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  1. Ken Grubb

    The Turkish citizenship by descent ?

    Unless something has changed that I don't know about, one cannot become a Turkish citizen based on the citizenship of their father or mother. Did you read or hear somewhere where this was possible, and if so, from where? This is all of the information I have on the subject:
  2. Ken Grubb

    Tell me about Erdogan?

    I think this video on CNN sums it up pretty well.
  3. I don't think I have ever seen a fully-booked minibus. I've lived and traveled here for over 15 years, often by bus. If I need a bus to a nearby town or city, I just go to the bus station, buy a ticket, and wait. Within an hour max one will be departing for where I'm going. Sometimes one is departing at that moment and I have to run to catch it! With the destinations you mentioned you should have no problem. They are all close together and will have regular commutes between them. It's not like a bus sits there and waits for passengers... the buses are coming from, and going to, somewhere else. They are just stopping to let people off and let people on. Of course you can also book a seat in advance. One tip... go to the bus company's ticket sales office in town if you want. You don't have to go all the way to the main bus station. The bus companies often have courtesy buses which will take you to the bus station from their office in city center. Then when you get to the bus station at your destination, courtesy buses may also take you to city center. It depends on the town. The bus station is right in the heart of Kaş, so no need for courtesy buses... the one in Fethiye is technically in town but away from the center. I am not sure if they have courtesy buses or not. In Antalya, you can get on the Antray, or tram, which has a terminal at the bus station. That will take you to city center faster than anything. You'll see signs for it at the bus station. You'll have to buy a pass to use it, but it's cheap. Something like two lira per trip.
  4. Ken Grubb


    Have a look here: How to Find a Job in Turkey There are quite a few links to online sites which feature various jobs in Turkey, including teaching English. Also you can try Dave's ESL cafe.
  5. There are plenty of buses between Kaş and Fethiye, when I used to travel to Antalya from Kaş there was one departing every hour. I expect it is the same for Fethiye considering it is so close. As far as how crowded the buses will be, no way to tell. But you can, if you want, buy two tickets and get two seats next to each other for the extra space. The only bummer would be if you do that and there aren't many people on the bus! As I recall when I would go from Kaş to Antalya, the bus was never full.
  6. I've contacted a friend in Kaş who will probably know him if he lived there. I will reply to your PM regarding this. Since I don't know if I will be successful in finding him, anybody else is certainly invited to help as well.
  7. Did he live in Kaş?
  8. Ken Grubb

    open an internet account

    That is correct. Other than internet cafes, you can also try Rent & Connect. They have "mobile hotspots" you can rent anywhere in Turkey. They also send you the hardware you need (I assume it is a dongle), and also pick it up when you are finished with their service. You can rent their service for however long you need it, like from when you arrive to when you get your residential internet set up.
  9. Ken Grubb

    open an internet account

    It is relatively easy, but you will have to have a residence permit first. Typically you will get your residential telephone service connected first, which also requires a residence permit. Then you can set up your residential internet service. Follow the links to a couple of guides which explain the process.
  10. Ken Grubb

    Tour Guide Needed!

    Just expanding on what Goreme said, there are a lot of fake tour guides who might make you think they know what they are talking about, but they don't. Some of them hang around hotels and other touristy places trying to make money showing tourists around. But what they are doing is illegal. The licensed tour guides are extremely knowledgeable, their training is intensive, and they take their profession very seriously. Goreme is rather famous for writing books about Istanbul, so if she recommends a licensed tour guide, you should go with her recommendation. She is the one I would ask!
  11. Ken Grubb

    New Biometric Kimlik

    That's great news. So you got this done at the consulate, correct? I am assuming so since you are saying the charge was in pounds. You had mentioned earlier that you had to do it in the country you needed the ID for, so I am just making sure you didn't have to come to Turkey for this. When I got a work permit years ago it was the same way, they said they would let me know when it was ready and I went and got it. I am sure their e-mail will tell you what to do, but since you will just be picking it up I would think you could just go there without an appointment. We'll see. Anyway congratulations on completing that transaction, it has probably relieved you from some stress.
  12. Ken Grubb


    If you are not there, the PTT (post office) will keep it for a while, I believe it is 30 days. You can go and get it from the post office. After that they will send it back to the Directorate General of Migration Management. There is a way to have someone receive it for you, but you should call 157 and ask them about this. You can also get a power of attorney for someone to pick it up, but I am not sure about this. Hopefully someone at the 157 helpline can help.
  13. Ken Grubb

    Vocational school associate degree?

    I have never seen a school which was like that. Turkish teachers are typically very professional, and the students respectful of the teachers. When you say "every local I know," what do you mean by "local?" If you are in Turkey, you could always sit in on some classes and see for yourself.
  14. Ken Grubb

    Marrying a Turkish Fiance

    There is no fiancee visa. You would have to get an e-visa and come with that.
  15. Ken Grubb

    New Biometric Kimlik

    Great! That will definitely help a lot of others.