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  1. Please do... the gist I get is that going through the Turkish courts is a very lengthy process. And the rental laws tend to favor the tenant more than the landlord anyway. So first of all, your landlord will be highly unlikely to take you to court. And if he or she does, the court, from what you have said, would likely rule in your favor. So I, in my non-lawyer opinion, think that if you just pay the price for the repairs and send the receipts and a reduced amount of rent according to your expenses, your landlord will just have to, as we used to say in the military, "eat it, and live." Let us know what happens. You have friends here.
  2. Great! Now it should be just a few days until you receive your residence permit card.
  3. The cut of meat pictured is "antrikot" (ahn-truh-cote). That is one of the best cuts of meat. Beef is sığır (suh-uhr). To have him cut off the dark part, try "koyu parça çıkartınız" (ko-yu pahr-chah chuh-kahr-tuh-nuz), which means "cut off the dark part." Or point to that part and tell the butcher that. I've found that the 5M Migros stores have the best meat.
  4. Yes. The USA and Turkey have an international agreement to share tax information. It also covers what is taxed and not taxed in Turkey. You can read it here: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-trty/turkey.pdf Yes. If you are going to stay more than 90 days in any 180-day period, you will need to get a residence permit to cover the rest of the time. You can get one for months, a year, or two years. You will need to apply using their online system within 60 days of your reaching your visa's expiration date, or the maximum amount of time the visa allows (in your case, you would apply after 30 days). If you don't mind the touristy feel of it, I think Alanya would be a nice place to live. Great beaches, and a pretty town in my opinion. Lots of expats from all over Europe live there, it has a diverse expat community. Read the tax treaty to be sure, since that overrides everything. The basic law says, by default, if your main home, your "base" is in Turkey, or you are making income from providing personal services for more than 183 days in a year, while in Turkey, then you are a tax resident of Turkey for that year, and you have to pay taxes on your worldwide income, in Turkey. However, The tax treaty between the USA and Turkey overrides this, making some things taxable only in the home country. For example, rental income from a property in the person's home country (USA or Turkey) is taxable only in the home country, not in the country where the person has tax residence. So if you have a rental property in the USA, you pay the taxes for that in the USA, no matter how much time you spend in Turkey. If you are receiving income from an annuity or pension, it works the same way under the treaty. Taxes on that are paid in the home country from where the annuity of pension originates. If for some reason you have to pay taxes in Turkey, you can first ask the Internal Revenue Service to stop automatically deducting taxes from your income. Then, when you pay taxes in Turkey, you can get a tax credit on your US tax return for the taxes you had to pay in Turkey. Read the tax treaty as linked above for more detailed information.
  5. Let us know how it goes. It isn't like the USA. Many landlords, for anything inside the apartment, will do nothing and expect the tenant to fix it. However, I'll echo what has already been said... If it is part of what you are renting, like the electrical fixtures, or something outside of the apartment and part of the structure, like the solar water heater, they are supposed to fix it. In reference to the notification letter, if you need legal proof that the landlord has been notified, this is done by a noter (notary). According to your instructions, they draw up a letter of notification about the problem and that they need to fix it. When they notarize it, it becomes part of the official record. Then the noter puts the letter into an envelope and sends it to the officially-registered address of the landlord, by taahhutlu posta (registered mail). In this way, both the delivery, and also the contents of the letter in the envelope, can be legally proven. That is why the noter mails the letter and not you. It makes it impossible for the landlord to say they weren't notified of the problem. Hopefully it won't come to that. I mention it because if you just make a phone call or send them a regular letter yourself, the landlord may say that they never got a phone call or a letter. I recall that when I was working at a military base in Turkey, the Turkish lawyer there was of the opinion that, if the landlord has been legally notified of the problem and fails to take action, you can then send copies of your receipts to them and deduct the amount of your expenses from the rent you are paying. In my (non-lawyer) opinion this wouldn't require another legal notification since you will have the original receipts if there is any question about the lower amount of rent that month. I hope that helps... good luck in straightening this out.
  6. The information you saw on the online system means your residence permit has been approved. After your appointment, your package was sent to Ankara to undergo a "second look." If you have seen this information in the online system it means you were approved after this "second look." After that, they print your card, then send it to the PTT (post office). From what I have seen from others in this forum, this can take up to 30 days. It usually doesn't, but it can. So after you see the information you mentioned it can take 30 days for the PTT to get it. When the PTT gets it, the PTT will send you a message that they have a package for you and that it is in the process of being delivered. Has it been 30 days since you saw the information you mentioned in the online system? You can always call the Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM)'s help line at 157 and give them your application number. They may be able to tell you something. In the past I also had a long wait for delivery. After 40 days I went to the DGMM office and asked them to check on it. They looked on their computer system and were able to tell me "It's still in Ankara," and that I should wait another week or so to get the message from the PTT. That was Antalya. If you are in Istanbul, it can take even longer, you can at least call 157 and see if they can tell you anything.
  7. It's a Turkish TV series showing in the USA?
  8. The times I have been to restaurants, cafes, and bars in Izmir, the smoking rules were strictly enforced. I never saw anyone smoking inside, only outside at the sidewalk tables or if they had an open area outside.
  9. Well that's good that you applied early. The only think you can do is wait a day or two (or maybe more) and try again. Good luck with it.
  10. Well, that's definitely a technical error. Apparently they know about it, so they should be fixing it soon. How close are you to your visa or residence permit expiring, or if you are on a visa, how close are you to the maximum number of days you can be in Turkey?
  11. I've visited Köyceğiz before, it is a lovely and quiet town. As I recall there were plenty of shade trees, which I liked a lot. Plus the promenade along the lake. I understand it isn't a touristy place like nearby Dalyan. I love Ayvalık. And the nearby Sarımsaklı Beach. It is very charming and there were few tourists. I was also considering moving there. I told a Turk about this, and he said the water is much colder there. A friend of his had gone there, supposedly even during the tourism season, and found the water too cold to swim in. Of course this is third-hand information, and I never went and stuck my foot in the water, but it's something to check on if you like to swim. Another town I love, north of Izmir, is Foça. It might be too small for a lot of people, but wow, it is a very pretty town. Ayvalık and Foça are also on the İzban route. The İzban is Izmir's metro. I don't know how long it takes to get from Izmir to Foça or Ayvalık, but it might be nice to take the train into the center of Izmir whenever you want. Besides the towns around Marmaris, I was also considering some of the towns on the peninsula near Izmir, such as Seferihisar. Seferihisar is a designated citaslow, or "slow city," where the pace of life is intentionally relaxed. Plus it's not far from Izmir. I used to live in Çeşme and I liked it a lot, but I've heard from the locals it gets incredibly crowded with tourists in the summer these days.
  12. Thank you, Jallow, for the update! I'm writing new articles about residence permits and I will include this information... it is very helpful.
  13. I called the 157 helpline about this. The person I spoke to said that you need to go to the DGMM office where you applied, with your passport, and correct the information in their computer system if it is wrong. I asked him if a new card will be printed, but he said he didn't have any information on that. Apparently they work with a database of information, and if the answer isn't in their database, then they don't know. He did say that the important thing isn't the card, it's what is in the central computer system about you. So even if the card has the wrong date of birth on it, as long as it is correct in the central system, you are okay. But since you have to go to report it to the DGMM anyway, would you mind updating this topic and letting us know what they tell you about this? That is, does the DGMM print a new card and send it to you? Or will they just update the information on your card when your extend your residence permit and they have to print a new one anyway?
  14. I've been looking for something similar as well. I live in Antalya now but will be moving next year. I am thinking of one of the towns near Fethiye or Marmaris. My plan is to rent a car (or drive my own if I buy one before then) and visit various towns there and stay for a day or two in each one. I personally wouldn't want to live in Marmaris, but the area not only has nice beaches but also a lot of greenery and trees, so that's why I am taking a look at that area.
  15. Congratulations, Pete! Great to hear you found a good place. I am wondering, for my own education. Isn't there a way you can pay a deposit on a property, so the owner can't sell it until you get the money together? Good luck to you on your move.
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