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  1. See this topic. Mr. Ender Keleş, our community lawyer, has answered your question there. I can tell you that romance scams are common on the internet (not just in Turkey) and they usually involve the person getting another person to fall in love with them using their written words and free internet calls, then having some emergency which can only be solved by the other person sending them money.
  2. I haven't heard of a message coming that late. If you still have a valid residence permit or visa you can leave the country and return. If you don't, you may be allowed in by signing a şartlı giriş bellgesi (conditional entry document) saying that you'll apply for a residence permit within ten days (even though you already have). I wouldn't rely on that though. Another problem is that if you're out of the country you won't be able to get the message when it comes. Hopefully it will come soon. I wouldn't travel outside of the country if you can avoid it.
  3. If it's correct on your residence permit application, that's what matters. I don't think the number on the rental contract will matter. If they have to send you an SMS, they'll use the number they have in the immigration office's records.
  4. Apparently no tax number is required when paying the fees online. In that case, it would seem to me that you could wait until you get your residence permit card, which will have your foreigner identification number on it. Then you could use your foreigner identification number instead of getting a tax number. But I don't know that for sure... perhaps someone else has done it that way who can help.
  5. No problem about the computer problem, were you able to print out the form? You should be able to access it again and print it out.
  6. Maybe you can get things fixed when they resume interviews and you do an extension.
  7. The passport must be valid until 60 days after the residence permit expires, so yes, you could get a residence permit until then. If she comes back after her residence permit is expired, she can enter with an e-visa and you could make a new residence permit application. It won't be any problem.
  8. Thanks very much for the update about the documents you had to give them. I wasn't aware of the need for a criminal record, but I'm thinking it may be because your friend is male and you are female. The NVI Nüfus Kayıt Örneği is a printout of his identity information in Turkey's central population registry. It tells a bit more about the person than their ID card does. So you didn't need a copy of the rental contract, so I'm wondering, how did you prove what address you would be living at? Was his address on the taahhütname?
  9. A confusing situation indeed! But you have to go with what the immigration officers tell you, they're the best source of information about residence permits. Hopefully you'll have no problems and your application will be approved.
  10. Perhaps the Muhtar has permissions to update the system but I don't know. The only way you could find out is go to the muhtar, see if he or she can do it, then go back and see if the problem is still there.
  11. I don't see that Poland is on the bilateral agreements list, but AXA does have offices in Turkey, and they issue health insurance policies for residence permits, so you could go to an AXA office here in Turkey and find out if your policy will work for a residence permit. The policy is required to have a statement on it which says it meets the government's minimum coverage requirements, like this: Turkish: İşbu poliçe 10.05.2016 tarih ve 16 sayılı vize ve ikamet izni taleplerinde yaptırılacak özel sağlık sigortalarına ilişkin genelgede belirlenen asgari teminat yapısını kapsama
  12. I'd still recommend you get this straightened out at the Nüfus. What I meant by not having to go to the Nüfus to change your address was that the immigration officers can do it at the DGMM office. But for some reason your address isn't updating properly. The reason I think you should get this fixed is because of something that happened to me once. I got off a ferry coming from Greece and the border control officer said I needed to go to the police station immediately (the police were handling residence permits at that time). Apparently a police officer had come to my registered addre
  13. OK that's good news. From what I was told by an immigration officer, if there are any mistakes entered into the system, they can correct them during the appointment or at the DGMM. In any case it's not a cause for rejection. Thanks for the feedback, and good luck to you with your application!
  14. When you apply online, you can either use the correctly-spelled name or the incorrectly-spelled one, I don't think it makes any difference. If the system accepts the correctly-spelled one, then you should be okay. If it doesn't, then use the incorrectly-spelled one. If the system won't take one or the other then it will give you an alert message when you try to submit the page. Then you can change it to the other spelling of the name. As long as you're able to complete the application process and download your completed Residence Permit Registration Form, you'll be okay.
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