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  1. Ken Grubb

    Dating a turkish man

    I don't, but from experience I can tell you that it is going to depend on the individual and the family rather than if they are Turkish or not. Attitudes towards these kinds of things vary widely from person to person and family to family. Could you just ask him this question directly?
  2. It's certainly not a rejection. Sounds to me like she has her residence permit, in record time! Nice to hear a positive outcome like this.
  3. @Alen, it is possible. But that is indeed very fast. They must not have a heavy workload in Izmir or somehow your mother's application got sent in before the others. You don't get the SMS message when the DGMM sends your residence permit to the PTT. You only get it when the PTT sends it to you. I imagine that will be in just a few days. @wbtcpip, thanks for that info... yes, indeed good news... thanks for letting us know!
  4. Three weeks isn't enough time. I live in Antalya where the process is faster than Istanbul, and it took me five weeks to get the message saying they had delivered it. So rest easy, your application is probably still in a pile on someone's desk in Ankara.
  5. Slovenia probably has a government website about visas and what is required. I say "government" because that is going to have the most accurate information. Have you done a search in Google for "slovenia visa?" Or asked your friend where you can learn about the requirements?
  6. That would be a question specifically about Slovenia, rather than Turkey, so you may not be able to get an answer here. Some countries have a reciprocal health care agreement with Turkey. That is, their citizens, while in Turkey, have health care services provided by the government. And Turkish citizens (or I assume those residents covered by SGK in Turkey) get government health care services in the country they are visiting, again, if they have a reciprocal agreement. There is an article about it here: But for that article I just researched what foreign citizens from such countries have to do if coming to Turkey. And at the time Slovenia wasn't one of those countries, maybe that has changed. Is it a document related to a bilateral health care agreement they want?
  7. Ken Grubb

    Foreigner wanting to live in Turkey

    If you come on a Turkish student visa, you would first have to be accepted by a university in Turkey. So you would have to apply for that in Pakistan, then come on the student visa to study. I believe you are right, practicing law requires you to be a Turkish citizen. And as IbrahimAbi said, you have to have a minimum of five years living in Turkey before you can even apply, and there is still no guarantee they will grant you citizenship, unfortunately. Even coming here and getting a residence permit is very difficult these days, because of the huge numbers of foreigners coming to Turkey these days. I wish I had better news for you, but unfortunately that's the way things are.
  8. Ken Grubb

    Dating a turkish man

    I understand what you're saying, but do you have a specific question which needs to be answered?
  9. Ouch. I am really sorry to hear that. But as you are thinking, you can come back and reapply again, and I hope that one gets approve. Thanks Yabangee, for coming back to let us know the outcome. If there is anything we can help with, we'll still be here.
  10. I don't know the answer, but I would assume Slovenia has its own procedures to get a visa for the country, they might even have a website where you can apply for one (as Turkey does). You could ask your friend to do a little research and find out for you.
  11. Ken Grubb

    Putting a piano in an apartment.

    That would depend on your landlord and the apartment you're renting. I have never seen any apartment building rules prohibiting a piano, and there are no laws prohibiting pianos in apartments that I have ever heard of. It would also depend on your neighbors, of course. In the cheaper apartments the walls can be pretty thin, but if you are living in a more upscale apartment it might be more "soundproof." You could always do a test with some recorded music at the same volume and ask the neighbors if they can hear it in the neighboring apartments, before you actually rent it.
  12. Here is the Adana Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü (Directorate General of Migration Management, or DGMM). On that page you will find contact information, a map, and a link to their website.
  13. Ken Grubb

    Criminal Record Check for Residedence Permit

    For Adana, you will need to go here:
  14. Ken Grubb

    Criminal Record Check for Residedence Permit

    An early "welcome back" to you! Have a look in the Guides section, first tab in the navigation menu at the top. There are lots of articles about residence permits, you can get a "family residence permit" if you are married to a Turk, your spouse will be the "sponsor," and you will have the family residence permit. There is an article about those as well. Each province has its own office of the Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü (Directorate of Migration Management, or DGMM). To where in Turkey will you be coming? There are also pages for each DGMM... with a map showing where they are. They are in the "Businesses" section, but if you tell me what place you're coming to, I can give you a direct link to that page.
  15. Ken Grubb

    Criminal Record Check for Residedence Permit

    Hi Flintstone, You had posted this previously in the Incirlik forum, will you be going to Incirlik as military personnel or an employee? I ask that because the procedure may be different in that case. See this article about criminal record checks: If you are a US or UK citizen, there are links at the bottom of that article to information about how to get a criminal records check for those countries. If you have any questions after reading that article, just post them here and one of our experienced members or I will try to answer them.