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  1. I wonder if it has something to do with you IP address not being in Turkey. Some of the websites, like the one I use to order takeout food, won't work if I don't have a Turkish IP address.
  2. Some companies have special licenses to do it. Maybe that's one of them.
  3. I got the same information Redders did. I also just called the Foreigners Communication Center at 157 and asked them if a foreigner, who doesn't own property, could get a two-year residence permit the first time they applied. I'm pretty sure I've asked that question before, but I wanted to see if anything had changed. They said there's no rule that a person must own property to get a two-year residence permit when applying for the first time. He also said that it's up to the immigration officer to decide whether to give the foreigner a one-year or two year residence permit, or a residence
  4. You need to get a signed and stamped letter from the hotel, using their letterhead, stating that you live there and what room you're in. The immigration specialist will uprate your address in the central address system (it includes hotel rooms). Actually you got off easy just losing the deposit. The contract is actually in force for a full year and technically you would have to pay for the full year. The deposit is supposed to cover damages. The landlord could theoretically sue for the entire one year payment but courts normally award two or three months to cover their loss of rent income
  5. I remember when I got my tax number many years ago they didn't ask for a copy of my passport. I just read somewhere to take one, but honestly I don't know why they would need one. I was saying to take one "just in case." Usually around the tax offices are places you can get a kopya (copy) if you need one. You could just walk in and display your passport and point to the copy machine. I suspect you won't need a copy, but I haven't heard from anyone about this who has gotten a tax number lately. You can ask for a vergi numarası (tax number) or download the Google Translate app or a fre
  6. You don't need an address to get a tax number. You only need your passport. I've read that you should also take a copy of it with you but I haven't been able to verify this.
  7. I found a law about insulating buildings but it seems to only apply to government and commercial buildings, with the insulation being applied to the outside. Besides, the way the interior walls are made in apartments here, with brick, the only way you could add insulation to them is the way IbrahimAbi described. It may be that the only way you can get the quiet environment you want is to buy a villa somewhere outside of the city. Ultimately you'll have to wait until you get here to see what's available and what the situation is with those places.
  8. The water heaters will already be installed when you buy the apartment. And the roof won't belong to you since you'll only own the living space of your own apartment. If you don't want other people's water tanks and solar heaters installed on the roof, you would have to buy a villa, so you would own the actual building and land rather than just the living space within a shared building.
  9. I think that might be the case. The authorities tend to be more reactive than proactive, so once it becomes a problem and the right person gets angry about it, there will be some kind of crackdown on drones.
  10. Check out this article on how to handle noise complaints: https://www.apsiyon.com/blog/apartman-gurultu-yonetmeligi-sikayet-nereye-yapilir You can use the Chrome browser with the Google Translate plugin to read it in English. I had read somewhere that more modern apartments are being built with insulation in the walls. I haven't verified it, but you can ask your real estate agent about it. Also I would imagine you can get apartments with double-pane windows. Being on the top floor I think is probably the best option. You'll have no sound of people walking around, dragging t
  11. The 120-day period a foreigner can use their mobile phone in Turkey without registration has been extended to 365 days because of the pandemic. You can't just change the SIM card and get more time. That's because the system records the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of the phone itself. I read in a Facebook group that if you leave Turkey and return, the time period you can use the phone without registration starts all over again. No source of the information was provided. So today I went to the Turkcell shop on my street to ask them. Unfortunately, they didn't
  12. In my apartment, they're on "my" roof. Most apartments seem to have a stairway with an opening on the roof, so repairmen would go up and repair them, and you wouldn't see them. In my apartment, they take the elevator to my floor, then open a door to my terrace, then climb a ladder to the roof. I've had a few of them leak onto my terrace. On the water heaters is a number corresponding to an apartment number. So I climb up the ladder, see which one is leaking and note the number, then go to the apartment to let the occupants know their water heater is leaking. Then they call somebody to fix
  13. Ken Grubb

    Renting renewal

    If the landlord doesn't raise the rent, your rental contract automatically renews for another year at the same rent price. If the landlord wants to raise the rent after that, they'll have to wait until next year. You can use your current rental contract to extend your residence permit. You don't have to create a new one with new dates. If you still have a notarized copy which has an original notary stamp and signature, you can use that. Or, if you have a copy of it, including the notary stamp on the back, you'll see a registration number. Take the copy, or just the registration numbe
  14. OK now I remember where I saw that citizens of Bosnia didn't have to pay the fee. However, I could only find one website which says this, one run by a company and not the Turkish government, and I think they may have gotten their information confused. As for the fees and all costs, for all countries, I just published an article about it here: Bosnia and Herzegovina is in country group A. Here are the fees (taken from my article which was taken from the Immigration Office website): Fee for the First Month The fee for the first month is the Turkish lira equivalent of $1.00 (U
  15. It's possible. Citizens of some countries don't have to pay the residence permit fee. What country are you from?
  16. I saw that also. In fact I bought a drone from an electronics store at the mall in Antalya. Then I went to register it, and was told that if I fly it, I must ask for written permission to do so from the Governorship. Then the Governorship would contact the Security Directorate and ask them. Then the Security Directorate would approve or disapprove the flight and notify the Governorship. Then I could go to the Governorship to pick up the letter of approval and fly my drone, on exactly the date and time specified on the letter, and for the amount of time specified on the letter. So if
  17. Yesterday a friend of mine came over and we were discussing this topic and what we had written here. As far as my part, she said the walls aren't the issue. It's the neighbors. She said she had regular problems with noisy neighbors, describing the situation the same way Goreme did. There's a lot of shouting. Like people shouting from balcony to someone on the street or sidewalk. Or instead of ringing the bell on the outside door, they'll stand there and shout until someone comes out onto the balcony to see who it is. Then that parson starts shouting at the visitor. I commented t
  18. Ken Grubb

    Renting renewal

    I checked this article here: https://www.sabah.com.tr/yasam/2021/04/05/nisan-2021-kira-artis-orani-ne-kadar-oldu-tefe-tufe-kira-artis-hesaplamasi-nasil-yapilir?paging=3 You can read it in English using the Chrome browser with the Google Translate plugin. In English, here's what the most important part of the article says: RENTAL INCREASE RATE 2021 CALCULATION Housing Rent: 1.000 Lira TURKSTAT WPI CPI March 2021 Rent Increase Rate: 12.81% Rent Increase Amount for March: 128.10 TL Increased Rent Amount, Including Rent Increase in March 2021
  19. You can call the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services at 170. I've called them about work permits before and they were quite helpful.
  20. One of the most important things you must do, while living in Turkey, is keep the immigration office informed and updated on where you're living. And it all begins when you first register online for your residence permit. When applying for a Turkey residence permit, you must have a legally listed address that can be a property you own or rent, a friend's house, or a hotel. Each address type has its own required documents, and a change of address must be reported to the immigration office, with out-of-province moves requiring a new residence permit application. In this article, I'll e
  21. I may have confused things by bringing that up. I was referring to the short-term residence permit. My point was that you can come to Turkey and get a short-term residence permit, as long as you have the minimum amount of money to live on, and you can rent your residence as I do. There have been some restrictions regarding how long they'll give a short-term residence permit, and if they'll extend it if the foreigner's country isn't on a list. You can find the list here: If your country isn't on the list, you must have a good reason for them to extend your residence permit, and ownin
  22. Not really, except that getting a residence permit is guaranteed if you own property (barring some serious reason to not give you one). I mention it because there seems to be a misconception that owning property is required.
  23. Yes. I've been extending my short-term residence permit since around 2008. I've been putting off applying for the long-term residence permit, I'll be applying this year. I'm also a renter, I don't own any property in Turkey.
  24. After reading what Goreme wrote I thought about the apartments I've lived in (all on the top floor). All of them were also in a building designed in a way that I had no next-door neighbors. The one I lived in where I did have next-door neighbors, they were a married couple with no children, and they didn't make much noise that I could hear. So my experience hasn't been typical. What Goreme said is more accurate. I also remembered a few weeks ago, late at night, when I was talking on Skype too loudly. My downstairs neighbor started pounding on the ceiling! I quieted down after that. Y
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