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  1. The results of yesterday's big storm. I heard a huge thump and clatter, but I hear those every time there is a winter storm. Then later that night, the lady who manages my apartment came to my door and told me that my water reservoir had been blown off the roof and was laying on the terrace. And that water was pouring out of the broken pipe. She turned off the water valve downstairs, so no water until the landlord sends his workers to haul the tank back onto the roof and re-install it.


    1. Abi


      Thanks Ken, all the photo's are really great, must go to the museum if I ever go to Antalya

  2. Just posted Christmas photos from Izmir, for those interested, they're here:

  3. Christmas with the Turks. A wonderful experience. A Turkish friend of mine put on a Christmas feast, including a Turkey the size of an ostrich, with chestnut stuffing, with lots of fixin's, and lots of Turkish friends... Peace on Earth. Goodwill toward men.

  4. Working on my article about Antalya, like, from last summer!!! About time I got this done. Tons of photos to optimize and stuff to write, no wonder I put it off!

  5. I just wanted to say thanks, LawyerNaz, for your help to our members!

  6. Hi UNcheckedOther, Just curious, what did Rush Limbaugh say and when did he say it?

  7. My apologies to anyone I might have alarmed.

    1. Ken Grubb

      Ken Grubb

      Sorry, something got truncated! I'd said before I was being sued, but it turns out it was a completely frivolous case. Hopefully my comment here wills settle it... ]

  8. My apologies to anyone I might have alarmed.

    1. Abi


      What did I miss, what did you do?

  9. I mentioned that I'd been sued before. I wasn't sued. I had a criminal complaint filed against me! It was entirely frivolous, filed by a certain sociopath who ripped me off and was angry because I posted about my experience with him on the Internet.

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