles, and co-pays. Their policies also contain the wording that is required for a residence permit, that is, a statement that it meets the minimum Turkish government standards.
  4. See this article: There's a link at the bottom where he can contact the Turkish military and ask about this. Unfortunately I don't know how they handle cases where the Turkish person has been living overseas and doesn't speak Turkish.
  5. I haven't heard about such a charge, but if Aydem is telling you this, than you can believe it. I know that when you apply for water service, they ask for a deposit and refund it when you close the account.
  6. Thank you Redders, for your help in making sure the information here is correct! You always know what you're talking about. And thank you Colin, for coming back and telling us what you heard from the immigration office. I have corrected the article (and my previous post) that I wrote on this. Good luck to you, Colin! I hope you can get your child's passport quickly and easily. I hope you'll come back and let us know how everything went.
  7. The Ministry of Health website is here: https://saglik.gov.tr/. I see on their "iletişim" (contact) page their main contact info is: Bilkent Campus, Universiteler Mah. Dumlupinar boulevard 6001. Cad. No:9 Çankaya/Ankara 06800 Tel : + 90 (312) 585 1000 And also listed there is: GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF PUBLIC HOSPITALS Tel: 0312 565 00 00-01 There is an option for legal services, the telephone number is Tel: 0312 458 51 62. Unfortunately their actual page isn't working. If you can tell me where the hospital is, I can find the info for the local prosecutor's office for you. I have a friend who I think can give you more information. I have contacted here and will relay the info to you. As for a malpractice lawyer, you might contact Mr. Keleş directly using his contact form here: https://www.turkeycentral.com/forms/20-legal-services/. I also found a "Request, Suggestion, and Complaint Form" on the ministry of health website here: https://pydb.saglik.gov.tr/TR,76672/talep-oneri-ve-sikayet-formu.html
  8. You can get a family residence permit for your son, but the family residence permit is only good until the expiration of your work permit, which is one year for the first residence permit. You might as well apply for short-term residence permits for both your mother and your son. The difficulty in renewals of the short-term residence permits are only applicable when the applicant doesn't have a good reason to be in Turkey, and that only applies to certain countries. You should be just fine applying for short-term residence permits for both. But to be sure, call the immigration office helpline at 157 and ask. It is always best to get information directly from them.
  9. If you need to leave Turkey and return, see this article. There is a specific situation in that article you need to read, that is, your residence permit has been approved This is a direct link to that section of the article. https://www.turkeycentral.com/guides/residence-permits/traveling/#approved They probably gave you a tebligat (official communique) at the end of your appointment, which is just a memo saying they received your application and that they will process it. You need to send an e-mail to the immigration office where you applied and request an İkamet İzni Müracaat Belgesi (Residence Permit Application Document) and they will send you one by e-mail. This allows for trips outside of Turkey for up to 15 days and return without a visa. However, as I mentioned in the article, foreigners have left Turkey and returned without it with no problems, and I called the visa violations office in Istanbul and they verified that they can see that you have an approved residence permit in the system. So there are different stories from the two different offices involved. The safest thing to do would be to ask for the Residence Permit Application Document, but it is up to you.
  10. Contact your employer to be sure. It is they who are getting your work permit for you. They must enter their information into the system and also yours. So as long as they have all of your personal information, they can proceed with the application and you can wait for the result.
  11. Thanks Redders! I haven't been through that route, so I wasn't sure if there was an exception for children born in Turkey. My source material may have been incorrect, and I just don't know for sure. Colin, I think you could do a couple of things here. First call 157 and ask to make sure, or go ahead and create an application, and click on that link for a child born in Turkey to see if it will allow you to proceed without first having the baby's passport. As I recall, even in the English version, the option for a child born in Turkey is still in Turkish. If it doesn't allow you to register the application, you can cancel it and then proceed in getting a passport. Even if you do that, considering the time it apparently takes, you should still call 157 to learn what exactly you need to do. I would call for you, but no doubt they will ask me various questions about your situation that I can't answer for them. In the past when I have asked them questions on behalf of another person, they have told me to have that person contact them instead.
  12. I've heard a wide range of days it takes to get a residence permit in Istanbul after it is approved. In Antalya, it's taken me 40 days to finally get it delivered. I believe one of our members in Istanbul received theirs in around 20 days, but it all depends on how busy the immigration office is, so there's no way to really predict when you'll receive it. If it's been approved, the police and border control police will be able to see that you have a valid residence permit. There have been members who have left Turkey and returned before receiving their residence permit card and the border control officials could see in the system that their residence permit had been approved, and let them enter without a visa. So as long as it's been approved, you're okay, even if you don't have the card yet. This article may interest you:
  13. Have a look at this article: As you apply, you'll see an option to select for a baby born in Turkey. I haven't gone through that process, but it should allow you to apply without first having a passport for the baby. You can also call the immigration office's helpline at 157 for assistance. I hope all goes well, please let us know how things went! Note: The crossed-out information is incorrect. See below for corrected information.
  14. Since you're already in Turkey, see this article: Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to help.
  15. Just clarifying a few things. Did you pay your residence permit fees online? Any idea why your foreigner identification number wouldn't work with Yapıkredi? As I recall, if you transfer money from a Turkish bank to another branch of the same bank, or to another bank, there is a fee of a few lira.
  16. Rental contracts in Turkey renew automatically. So if you do nothing, the next year of your contract, under its current terms, will begin the day after the first year expires. If the landlord doesn't raise the rent before that, then you can continue paying the same rent you paid in the previous year.
  17. I had the same problem with the book. Mine now has a lot of pages that separated from the binding. But the material, especially the videos, is presented so well that I could go through the videos again and understand every word from beginning to end, even in the advanced courses. I tended to forget a lot of the advanced Turkish because I don't use it. I normally speak just everyday sentences in a taxi, at a restaurant, etc... but the advanced stuff is a sentence like "Ayşe told me Ali was going to go to Ankara tomorrow but she wasn't sure if he would actually go or not." Yet because of that course I still remember how to say things like that!
  18. Yes unfortunately the law doesn't cover online workers. But the HR team can call the number above and get it directly from them if they want. Thankfully no fires near where I am (none I can see anyway). I hope they get them under control quickly. I hope you enjoy your time in Turkey!
  19. I'd recommend searching Facebook for Izmir based expat groups. Izmir is a big city, so I'm sure there must be lots of Facebook groups with various interests. And there should be a much wider variety of interests that foreigners have in Izmir, as opposed to many of the smaller expat communities in smaller towns.
  20. You should be able to apply for a touristic short-term residence permit, then explain your situation to the immigration specialist when you have your interview. Then enroll in classes, then transfer to a student residence permit. There should be no need to cancel your admission. This is a very specialized question you're asking. So you should contact the immigration office at 157 to learn for sure what you must do.
  21. I see no reason to cancel your admission. You should just be able to apply for a short-term residence permit for touristic purposes, then transfer to a student residence permit if you have to. While students from outside of the country typically have to get a student visa, then a student residence permit, you can transfer to a student residence permit after you get a short-term touristic residence permit. Check with your student affairs department, and call the immigration office helpline at 157 to be sure.
  22. I can't find any information about that specific situation. The only thing I can find is that it doesn't matter if you live outside of the country. Take a look at the bottom of that article again and you'll see a link for the government organization to contact. You should get your information directly from them rather than taking the chance that some other information is wrong or outdated.
  23. In my opinion, YapıKredi has an excellent website and app. You can do pretty much anything with it, and it's rather intuitive. It can also be used in English.
  24. I've lived in both Izmir and Kuşadası. If you can be more specific on what you're looking for, maybe I can help. As for the best places to live in Izmir, should you choose Izmir, I liked Alsancak because there's a lot of social life there, and a nice seaside area. My second and third choice would be Karşiyaka or Bostanlı. I lived in Alsancak and Bostanlı (among other places) while in Izmir. Bostanlı is considered a place where more rich people live, but you can find places that are affordable. Karşiyaka wasn't much different, but it seemed more concrete and crowded than Bostanlı to me. Alsancak is more expensive, but you can find less expensive places to live which are near Alsancak around the fuar (fairgrounds), where you can walk to the heart of Alsancak.
  25. I've applied for and extended my residence permit many times, and I have never been asked about religion. And there's nothing about religion on my ID card. In fact I've never been asked about religion in any interaction with the Turkish government. This may have been something they did in the past, but they don't do it now.
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