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  1. I just extended my residence permit in February, in Antalya. I went to my appointment. When I went to the reception desk, an immigration officer looked over my documents and gave me a tebliğ-tebellüğü (an official communique) which just said they had received my documents and that they would process them. Both the immigration officer and I signed it, and she gave me a copy. There was no interview.

    The immigration officer said they were only interviewing new applicants now. I don't know if it's the same in Istanbul, but it might just be a matter of just going to the immigration office and giving them the application documents.

    Let us know how it goes... and good luck to you!

  2. I hope the information here has at least been of some help. I wish you the best in your effort and success with your appointment at the consulate. This is something I'm not familiar with.

    Would you mind returning to this topic after your appointment to let us know how it goes? There's bound to be someone in the future who will be in the situation, and I'm sure whatever information you can provide will be of great help.

  3. I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this.

    Yapıkredi isn't charging me anything for ATM withdrawals or deposits. The debit card was free. Also, they're not charging me anything to maintain the account.

    However, I don't know if that's because I maintain a certain balance. You should ask them (or any bank) if have a minimum balance to get the fees waived.

    Yapıkredi did charge me a fee for transferring US dollars to a US dollar account. But they didn't charge me any fee when I transferred US dollars to a Turkish Lira account. But you can lose money on the exchange rate depending on which of these options you use. A better exchange rate can offset the cost of the fees for this.

    The interbank exchange rate is different from Yapıkredi's rate (it's the same way with all banks). So if you want to transfer money from your country's currency to any bank in Turkey, check to see what rate will be used by your bank in your home country to convert the currency and what rate Yapıkredi is using, to decide if you want to have your money automatically converted to Turkish Lira, or if you want to transfer the money into an account in the same currency and convert it with the Turkish bank. It can vary a lot.

  4. You only need to have a total of $250,000 invested in property. It doesn't have to be the same property or in the same place. It just has to total, after an appraisal which is part of the process, to more than $250,000 USD. You can even split up the investments according to their minimums, between various types of qualifying investments.

    The way it works is that you must apply for a document called a Certificate of Compliance, which says you meet the minimum investment level for citizenship. From the article I wrote on this:


    The property must be appraised by a government-authorized appraisal company that issues a valuation report. The tapu (property title deed), must also have a notation that you won't sell the property for three years. The local land registry office will then request a Certificate of Compliance from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

    So you would just have to have the minimum amount invested in property when you get the certificate of compliance.

    You can buy real estate with money in Turkey. It doesn't matter if the money is in Turkey or transferred to Turkey, it will be in Turkey when the purchase is made, anyway. What matters is that the total investment equals the equivalent of $250,000 or more when the certificate of compliance is issued.

    Have a look at this article, where I cover the entire process and requirements in depth:

    I've actually written several articles about Turkish citizenship. You can find them all here:


    And this may also help. As I understand it, there is a group of government officials involved in this citizenship by investment program. This group creates a "fast track" to citizenship for foreigners who invest in Turkey. I haven't been able to find any contact information for this group, but I know they involve officials from the Property Title Deed and Land Registry Office, and also the Citizenship and Population Affairs Directorate.

    Here's the website and contact info for the Tapu ve Kadastro Genel Müdürlüğü (Property Title and Land Registry Office):

    Telefon : 0 312 413 60 00
    E- Posta : bilgiedinme@tkgm.gov.tr

    If you're in Turkey, you can call them at 181 from any telephone for free.

    Here's the contact info for the Nüfus ve Vatandaşlık İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü (Citizenship and Population Affairs Directorate). It's usually just called the Nüfus.

    Telephone: 0 312 591 2100 - 0 312 591 2101 - 0 312 591 2102
    There's no e-mail address listed on the site.

    You can call them at 199 from any telephone in Turkey for free.

    Both of these numbers probably have an English option, I know for sure the Nüfus does.

    Ask them for information about the fast-track program for foreigners who want to become citizens by investment.

    Obviously there's a lot of money involved here, and I want you to know that I'm not a real estate agent or a lawyer. I'm a retired investigator from the USA who has lived in Turkey for a long time, and who researches these things and writes about them, hopefully making them easier to understand.

    If you need a lawyer to help, contact our community lawyer, Mr. Ender Keleş. If you just have legal questions please ask them here and he'll reply. If you need to hire him, you can contact him using the contact form he has here:

    Contact an English-speaking Turkish Lawyer

    I hope that helps, and I wish you the best of luck in your investment, and your citizenship!

  5. I got my first vaccination yesterday afternoon. No side effects at all. I'm now to make an appointment for the second vaccination on or after April 29th. Neither the e-Nabiz system nor anybody at the clinic asked me anything about insurance, e-Nabiz just needed my foreigner ID number, and the clinic just needed to see my ID card.

  6. From what I'm reading in the posts above, including those from Mr. Keleş who is a lawyer, you will have your husband's surname, and the only way you can change it is to go to court after you become a citizen.

  7. I don't know... it's possible. Perhaps while processing your visa they looked in their system and saw that you have a residence permit, and I would assume the border control police would be using the same system.

    In the case I referred to earlier, one of our members lost their residence permit while they were in the UK. And they returned to Turkey without their residence permit card. The border control officer looked into the computer system and saw they had a residence permit, so they didn't need the card to enter Turkey. So it should be the same for you. If your residence permit has been approved, it should be in the same system.

  8. Yes, I think they'll let you enter because you have an approved residence permit which is registered in the system. I say that because at least one member here has reported that they re-entered Turkey without their residence permit card before, and were allowed in because the border control police could see they had a residence permit. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't let you in.

    Sorry about the telephone number. That's the number they had on the immigration office website for international calls. Thanks for letting me know there's a problem with it, I'll check to see if the number has changed and update it.

  9. I'm confused about this. The message sounds like it's about a visa. But you also have a residence permit? You can't get a residence permit unless you first enter Turkey with a visa.

    If you've been in Turkey with a visa and have applied for a residence permit, then you should be able to enter Turkey without a visa, because your residence permit will be recorded in the system, and the border control police will be able to see it. That's based on what other foreigners have reported.

    But if you're outside of Turkey you can call the immigration office helpline at +90 312 157 1122 and ask them to make sure.

  10. OK good then. It's a common problem that is easily resolved.

    I think what's happened is that they're having problems getting biometric measurements from the photo you provided, so they need another photo to get the proper measurements. Normally the online application system will assess the photo when you upload it and reject it if there are any problems with the photo quality. Occasionally a photo will get past that first automated assessment and cause issues later when the do the actual biometric measurements.

    I believe they'll just need another copy of the photo you submitted, or they'll take another photo of you at the immigration office.

    Would you let me know what happens when you go to the immigration office?

  11. That's a very long time. In fact, it's beyond the time they're legally supposed to process a residence permit. Normally when a residence permit application is taking a long time, people call the helpline at 157, or go to the immigration office to inquire about it, and normally the immigration official will just say that they only thing they know is that it's still being processed or is in the printing stage.

    However, yours has gone beyond the limit, so it might be a good idea to do that. Start off by contacting your school's student affairs office. Next, call the 157 helpline (you can call that number for free from any telephone in Turkey). Be sure to let the immigration official know the amount of time it's taken since it's beyond the limit.

  12. They are taxed, but just like everything else with a value added tax (VAT), also called KDV in Turkish. I believe the tax on electronic devices is 18%. I did some searching to find a list of tax rates for various items but all I can find are lists of tax reductions on various services because of the pandemic.

    The value added tax is also included in the prices. I just went on HepsiBurada.com to look at some of the recent purchases I made (like a computer screen and an external hard drive), but it doesn't list the tax rate. It just says the KDV is included in the price.

    I buy most of my computers and accessories from HepsiBurada.com. They have fast delivery, with delivery tracking. Sometimes the items are sold by HepsiBurada, sometimes by independent business who list there products on HepsiBurada.com. HepsiBurada means "everything here." It's like a Turkish Amazon.com.


    One caution on ordering from them (or anybody else) online. Some of the cargo companies are not delivering to your door. They simply end you a text message to let you know that the item is at a local branch office. So you must take your mobile phone with that message, and your passport or residence permit, to pick it up.

    The caution is that you must keep checking your SMS messages. If you miss it, the cargo company will send the item back to the sender.

  13. The Ikamet Müracaat Belgesi only allows for up to 15 days travel outside of Turkey and a return without a visa. Since it's been more than 15 days, you can't use it to re-enter Turkey.

    However, if your student residence permit has been approved, you should be able to re-enter based on that.

    I say that because we had a member who lost his residence permit while they were outside of Turkey. When he returned, the border control official was able to see that he had an active residence permit, so he could re-enter.

    It seems to me it would be the same for you. You have a residence permit, even though you don't have the actual card.

    Please call the Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü (Directorate General of Migration Management or DGMM) and ask them about your situation to make sure. You can call them from outside of Turkey at +90 312 157 1122. There's an English option.

    Noor, would you please let me know what they tell you? I'm 99% sure what I've said above is correct, but even if I'm 1% unsure bothers me, because I don't want to take even the slightest chance of causing you a hassle when you try to return to Turkey.

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