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  1. Sistemde teknik bir hata oluştu means there's a technical problem with the system itself, rather than with the information you're entering. So I would assume it's an issue with the health insurance portion of the system. Perhaps they're updating it, but their update isn't working and they have to re-write and install it again. If that's the case, you'll get an error no matter what information you enter. Since it's a system error, they probably have lots of people calling the 157 helpline already and they're working on it. Perhaps you should just wait a while, or a day, then go back into the system and update your application. If you're still having the problem, call the 157 helpline and report it. I don't know if they'd ask you for the error number but you should have it ready in case they do.
  2. To determine the cost of an apartment, try using www.sahibinden.com. They list apartments all over Turkey and you can search for one in Alanya to see how much they cost. For the general cost of living, try www.numbeo.com. They collect cost of living information from all over the world, including Turkey.
  3. Thanks for that correction, Ted. I recall reading that the FBI didn't provide them but I should have checked to be sure before posting that! I've crossed out my earlier incorrect comment.
  4. Geçmiş olsun, Cowboy, I hope everything turns out okay for you.
  5. I have a friend here in Antalya from the UK who's been working here for like ten years or so. He applied for his long-term residence permit and they didn't ask for a criminal record check. And he got his LTRP. I talked to an immigration officer about it, asking how long a person had to be in Turkey before the criminal record check wasn't needed. The immigration officer said they have the leeway to waive the criminal record check, and sometimes they do. Or if they get the impression that the foreigner might have a criminal record in their home country they'll ask for it. Certainly not intended to disparage you, Ted! I'm just reporting what the immigration officer told me. The FBI doesn't issue the criminal record checks. You have to get them from the state you're from. A lot of us Americans live in a lot of different states sometimes, so I would assume the best state to get it from is the state that's listed as your place of birth Incorrect info... see below. If you get one, it does require an apostille, and it must be translated into Turkish by a sworn translator.
  6. I've lived in several areas of Izmir including Bostanlı, Alsancak and Konak, and one area called Kahramanlar. That came to mind when I read your topic. There are two or three hospitals around Kahramanlar as well as various doctors offices, clinics, and businesses that serve the hospitals. Kahramanlar is in easy walking distance to the shopping and social life places around Alsancak like the walking street of Kıbrıs Şehitler Caddesi. As I recall the rent prices are cheaper there also. It's a back neighborhood and there are some quiet streets there, and at night it should be quiet because there aren't any bars or night clubs there. I don't know what it's like today, but you might visit the neighborhood and see if it's what you're looking for.
  7. It'll have no effect on your visa at all. When I went to inquire about SGK insurance, they just wanted to see my residence permit card and have a copy of it. They also needed to see my previous residence permit and have a copy of that as well, to prove that I'd lived in Turkey for at least a year (my current RP card was issued less than a year previous). Anyway, with just that they were ready to sign me up for SGK insurance, so it's very easy. It has nothing to do with your visa and will have no effect on it.
  8. Well I just learned something then. I didn't know they had two-year policies, I've only seen two one-year policies issued. I assume this started because of the two-year residence permit, and good thing... now there will only be one policy and one policy number, etc. to deal with. Thanks for sharing that.
  9. OK so you got two back-to-back insurance policies a year ago, the first one covered the one-year they gave you, and you're trying to use the second policy which should still be valid. But wouldn't that have a different policy number? Maybe that's the problem.
  10. For some reason the image you uploaded isn't being displayed. Can you upload it again? Sometimes this can happen if you apply on the same day you bought your health insurance. It could be that the company didn't update the system, so when you enter your health insurance information, there's no record of it in the central registry and it throws an error. If that's the case, then you could try again tomorrow or go back to the insurance company where you bought it and make sure they update the central registry.
  11. OK, excellent. Good luck with your meeting! I hope it comes out well for you. I hope you'll update this topic, since it will help others from the Philippines learn the rules, and me also. I am enjoying my stay, a lot! I want to come here every year when it's winter in Turkey.
  12. It is easier. You just have to be married to a Turkish citizen for at least three years. You can become a Turkish citizen by marriage by applying at the Nüfus ve Vatandaşlık İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü (Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs or Nüfus) in Turkey or at any Turkish embassy or consulate if you're outside of Turkey.
  13. It seems I've also read that a foreigner could have both a residence permit and a work permit. Which comes in handy since if the foreigner leaves their job, they still have a residence permit. I don't know what to say Alamari, as you learn more about this situation would you please share what you learn?
  14. Hi Khaled, that's correct, but you were talking to the border control police, which is a completely different office from the Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM). Even if you exit and re-enter with a new passport, according to the law, you're still required to report your new passport information to the DGMM. That said, I've also gotten a new passport, left and re-entered Turkey, and never reported it. Then when I extended my residence permit, I just told the immigration officer I had a new passport. Even though I was over the 20 business days I was supposed to report it, I wasn't fined. But I think to be on the safe side, it's best to comply with the law and report the new passport to the DGMM.
  15. I'll certainly try. I learned something here I didn't know before, that beyond the second page of the e-visa website there's a third page which lists even more requirements. I'm sorry it turned out this way for you, and I hope you can find some what to get to Turkey.
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