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About Me

This page is about Ken Grubb, the founder of Turkey Central. If you want to learn about Turkey Central, see the page "About Turkey Central."

Photo of Ken Grubb, the Founder of Turkey Central.
My official photo after being assigned as a special investigator for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Turkey, in 1999.

Hi. I'm Ken Grubb. I can help you live a happier, more successful life in Turkey by teaching you the skills you need to maximize your enjoyment of Turkey while minimizing hassles.

My Background

I began my life's work as a police officer in Maryland, USA, eventually becoming a detective. In 1989, I became an investigator for the US government and spent the next 17 years conducting investigations in the USA and in several other countries.

During my off-duty time, I earned a Master's of Business Administration (MBA) and had a parallel career teaching business and management courses for the University of Maryland at various overseas locations.

Moving to and Living in Turkey

In 1997 I was assigned as a special investigator to Izmir, Turkey, in support of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Izmir impressed me a lot. I loved its modernity, its European flavor, and the friendliness and hospitality of the Turks. Izmir reminded me of San Diego, California, where I had been assigned previously. I soon felt safer and more at home in Izmir than I did in San Diego. Some time later, I was assigned to Incirlik Air Base in Adana. I ended up retiring there, and have been living in various parts of Turkey ever since.

While living in Turkey, I've gotten residence and work permits, rented places to live, registered various vehicles, and worked closely with Turkish government officials. Most importantly, I've learned much about Turkey and Turkish culture from my own experiences and, of course, from the Turks themselves.

I'm a Highly-Trained and Experienced Investigator

To learn my craft, I attended numerous schools including the Hampton Roads Regional Academy of Criminal Justice in Hampton, Virginia, The Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) Academy (then at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, D.C.), The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, Georgia, and the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

As an investigator, my job was to learn facts and objectively report them to an Assistant United States Attorney or a military commander so they could prosecute or take other actions. While overseas, this often required me to coordinate with host-country government officials.

These days, I do the same thing. But not for government prosecutors or military commanders. These days, I work for you. I learn facts and objectively report them to you, so you can take whatever action is necessary to live happily in Turkey.

I never report hearsay. I check information until I'm sure it's correct. As we say in the investigations business, I "follow every lead to its logical conclusion, until all leads are exhausted."

My Sources of Information

I use a hierarchy of sources for the information I provide:

  1. Turkish Laws and Government Publications: I first read Turkish laws and the documents implementing those laws.
  2. Turkish Government Officials: If anything is unclear, I call or go to the government office involved and interview a Turkish government official.
  3. Subject Matter Experts: For legal matters, I consult with our community lawyer, Mr. Ender Keleş. Mr. Keleş makes sure what I write is legally correct. If my writing involves non-legal issues, I find an expert, such as a medical or insurance professional, and interview them.
  4. Mentors: There are members of Turkey Central that I call "mentors." They've lived and/or worked in Turkey for a long time. If I lack information about something, I learn from them.
  5. Members: Turkey Central members are often the first to report something new, such as a change in residence permit procedures. They report back on things I've written about to let me know if my guides are correct, or if I need to change or remove obsolete information.
  6. Turkish People: I've listed this almost last, but talking to a Turkish person often comes first. The Turks are the experts on Turkish culture, customs, and day-to-day things we foreigners need to know.
  7. My Opinions: My opinions are the least important and always last. If I offer my opinion, I'll make it clear that it's just my opinion.

I'm an Experienced Teacher

Besides teaching courses for the University of Maryland, I've been a trainer or teacher for most of my career. I was responsible for giving introductory briefings to NATO personnel newly assigned to Turkey and other countries, since it was my job to know what was happening. I now do my best to make my guides and forum posts as informative, concise, and easy to understand as possible. Most importantly, I know what it's like to come to Turkey for the first time and set up a life here.

Where I've Lived in Turkey

I've lived in:

  • Izmir
  • Adana
  • Çeşme
  • Kuşadası
  • Kaş and
  • Antalya, where I live now.

I've visited every city and town along the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts from Hatay to Çanakkale, and Istanbul, Ankara, Eskişehir, Konya, and other cities and towns further inland, including the Cappadocia region.

Ken Grubb today.
Me today, as your personal investigator and teacher. I'll use all of my education, training, and local experience to help you live more skillfully in Turkey.

What I'm Doing These Days

I'm working on a collection of guides about visas, residence permits, work permits, and citizenship. I'm confident that, these guides will be the best source of information about how to get a visa, residence permit, or work permit in Turkey, and how to become a Turkish citizen.

After that, I'll write collections of guides about renting and buying property, motor vehicle ownership, Turkish culture, and more.

How to Contact Me

If you have a question about Turkey or anything in Turkey, search the forums and guides to see if your question has already been answered. If it hasn't, open a new topic in the forums. If your issue concerns something sensitive or personal, or if you'd like to contact me personally about something, you can do one of the following:

If You're a member of Turkey Central

After signing in with your username and password, you can send me a personal message by clicking on the "envelope" icon at the top right corner of any page on Turkey Central. That will open your personal messenger. Send your message to "Ken Grubb."

If You're Not a Turkey Central Member

You can use the contact form to reach me. It will work whether you're a member or not.

My LinkedIn Page

You'll find my profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kenneth-grubb-7283886/

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