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  1. Ken Grubb

    A lost Tapu

    Good luck to you, Jackson, I hope it goes smoothly. If you have time feel free to let us know how things went.
  2. Ken Grubb

    A lost Tapu

    There would be a record of the address in the tapu office or the land registry office. As I understand it they could create a new tapu for the property, then with the POA you could sell it. Ask the notary about getting an apostille for the POA also. The apostille will make the POA legal in Turkey. Once you bring it to Turkey you "may" need to get a notarized translation of the POA and apostille, but check with the land registry or tapu office first. If you need one you could get it in a day or less. Make sure the POA also gives you permission to access records at the land registry office and the tapu office and to receive a copy of the tapu. I am not a Turkish lawyer, I must add... I believe the above is correct but if you run into any difficulties you should contact a Turkish lawyer.
  3. Ken Grubb

    A lost Tapu

    Does she have any documentation at all? If so, what does she have? And old Turkish residence permit card, anything?
  4. Ken Grubb

    Dutch guy dating a Turkish girl

    This sounds pretty normal to me. Her family would naturally be quite concerned about her visiting you. In a Turkish family, the family members are very involved with each other. Much more so than a typical European family, or in my case, an American family. How to proceed? I think you are going to have to adapt to the Turkish rules about such things. Turks occupy a wide spectrum between very traditional and religious, to very "European" and secular. From the mother's reaction, it sounds like her family is actually more towards the "European" side of the spectrum. But religion and tradition is still there, and it isn't going to go away... I think it is you who will need to be flexible on this. After you are engaged, the family rules will relax, after you are married, they still might not disappear completely. I have known a few Americans who have married Turkish women, and the family involvement in things was a real pain for them, something they weren't used to. Then again, I have known Americans who have married Turkish women and the family was no problem at all. It is so hard to give advice in such situations, since everybody involved is different, and it's impossible to really know all of the dynamics involved. IbrahamAbi makes a good suggestion... if things do get serious, and you want your family to meet her before you are engaged, your family coming to Turkey to meet her and the family might be the only option.
  5. Ken Grubb

    Three months wait

    What "how to" apply site are you referring to? Perhaps something has changed... I am going to the local DGMM soon with several questions and I can ask about this to be sure. Glad to hear you got your problem fixed. I always breath a sigh of relief when I finish the online application, then again when I receive my card in the mail. It is as much fun as getting my taxes done every year. So I think I know how you feel!
  6. Ken Grubb

    Three months wait

    Check the back of the card, where you will see its expiration date. You would need to apply within 60 days prior to that date.
  7. Ken Grubb

    Residence Permit Procedure in Izmir

    Sometimes they don't even ask for proof of income. So it may be that, if they do ask, and it is readily apparent that it is a bank statement and money is coming in to your bank account on a regular basis, that will be enough. The main thing they are concerned about is people who are trying to get residence permits, when really what they want to do is work illegally. I have a feeling that this won't be suspected in your case. If they do want a translation, you could find a sworn translator by visiting a notary public, since they often work with translators. If anything is missing or inadequate in your documents, they do give you time to get them, up to 30 days, even longer sometimes. I think a good rule of thumb is, if you know you can live in Turkey with sufficient funds, and not have to work, it is just a matter of explaining this to the immigration official. They look at each case based on the individual's personal situation. In my case, my bank statements were in English, and they didn't ask for a translation, it was pretty plain to see that I had a set amount of money coming in on the 1st of each month. If your wife is over 65 the health insurance isn't required. Many insurance companies don't insure people over 65, because health problems become more of a certainty than a risk beyond that age. Some will insure her anyway, but the problem is that, if you get a health insurance policy and she has a medical problem, when she gets the next year's policy (if they even give her a policy), whatever health problem she had will be considered a pre-existing condition and they won't cover it after that. I understand people over 65 can enroll in SGK, the state-sponsored plan. According to what I have read on it, you have to be living in Turkey with a residence permit for at least one year before you can apply. But I know of people who have enrolled in it without living in Turkey for a year. So in your case, you might want to look into enrolling into the SGK plan instead. They pay for everything at state hospitals. If you go to a participating private hospital, you can use your SGK and also pay a supplement, which will be a lot cheaper than it normally would be. Have a look here:
  8. Ken Grubb

    Residence Permit Procedure in Izmir

    Because you are coming to Turkey for the first time, you'll both be applying for a short-term residence permit, separately. These can be issued for up to two years. Your marriage certificate is not required for that. I checked the required documents on, and they are not listing a criminal records check as being needed, but Istanbul asks for one, and I believe some other locations also do. They can ask for additional documentation besides what is on the list. What I would recommend is calling the residence permit helpline. You can call this from outside of Turkey at +90 312 157 1122. There is an English-speaking option. Just to make absolutely sure, you can also call the Izmir Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü (Directorate General of Migration Management, or DGMM), at +90 232 402 44 62. I don't know if they have an English option, but English is often spoken in Izmir, and there is probably somebody there you can speak with. If not, send me a PM and I will call them for you and ask. Before you apply online you will need your tax number, your photos (four biometric), your health insurance, and an address. When you go through the online application the system will ask for these. And you will scan and upload one of the photos. On your appointment day you will take these to the local DGMM in person. You can actually use a hotel as your address, you just need to get documentation from the hotel which says you are staying there, then later get an apartment, or you can rent an apartment first. They you can register your address with the Citizenship and Population Directorate (called the Nüfus), when you get your apartment. You will need a tax number which you can get easily with your passport, at any tax office. The health insurance is also easy to get, just go to an insurance company and walk in, it takes less than an hour. You can also buy it online here: Health Insurance Online They receive payment by bank transfer and then mail your policy to you. You can get two one-year back-to-back policies which will cover you for two years, so you could apply for a two-year short-term residence permit. A bank account isn't mandatory. If you have regular retirement, you just need to bring proof of this to show that you can live in Turkey without working illegally. I have been living here since the whole system started and they only ask me to print off the last six months of my US bank account to show that I am receiving regular retirement income. You should get a mobile phone because now a lot of the DGMM offices are sending the appointment date by SMS, however you can also opt for e-mail. Also, when they are finished processing your application in Ankara, and they put your card in the mail (calld the PTT), the PTT will send you an SMS to let you know it's on the way, with a barcode tracking number. Best of luck to you on your upcoming move and new life, Balçova is a good choice I think!
  9. Ken Grubb

    90 days visa

    I haven't heard of a case before where a person's residence permit was rejected, and they had exceeded the number of days in Turkey on their visa, and they were outside of Turkey wanting to re-enter. But I will do my best to help. According to the rules, have to stay out until the total number of days you have spent in Turkey, in the previous 180 days, no longer exceeds 90 days. This does not change if you get a new visa. Regarding your family, you should probably contact your country's embassy or foreign ministry, and/or your local Turkish embassy or consulate to get information on how to proceed, considering your family situation. I hope you can get this sorted out. Please let us know how it is going.
  10. If you have completed your application and it was accepted by the online system, you should have been given a link to download your application and print it. Keep a copy of that with you, along with your passport. Even if you have exceeded the number of days allowed on your visa, you can stay legally in Turkey until you go to your appointment. Yes. That is how it is done. Once you have successfully applied and you are waiting for your appointment, you can stay legally in Turkey even after you have gone beyond the number of days allowed on your visa. You will be legally in Turkey until you go to your appointment.
  11. Ken Grubb

    Unlocking a Locked Phone after 120 Days

    I read somewhere that it was impossible to register a phone in such a case. But you should ask about this. Go to your local mobile phone company's shop. Ask them where the shop is where they do mobile phone registrations (not all of them do it). Then go to that shop and ask them what you can do. The reason I say to go to the shop where they actually do the registrations is because if you ask someone who is not in one of those places, they may just give you an answer off the top of their head, which might be wrong. When you find out, would you please update this topic and let us know what you learned?
  12. Hey ken I was wondering if you could help, I came to turkey in 2017, I registered my first phone then, but now that I got a second phone, I know i cannot resgister the new phone until two years. well, this is now. but unfortunately, my new phone got locked cause i missed the 120 days time period. my question is, can I still register it now even after it has been locked, for am I stuck with a locked phone for ever? @Ken Grubb

    thank you for your time.


  13. I doubt it, because she isn't an owner of the property and she isn't on the title deed (tapu). But she can get a residence permit using your address just like anybody else can. She can apply for a short-term residence permit, and for her proof of address, you need to get what is called a taahhutname, in English, an "undertaking." You can go to a noter (notary public) and they will create one for you. In that document you will assume responsibility for your mother, for example, making sure she keeps her residence permit current, doesn't run up a lot of bills and leave the country, etc... Call the Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM)'s customer service line at 157 from any telephone in Turkey to make sure. Here is an article about using another person's address for a residence permit. If the marriage certificate is from another country, you must have an apostille. An apostille is a document or stamp on the certificate which certifies that it came from the government office which issued it. You have to get this in your own country. If your country is not a member of the apostille convention, then you won't be able to get an apostille. In that case you need to contact your country's foreign ministry to see how the document can be legalized for use in Turkey. They will have some other procedure you will have to follow. After you have the marriage certificate, with the apostille (or other document your country uses), you need to take it to a notary in Turkey. Notaries work with sworn translators. They will tell you what translator to go to. After the translation is done, the notary will stamp it. That will make your marriage certificate legal in Turkey. Then you can submit it with your application. So you need to: 1. Get the marriage certificate 2. Get an apostille for it or do what citizens of your country have to do to make their documents legal in Turkey 3. Bring the apostilled or otherwise legalized document to Turkey 4. Have the document translated in Turkey by an official sworn translator, then have the translation notarized. For more on apostilles see this article Apostilles No, it's not a visa, but you can legally stay in Turkey, until your appointment, even after you have exceeded the number of days allowed on your visa, as long as your application has been accepted, and you have your printed residence permit application and your passport with you.
  14. Ken Grubb

    15 day travel document

    I'm glad you asked that, because I just called the Directorate General of Migration Management's 157 customer service number and asked them. They said that because you were not rejected. That is, you didn't go to your appointment and submit a package that was rejected for some reason. So you can simply come back and apply again any time you want. That came directly from the DGMM, my apologies for not calling them to make sure first!
  15. I've found a few full-length Turkish movies, which have Turkish subtitles. If you need to slow them down, there is a speed setting in "settings" (the little "gear" icon), where you can make the speed slower so you can better understand what is being said, and read the subtitles. Turkish Films with Turkish Subtitles