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    What I would suggest is buying a local guide to Istanbul, if you want a complete list. There are many places to see. The Eyewitness Guide to Istanbul is an excellent one. Or you can go to the tourism information office and get a brochure for Istanbul, which would be free, and would also give you a list of things to see.

    I haven't heard of this before, it sounds great though. I am wondering if the tours are being done by students studying to be tour guides. Some tour companies do tours for less than the price at which they would make a profit, but these tours always include a stop at a carpet shop or some other shop where they get a commission if the tourists buy something. But that may not be the case here since they don't seem to mention shopping. This is a good find, Star.

    Star, I don't have time for this. Where on the internet did you see it?

    I assume you heard there was one. What did you hear?
  5. What are you praying about?

    You're referring to your culture, and "here." I am not asking for your address, I am just wondering which culture or country you are talking about.
  6. What are you praying about?

    Where are you from, Onlyme?
  7. Appointment in Istanbul

    If you already have an appointment in a certain place, I seriously doubt if you could change it to another place. Call 157 and ask them.

    They will not ask for more money. Why don't you go to the Noter and ask how much it is?

    If it's your first application, you must take them a notarized copy of your rental contract. When you renew/extend your residence permit, you can use the paper you get from the Nüfus.
  10. What?

    Reminds me of "Who's on First!"
  11. Adana Revival

    Welcome Haycet! Great to have another member in Adana. I used to live there as well, from around 2005-2007. Also have been back a few times to visit since then.
  12. Great! I am glad you got that sorted. And I learned something from you, as others will as well. Look on your completed application for your appointment date and time. It's on the front page. Once your appointment is finished, they'll give you a temporary residence permit. It is printed on a sheet of paper and stamped and signed. This is not your completed application, this is an actual temporary residence permit you can use until your residence permit card comes by mail. You can leave the country for a maximum of 15 days, then return using the temporary residence permit. But besides your temporary residence permit, you must also have with you the receipts which prove that you paid the fees, which you can pay when you go for your appointment. As for my appointment today, it went better than any have before, and I am very happy to have it done! Now hopefully my residence permit card will come quickly.
  13. For example, my landlord has many properties, and many tenants. So if he just sees money coming into his account from me, and my name is not on it, it makes it hard for him to know it was me paying my rent. He actually sent a letter to all of his tenants asking us to make sure that, if we pay directly into his bank account, to make sure our names were on the transaction. The last time I paid my rent, the bank gave me a copy of the transaction, and my name was not on it. There was only my identity number. So I asked them to put my name on the transaction, and they did so.
  14. Yes, the 157 helpline has immigration experts who are there to help you with your application. They speak English, you just press the number for English, "2" I think. They are very helpful. It is always the best idea to get your information from the Directorate General of Migration Management itself. So if you end up having to change an address to something which is untrue just to get through the system, you will have heard it from them and not from somebody else. I would also suggest getting the person's name (or number) if you can, so if there are any problems, you can point to a specific DGMM representative who told you to do it.
  15. If your landlord's bank account is at Garanti Bank, then go to a local Garanti Bank and deposit the money there. If you deposit the money at the same branch where your landlord has their account, it is free. If you deposit the money at a different Garanti Bank branch, there is a small fee. I don't know what the fee is but VakifBank charges less than 2 TL for a deposit in one branch which is then transferred to an account at another branch. And you don't need an IBAN number to do that, just an account number, the name of the branch where the account is, and the name of the account holder. And if your landlord has a lot of properties he or she rents, make sure they put your name on the deposit so the landlord will know it's from you.