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  1. Ken Grubb

    short term residency

    No problem with the typos, a lot of members aren't native English speakers. We're just glad you're here. A good decision on your part to call 157, it is always best to get information from the DGMM directly. I am a little confused though. If you have successfully submitted your application, online, before you have exceeded the allowed number of days on your visa, then you can stay legally until your appointment. It doesn't matter when the appointment is... if it is tomorrow or three months from now, you can stay in Turkey with your application until your appointment. But you cannot apply online after you have overstayed... in that case you have to leave the country and return, because you would not be legally in Turkey with the visa and you would not have your completed application yet. So you would have to leave, return legally with the visa, then apply online and download and print your application. Then stay in Turkey until your appointment. So you went to your appointment? And at the appointment it was just a problem with the wrong date of arrival? As I understand it, in those cases, they can just fix the date of arrival at the appointment. But perhaps in this case it doesn't work that way.
  2. Ken Grubb


    Your popularity has grown 100%! When someone "likes" your post or "thanks" you, you get a point. Kind of an indicator of the quality of a member's posts. It's also a good way to not have a topic with five trailing pages of "me too!" "good point!" "ha ha!" posts.
  3. Ken Grubb


    Oh okay good then... if you already have Avast you can add it easily. Feel free to ask about Turkey Central of course... I don't think we have had a discussion about it, maybe years ago but we have made a few course changes since then. In "The Lounge" there is a section "About Turkey Central," but it has mostly just been used for announcements or things like that.
  4. Ken Grubb


    I use Avast Passwords. You set a master password, then as you visit sites, you enter each site's password, and the app remembers them for you. It can also be downloaded to smartphones. I use it as part of Avast's internet security suite, which I also highly recommend. It also has a VPN as well as performance-enhancing applications. I don't know if you would have to buy the whole suite to get Avast Passwords, but I am assuming you can get just that app if you want.
  5. Ken Grubb

    Comeback kid

    Welcome, Pete!
  6. Ken Grubb

    New member

    I'm also glad to see you back, certainly no olive branch necessary! As I recall when you joined before, we were having some problems with our server. I understand that you have been living in Turkey for a long time, and you have a lot of knowledge about how things work here. So if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. A very hearty hoş geldiniz to you, Lonesome Cowboy!
  7. Ken Grubb

    divorce/child/law/divine justice

    As I understand Turkish divorce law, depending on whatever legal choice you made when you got married, any property acquired while you were married is half yours. Regarding the bank accounts, if he is a joint owner of the account than he can take all of the money out of it any time he wants. I would suggest you contact a lawyer about this. They will be able to look into the situation in Turkey and see what legal rights you have. It sounds to me like he is in the wrong and you are entitled to your share of things, but only a lawyer could tell you that for sure.
  8. It's improving. The Turkish courses everywhere seem to be assigned official "levels," like A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. Because I had been taking self-study courses for some time before the private lessons, I had a good grasp of the grammer and a descent vocabulary, so we went all the way from A-2 to C-1 in one course... but because I haven't had extensive conversation, my comprehension isn't up to par. So I will continue to work with and the Turkish movies with Turkish subtitles. My private teacher is the best I've had so far, he focuses more on my learning rather than exclusively on his teaching, which makes a big difference. Next level is the final level, C-2. He said that includes more conversation and lots of Turkish idioms. One of the reasons I have difficulty understanding is because of the idioms. I worked my way through ten minutes of a Turkish film and wrote down the parts I couldn't figure out and they were mostly idioms.
  9. Ken Grubb

    short term residency

    Do you still have an appointment or have you missed it? If you have overstayed, and don't have an appointment, you have to leave the country and come back in 90 days. Then you can reapply. Not with a visa. Even if you get a new e-visa, you would still be over 90 days in Turkey in the past 180 days. So you have to leave, then come back after 90 days have passed. then the amount in Turkey you will have had in the previous 180 days will be less than 90, and you can return to Turkey. When you say "Turkish ID number," do you mean he is a citizen? Or does he have a yabancı kimlik numarası (foreigners ID number)? It wouldn't matter anyway, since even if he is a Turkish citizen and can re-enter Turkey, you and other members cannot, because you have already been in Turkey for more than 90 days in the past 180 days, and you don't have a residence permit.
  10. Ken Grubb

    A lost Tapu

    Good luck to you, Jackson, I hope it goes smoothly. If you have time feel free to let us know how things went.
  11. Ken Grubb

    A lost Tapu

    There would be a record of the address in the tapu office or the land registry office. As I understand it they could create a new tapu for the property, then with the POA you could sell it. Ask the notary about getting an apostille for the POA also. The apostille will make the POA legal in Turkey. Once you bring it to Turkey you "may" need to get a notarized translation of the POA and apostille, but check with the land registry or tapu office first. If you need one you could get it in a day or less. Make sure the POA also gives you permission to access records at the land registry office and the tapu office and to receive a copy of the tapu. I am not a Turkish lawyer, I must add... I believe the above is correct but if you run into any difficulties you should contact a Turkish lawyer.
  12. Ken Grubb

    A lost Tapu

    Does she have any documentation at all? If so, what does she have? And old Turkish residence permit card, anything?
  13. Ken Grubb

    Dutch guy dating a Turkish girl

    This sounds pretty normal to me. Her family would naturally be quite concerned about her visiting you. In a Turkish family, the family members are very involved with each other. Much more so than a typical European family, or in my case, an American family. How to proceed? I think you are going to have to adapt to the Turkish rules about such things. Turks occupy a wide spectrum between very traditional and religious, to very "European" and secular. From the mother's reaction, it sounds like her family is actually more towards the "European" side of the spectrum. But religion and tradition is still there, and it isn't going to go away... I think it is you who will need to be flexible on this. After you are engaged, the family rules will relax, after you are married, they still might not disappear completely. I have known a few Americans who have married Turkish women, and the family involvement in things was a real pain for them, something they weren't used to. Then again, I have known Americans who have married Turkish women and the family was no problem at all. It is so hard to give advice in such situations, since everybody involved is different, and it's impossible to really know all of the dynamics involved. IbrahamAbi makes a good suggestion... if things do get serious, and you want your family to meet her before you are engaged, your family coming to Turkey to meet her and the family might be the only option.
  14. Ken Grubb

    Three months wait

    What "how to" apply site are you referring to? Perhaps something has changed... I am going to the local DGMM soon with several questions and I can ask about this to be sure. Glad to hear you got your problem fixed. I always breath a sigh of relief when I finish the online application, then again when I receive my card in the mail. It is as much fun as getting my taxes done every year. So I think I know how you feel!
  15. Ken Grubb

    Three months wait

    Check the back of the card, where you will see its expiration date. You would need to apply within 60 days prior to that date.