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About Me

This page is about Ken Grubb, the founder of Turkey Central. If you want to learn more about Turkey Central, see the page "About Turkey Central."

Ken Grubb, Turkey Central

Hi. I'm Ken Grubb. I help people live happier, more successful lives in Turkey by teaching them the skills they need to maximize their enjoyment of Turkey while minimizing hassles. I do this better than anybody else because I'm both a trained investigator and instructor.

As an investigatorI go to the sources of information—Turkish laws and procedural rules, Turkish government officials, subject-matter experts, and people who've experienced what I'm writing about.

As a teacher: From the information I've compiled, I write comprehensive, easy-to-read guides about living in Turkey.

I've lived and worked in Turkey since 1997, in Izmir, Adana, Kuşadası, Çeşme, Kaş, and Antalya. I still live in Antalya.

My Sources of Information

As an investigator, I'm a specially-trained expert in collecting facts and information from others and reporting them in an accurate, comprehensive, and unbiased way. My usual sources are:

  1. Turkish Laws and Government Publications: I read the laws and documents implementing those laws.
  2. Turkish Government Officials: If anything is unclear, I call or go to the government office involved and interview an official.
  3. Subject Matter Experts: I consult with our community lawyer, Ender Keleş for anything having to do with Turkish law. Mr. Ender makes sure everything I write is legally correct. If it involves non-legal issues, I go and find an expert, such as a medical or insurance professional, and interview them.
  4. Mentors: There are members of Turkey Central that I call "mentors." They've lived and/or worked in Turkey for a long time. If I lack information about a more practical issue or a procedure I haven't personally experienced, I contact one of the mentors and learn from them.
  5. Members: Turkey Central members are often the first to report something new, such as a change in residence permit procedures, for example. They also report back on things I've written about to let me know that my guides are correct, or if I need to change or remove obsolete information. I always verify new information with the government office concerned.
  6. Turkish People: I've listed it last, but talking to a Turkish person often comes first. The Turks are the experts on Turkish culture, customs, and day-to-day things we foreigners need to know. Concerning such things, I'll consult a Turkish friend or acquaintance.

How I Came to Live in Turkey

In 1997, I was assigned as a special investigator to Izmir in support of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Turkey. While in Izmir, I spent my days conducting investigations and my evenings teaching business and management courses for The University of Maryland Global Campus.

I was impressed with Turkey. I found the Aegean coast to be much like the California coast where I came from, and Izmir reminded me of San Diego. But I was most impressed by the Turkish people and their culture of hospitality.

The internet was relatively new at that time and I didn't even know what "HTML" was, but I decided to spend my life telling the world about Turkey, using the internet to do it. So I created what later became "Turkey Central."

After Izmir, I was assigned to Incirlik Air Base in Adana where I also worked as an investigator and teacher while working on Turkey Central. Eventually, I decided to leave the investigations and teaching field and work on Turkey Central full time.

What I'm Doing These Days

I'm now working with a friend and colleague, Nuri Anman, to improve Turkey Central's content. I met Nuri when I was assigned to Izmir, and we've been friends ever since. Nuri has extraordinary knowledge about Turkey and foreigners who travel to and live in Turkey. He really enjoys helping foreigners to understand and appreciate his country.

While Nuri is working on a new collection of articles about Turkish culture, I'm preparing a section of inter-linked guides about Turkish visas, residence permits, work permits, and citizenship. I've completed the research, used my sources (see above) and I'm now writing the final drafts. These guides will be published by September 2020.

Next, I'll start writing a collection of guides about renting and buying property in Turkey. After the property guides, I'll write guides about vehicle ownership and driving, Turkish culture, and more.

How to Contact Me

If you have a question about Turkey or anything in Turkey, please search the forums and the guides to see if your question has already been answered. If it hasn't, open a new topic in the forums. If your issue concerns something sensitive or personal, or if you'd like to contact me personally about something, you can do one of the following:

If You're a member of Turkey Central

After signing in with your username and password, you can send me a personal message by clicking on the "envelope" icon at the top right corner of any page on Turkey Central. That will open your personal messenger. Send your message to "Ken Grubb."

If You're Not a Turkey Central Member

You can use the contact form. The contact form will work whether you're a member or not.

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