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  1. @Emilio For the first shot, I just chose a clinic near my home. I went early thinking there would be a long line. There was only one person there besides me. After he got his shot, I walked in and got mine. Very quick and easy, and probably 30 minutes before my appointment time. For the second shot, there was a line. Maybe ten people. Then because I got the Sinovac as my first shot, I had to wait for somebody to come give it to me. The wait was maybe 30 minutes.
  2. According to the interviews I've had with various immigration specialists, they have a lot of discretion when it comes to whether a foreigner gets a residence permit or not, and for how long a foreigner will get it for. Sometimes they ask for financial proof and sometimes they don't. Personally, I've been getting residence permits here in Antalya for almost ten years (I am finally applying for my long-term residence permit) and every time I go to the interview they ask me for copies of my bank statements for the last six months. If I might recommend, check out Tömer for Turkish langu
  3. I just saw on a Facebook group that people ages 40-45 are now eligible for vaccinations. I haven't verified this, but perhaps you can try again.
  4. Speaking Turkish is not a requirement for a residence permit, but I have had an immigration specialist who asked me why I wasn't speaking Turkish after living here all of these years. I began speaking in Turkish, but explained that his Turkish was a lot better than my English, and gave him a choice of which language to use. He chose English. There's no way I can ever predict what an immigration specialist will say or do, of course. But it seems to me that if you apply for a residence permit to learn Turkish it would increase your chances of getting a longer duration on your residence perm
  5. If you're working only online, and not doing business directly with Turks or Turkish companies and not being paid for work by them, you don't need a work permit. I verified this with the Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Services. There are other sites you can use. See this article for links to property websites at the bottom: You can get a health insurance policy from Mertsel Insurance. They do residence permit applications and also issue health insurance policies for Turkey Central members and guests. They are based in Antalya, but they can create your policy and send it to yo
  6. It won't cause any problem. You can apply at any time within 60 days of the expiration of your visa or the day you reach the maximum number of days your visa allows you to be in Turkey. If you own property, you wouldn't be applying under the "touristic reason" category. Renters apply under that category. Being a property owner won't cause additional scrutiny per se, you just need to take your property title deed and a regular (non-notarized) copy of it to your appointment and an "e-signed/signed and stamped/sealed 'Residence Document' to be obtained from provincial/district directora
  7. The only thing I could suggest is searching for and contacting a company that does international moves from Turkey and see if one of them is authorized to transport live animals.
  8. This is what you need: I see here the actual document is called a tapu kayıt örneği. This is what you need. It's your title deed record at the tapu office which will show that you are still the owner of the property. I must have called the document a tapu devam belgesi after reading something on the internet which called it that. Thanks for catching that mistake. I'll go through and correct the terms used to all be tapu kayıt örneği.
  9. I think the other document you needed was the address numbering document called the "numerataj belgesi." I read that you could get that also at the tapu office on an official Turkish government website but I haven't been able to verify it through member feedback. If you have any problems or if you're able to get both at the tapu office, would you please update this topic? I normally consider something as verified if I read it from an official source, then hear it from a government official, then have it verified by someone who actually does it. Thanks for the positive feedback. I remember
  10. Can you be more specific and say exactly what information you need? Is this in Turkey or in Poland?
  11. We've got a "Documents, Forms & Numbers" article section which explains the document you'll need and how to get it, here: Tapu Kaydı Örneği That should take you right to it, if it doesn't, click on the table of contents on "Other Address Documents the Immigration Office Might Ask For." It will tell you where and how to get the document. If you're having issues with the online system, switch it to Turkish while on the page where you're having the problem, and submit your info. For some reason the system has problems sometimes with its English-language pages. I had a similar p
  12. I don't see why it would be illegal. It wouldn't be in Turkey. Any specific concerns you have?
  13. I did write that in my reply previously, but I edited it a bit later. When you receive a reply in the forums, the system sends out a courtesy e-mail to let you know, that way you don't have to keep coming back to check for a reply. The e-mail also includes the reply (and a link to return to the topic). If the person replying (me in this case) later edits the reply, the system doesn't send another e-mail, so the reply you see when you return will be the edited version rather than the original version. I edited it because I checked your original post again and saw that you had a foreig
  14. Did you try your foreigner identification number and do you have a password for e-Devlet? If you don't mind me asking, are you trying to access it for proof of address? There are other ways to do that if you can't get in to e-Devlet.
  15. Sometimes these various computer systems have trouble interfacing with each other. Have you tried going directly to www.turkiye.gov.tr?
  16. There's no prohibition for foreigners who want to open a grocery store. The only issue is that if you want to actually work in the store, you must get a residence permit. You can get one after you can show that you've hired at least five Turkish citizens, so you would probably do that anyway when you open a store. Here's the BiM homepage: https://www.bim.com.tr/ Also find your local ticaret odası (chamber of commerce) and visit them. Among other things, they can also advise you on opening a new business.
  17. Have a look at this article on Turkish Citizenship and Military Service: There is contact information for the Turkish government recruitment office there. I think you should have one of your Turkish relatives contact them to learn exactly what you need to do, since they're the ones who make the recruitment decision.
  18. Post here again if you need anything. I'm happy to help. I'm surprised more online workers and digital nomads don't come to Turkey instead of Thailand, Bali, etc.
  19. That's correct, and direct from the ministry of labor during a conversation with them. Meanwhile my tax home will become Turkey. So, It looks that I'm going to make money in Turkey. Should I pay taxes for it? I'm not an accountant, and unfortunately I've never even heard of one outside of Istanbul, but I'll try to give you an answer. Of course the best source of this information would be a Turkish accountant, or one in your own country who is familiar with the tax treaty your country has with Turkey. In the US for example, there are tax professionals who specialize in doing taxes for
  20. I talked to a lady here in Antalya today about this. She says she normally tips ten lira, 20 lira is the highest she ever tips. It doesn't seem to go on a percentage basis like it does in other countries.
  21. I personally don't know, but the Tapu ve Kadastro Genel Müdürlüğü (title deed and land registry directorate) has a customer service number at 181 you can call. It likely has an option for English considering the number of foreigners who own property in Turkey. I'd give them a call to make sure you're getting the correct information.
  22. A friend of mine and I called the Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Services about this same question. They said that if you are working online, and not doing business directly with Turkish businesses or people, not being paid from Turkey and not cutting invoices here, you don't need a work permit. Check your country's tax treaty with Turkey. You can probably find with a Google search. The one Turkey has with the USA says that I am responsible for paying taxes in Turkey as soon as my tax home becomes Turkey, which occurs after six months. But check the treaty, there are exceptions, su
  23. You won't need anything else. Just your passport. Let us know how it goes, I hope everything goes very smoothly.
  24. Have a look at this article: Turkish Citizenship by Marriage That will explain the process and address any questions you might have, but if not, feel free to ask them here.
  25. Unfortunately you have one name on your passport and your friend has power of attorney to pick up the residence permit card from someone with a different name. So there's nothing you can do there. I called the Istanbul airport some time ago and talked to the visa violation office. They told me that if you have an approved residence permit (which you do), they can see it in their computer system and you will be able to enter Turkey without a visa. We have also had two Turkey Central members do this. One of them was out of the country when his residence permit was approved but he didn't hav
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