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  1. I saw that also. In fact I bought a drone from an electronics store at the mall in Antalya. Then I went to register it, and was told that if I fly it, I must ask for written permission to do so from the Governorship.

    Then the Governorship would contact the Security Directorate and ask them. Then the Security Directorate would approve or disapprove the flight and notify the Governorship. Then I could go to the Governorship to pick up the letter of approval and fly my drone, on exactly the date and time specified on the letter, and for the amount of time specified on the letter.

    So if I was in Kaş, four hours away from the security directorate and wanted to fly my drone six feet in the air and take a single photo of myself, I'd have to do all of that and drive for eight hours as well.

    That's what they told me at the Security Directorate. I ended up returning the drone and getting a refund.

    I assume there are just a lot of people buying and selling drones unaware of the legal requirements, which are probably not being communicated or enforced anyway.

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