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  1. I am so happy to hear stories like yours. And I'm happy that everything turned out okay for you. Congratulations on receiving the residence permits you requested!
  2. What I know is that if you're coming from the USA, you'll have to go to a Turkish driving school. They have course materials in English. And the school will arrange for you to get a Turkish driver's license.
  3. I might meet the requirement of proof of your intent to stay in Turkey, but you could do that just as well by buying a home here and living in it for five years. You can invest in businesses and such things to obtain immediate citizenship, but the minimum investment is the equivalent of $500,000 USD. Or you could buy a home for $250,000. There is a clause in the law about how many Turks you hire, but it's a huge number, like for a very large company. You don't actually have to do anything like that for citizenship except live in Turkey for five years, and prove that you intend to live here, and when you go for your interview demonstrate a knowledge of the Turkish culture and language. Have a look at this article about obtaining Turkish citizenship after five years: For citizenship, and even a long-term residence permit, you must live in Turkey. You can't just run a business here while being elsewhere in the world and expect them to give you citizenship.
  4. Try the websites of the utility providers. They should be listed on your bill. They normally have a bill inquiry function and an option to pay by credit card.
  5. I've never heard of any service besides the PTT who offers private post office boxes. Keep in mind that Turkey isn't in the best of geographic neighbourhoods, so security is tighter on such things. If you open a post office box at the PTT and receive a package, they'll put a notification in your box telling you what window to go to. I don't think there is any other way of doing it other than having the items shipped to your home. And just as a reminder, if you want to do that, the items must be shipped by US Mail only. It would also be a good idea to send it in a way that the package can be tracked.
  6. That's great! Congratulations! I hope yours and your son's residence permits come soon. Let us know if you have any problems.
  7. I think the previous owner of your unit would have that. You would have to contact them. Or check with the real estate agent. Maybe the yönetici (apartment manager) might have it, you could check and see. I suspect, though, that if you can't find a key, you will have to have the lock replaced. I recommend replacing the whole lock anyway. You cannot know how many people have access to whatever key(s) are out there, who they are, and what they might do with it. So to be on the safe side, change the lock.
  8. Your residence permit will be sent by registered mail, so the postal person will ring your doorbell and have you sign for it. They are not supposed to leave it there or give it to anybody else. As for mail, we have mailboxes in our building but the security is terrible. So I went to the post office and opened a post office box (posta kutusu). It only costs me like 20 TL per year. That way I know my mail is secure and not left in the lobby. But I have to go to the post office and check my mail regularly. Another issue is that you can't receive packages from cargo carriers like DHL or FedEx at a post office box. Only mail send through a government official mail system.
  9. The person you pay the Aydat (monthly maintenance payment) is either a person in your complex or a company. We just transitioned from a person to a company recently, so telling you about that might help. Previously, there was a resident-owner who volunteered to collect and keep the aydat payments and pay the bills. The person is called a yönetici (manager). To pay, I would go to their apartment and pay, and she would give me a receipt for each payment. I never asked to see any record of her management, but I assume she kept one. The duty transferred from one person to another as they volunteered. Eventually they couldn't find anybody to do it, so the latest one hired a maintenance company to take care of it. Then the new aydat fee was announced, and we were all given a bank account number to pay into, and the information about the company which was managing it. Either way, one of your neighbors would know who the yönetici is, the amount and procedures, so you would need to ask one of your neighbors who is handling it.
  10. If you haven't been to your appointment yet, then unfortunately you haven't actually applied for a residence permit yet. The online registration is simply that... a registration. Your application isn't complete until you've submitted all of your documents as well. So you won't be able to get a foreigner ID until after you complete the application. They do issue foreigner IDs in advance, but from a conversation I had with an immigration specialist, they only do it if there is an urgent need for it. However, when you submit your documents at your appointment, you could ask them if they could give you a foreigner identification number early, and see what they say. Even with a foreigner identification number, you won't be able to get a "real" mobile phone account. I checked with TurkCell on that. However you could check with some of the other mobile phone service providers and see if they will. I've lived in Turkey for 20 years with a residence permit and they still won't give me a regular account.
  11. Oh, sorry. I misunderstood. Is your current residence permit expired?
  12. That page is kind of confusing I think. The system finds your application using your application number, your communications preference, and your identity information. In all cases, you must enter your application number. So that's the first row at the top, and there is only one application number. In the second row it's asking for your communications information. So enter either your mobile (cell) phone number, OR your e-mail address. You only need to enter one of them (not both of them). In the third row is your identity information. So enter either your foreigner ID number (if you already have a residence permit and are extending it, OR your passport number. You only need to enter one of them (not both of them).
  13. Islam is the religion, and a Muslim is a believer in Islam.
  14. You can go early to your appointment and pay. There's a tax office cashier there. Do it before 3:15 PM though, because for some reason they close at that time. If you don't pay before your appointment it's no problem. The immigration specialist will just tell you to go and pay, then come back with the receipt. If the tax office is closed when your appointment is over, you can go back the next day and pay and take the receipt to the front desk.
  15. I don't know of any. Has your residence permit been approved? If so that it should only be maybe 40 days before you have your residence permit card.
  16. If you're a citizen from a country whose citizens can enter Turkey without a visa, then the fee was a "single-entry fee." What probably happened was that since you left Turkey and your residence permit expired, then when you re-entered, it was as if you came to Turkey for the first time, again. The fee is not charged for extensions. But your application was a second "first time" application for a residence permit, so the fee was charged again.
  17. Thanks for the update, Ninna! If they received your package and looked it over, then you probably have all of the documents you need. Unfortunately everything still must be reviewed. I don't see why they would reject your applications. They can be quite strict in Istanbul, not so much in Antalya. Unfortunately there is always the chance of a rejection. The tebellüğü (tebliğ-tebligat) is just a memo saying they received your application and will process it. You'll know the applications have been approved when you receive an SMS messsage or e-mail from the immigration office. It will say your applications have been approved and that the cards are being printed. In the past, for me, it's taken another 40 days after that to receive it by registered mail, but I've heard of lots of people getting their cards faster. When the PTT (post office) receives your cards, they'll send you an SMS message saying they're in the process of being delivered. There will be a link you can use to track the delivery. You can also check on the immigration office website to see if your applications have been approved. See this article on checking on the approval and tracking delivery of your residence permit card:
  18. Contact Haiti's foreign affairs office. There is going to be some office which handles issues for Haitian citizens in Turkey, you just need to find out what office it is. It will be under the foreign affairs office. As I understand it, you'll get the actual birth certificate from the hospital in Turkey. Then register the birth and get the baby's passport at whatever office handles citizen affairs for Haitians in Turkey. The birth certificate doesn't give nationality, it's just a registration of the birth.
  19. There are usually cats hanging around apartment complexes. Generations of them. Whenever I have some leftover meat I cut it up in small pieces so the cats can eat it easily. I signal them from my top-floor terrace, a loud "psss psss psss" to let them know I'm throwing something down for them. I'm amazed at how quickly they made the association between that sound and food falling from the sky. I always throw it in the same place so they always know where to find it.
  20. Well I learned what dental tape is! A warning about buying vitamins online and having them shipped here: I always used vitamins from Bronson Pharmaceuticals in the USA. So I ordered some. Turkish customs contacted me and said I had to fax them a prescription! For vitamins? I explained that vitamins are food, not a drug, but it didn't matter. Anyway if you want to get vitamins from the USA or some other country, you'll need to see a doctor and ask for a prescription.
  21. I've written an article on how to find a job in Turkey, it includes links to websites where you can find job listings:
  22. Yes it is correct. It will be no problem.
  23. The best start date you should request is the day after your visa expires or you reach the maximum number of days it allows you to be in Turkey. However, as long as you have applied online and downloaded the Residence Permit Registration Form, that will keep you legally in Turkey until your appointment date, no matter when it is. Your appointment date and time will be printed on the Residence Permit Registration Document. Here's an example. A friend of mine applied online for his first short-term residence permit. He asked for a start date of 26 June 2021. His appointment was on 5 July 2021. But that's okay because he had applied online and had his Residence Permit Registration Form. When he got his residence permit card, the start date of the duration of his residence permit was 26 June 2021. That was well before I actually got the card in the mail. But at his appointment, the immigration specialist gave him a tebligat (official communique) which said that he had applied for his residence permit, so that kept him legally in Turkey until he received the card. Just as an additional note: When you extend, select a start date as the day after your current residence permit expires, whenever that is.
  24. Is dental tape the same thing as dental floss? I haven't heard of it before. Dental floss is widely available. But you need to get it at an eczane (pharmacy, pronounced "ehj-zah-neh"). There's at least one in every town and they're abundant in cities. There are a lot of things you can get in the USA at grocery stores or stores like Wal Mart or Target that you have to go to an Eczane for in Turkey. Dental floss is one of them. Another example would be vitamins. Basically anything that is remotely pharmaceutical or medical related is sold at the Eczane. If it's Sunday or late at night, the Eczanes have a system where one of them in the area stays open for 24 hours, and the duty rotates. If you go to an Eczane and it's closed, there will be a sign on the door telling you where the nöbetçi eczane (on-duty pharmacist) is.
  25. It's not a problem. Just ask for paket (pah-keht). They'll wrap it up for you to take with you. I also do this often, and every restaurant I've been to in Turkey offers the option. Turkey also has a food delivery website that is excellent. It's at www.yemeksepeti.com. You set up your account with your address (it's also a good idea to provide some instructions, in Turkish, on how to get there). Once you're set up it's easy to order food to be delivered to your door. You'll have to be in Turkey to set up your account first, and also access it from Turkey so you can see what restaurants and food is available.
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