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  1. There is no temporary residence permit, but you should be able to get a short-term residence permit. See this article for a step-by-step guide to how to apply for and receive one. Turkey Short-Term Residence Permit: A Step-by-Step Guide Regarding working online, what actually matters is if you have enough money to live on. According to a conversation I had with the ministry of labor, you can work online as long as you're not doing business directly with Turkish companies, but you're supposed to get a work permit once Turkey becomes your tax home. Anyway regarding having enough m
  2. The only experience I have with this is having to pay customs fees at the post office. In that case I had a note that a parcel had been delivered, and when I went to the service window they told me I owed customs fees, so I paid them on the spot. I think the way it works with the cargo delivery services is that they deliver it to an office near your address, then when you go to pick it up, you pay any customs fees due. Usually electronic devices are subject to customs fees, so I suspect that's what it's about. In that case you should just be notified when it reaches the local office of DH
  3. OK from one of your posts above it sounds like your employer failed to register your address in the system. In that case, you need to get with your employer and have him or her fix the problem. After that, you will have a registered address.
  4. Then you would have to get the document from Iran.
  5. If you go there yourself they will give it to you with no problem. To explain the address issue, Turkey has a central address registration system. When you got your work permit, your address was recorded in that system. You can change your address if you want to. But you'll have the same problem if you can't go there on a weekday. Normally what you would need to do is go to the local office of the Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Security which issued your work permit, and see if you can change your address with them. That is how it's done with residence permits, but I'm no
  6. Was that recently, Ibrahim Abi? I've also tried to make an appointment using their appointment website, but it also wouldn't take my foreigner ID. It looks like Ninna used a smartphone app to make one, so I wonder if they've updated there system recently to accept foreigner ID numbers.
  7. Where were you married? In what country?
  8. I'm trying to understand. Is there some reason you can't go and get your own health report? It sounds to me that the reason they won't give him your health report is because it's personal information and they can only release it to you. Or, apparently, to him if you are living with him. Are you living with your Fiancé? Or are you living in another place? To answer your question, you must change your own address, and provide proof that you live at the new address. Your boyfriend can't do it for you.
  9. Thanks for posting that. It's good to know that foreigners can now make an appointment online with the Nüfus.
  10. I'm confused. What part of this involves Turkey?
  11. My apologies. When I saw "new passport" I assumed there was an old passport. I have corrected my reply above. It sounds to me now that there's no record of the passport number in the system, and the message you received is a default message, which doesn't actually apply to your situation. You should call the foreigner information center at 157 first. I think they'll tell you to take the child's passport to the immigration office to have it entered into the system. Deeva, would you please update this topic with what you learn regarding this? I do a lot of reading and research on
  12. You should go to the immigration office and give them the passport information. Take the passport with a regular copy (non-notarized). Thanks for the positive feedback. It's nice to know this website helps people.
  13. Wow, that's different from what I was told. There must have been a change in February that I didn't know about. Thank you for looking into that and posting the results.
  14. Wow. That was a lot of work. But I'm glad you got it fixed. As I understand it, the immigration office uses the same system as the Nüfus. But the rules say that you have to report your change of address to the immigration office. I don't think it's clear in this situation. So I think to be safe, you should go to the immigration office and report it. One question: Were you able to make an appointment, as a foreigner, on the Nüfus appointment website?
  15. If they don't give you the Residence Permit Application Document(the Müracaat Belgesi), normally you can call the Foreigners Communication Center at 157, and ask them for the e-mail address of the office where you applied. Then you send them an e-mail explaining your situation and asking for a Residence Permit Registration Document for travel. They say it can take one or two weeks, but I've seen people get it in a few days. So try that first. Each office has its own e-mail address so you'll need to learn where to send the request. That document gives up to 15 days of travel and re-entry withou
  16. The articles have since been published. They're here: Turkish Citizenship and Military Service Turkish Citizenship by Birth Thanks for letting me know about the Word Document. I'll make a change to the post above.
  17. It seems to me you should contact a tax professional in your home country about this. I'd like to help, but I'm not a qualified tax accountant, and I don't know the tax laws in your country or what agreements they might have with Turkey.
  18. Whether you have to pay taxes in Turkey or not depends on where your "tax home" is. Turkey has tax treaties with many countries which say how much time you have to be in Turkey for it to become your tax home. The treaty will also say what is taxable in your home country and what is taxable in Turkey. Do a Google search for the tax treaty between Turkey and your home country. That will tell you the period of time you need to be in Turkey before it becomes your tax home, and what you'll owe taxes for in either or both countries. Consult with a tax professional. Yesterday I read the tax
  19. Were you able to get your residence permit card from the immigration office?
  20. You're question seems to be about Polish law, and I know nothing about that. Are you saying that you need to get a copy of your Turkish marriage certificate in Turkey, then have it legalized for use in Poland? This article might help:
  21. We had a member previously who had a similar problem. It looks like, according to the population records, the previous occupant didn't report their change of address. So they're still listed as living in the place you moved to. You'll need to go to your local Nüfus ve Vatandaşlık İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü (Population and Citizenship Directorate). It is usually just called the Nüfus). The Nüfus has a website where you can make an appointment: https://randevu.nvi.gov.tr/ You can use the Google Chrome browser with the Google Translate application to read it in English. To learn h
  22. Wow. Another fast one! I had my appointment in Antalya on the 9th of February so I still have some time to wait. I'm extending after a lot of extensions. I was surprised to find out that there was no interview for me. When I went to the immigration office and to the information desk, they just went over my package, gave me a memorandum saying they'd received it and would process it, and that was all. That was the first time I went to an appointment and wasn't interviewed. But I think they're still doing interviews for first-time applications here.
  23. Just a few questions to help me answer your question: Are you saying that you've been living in Turkey for five years with a work permit? Are you married to a Turkish citizen? Do you own your residence or have some other way to demonstrate your intent to live in Turkey?
  24. We had a member previously who lost their residence permit in the U.K. When they re-entered, the border control officer could see that they had a valid residence permit, so there was no problem, and no visa. It's probably a good idea to have that printout with you just in case. But you should be able to enter without a visa because your residence permit has been approved and you have a foreigner ID number.
  25. In short, she's okay because her residence permit has been approved. We had another Turkey Central member who lost their residence permit card while outside of Turkey, and when they came back and went through border control, the border control officer could see on their computer that he had a residence permit. Which would be your same situation. They'll be able to look on their computer and see that she has a residence permit. And she'll be able to walk right in. In any case, there will be no penalty. Give the Directorate General of Migration Management's Foreigner Communications Cen
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