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  1. Good luck with it all. I hope you'll let us know how it went for you.
  2. I'm happy to help you. I know what it's like to be new here, and how important it is to have as much information as possible. Unfortunately it's impossible to say when your appointment will be. If you're in Istanbul, it can take weeks. Typically you create an appointment date and time at the very end of the online residence permit application. But in Istanbul, and possibly Ankara, they later send you an appointment date and time by SMS message or e-mail, depending on the communications preference you select. Here in Antalya, the last time I extended my residence permit (that was near
  3. I'm not a real estate agent, but I'll answer your questions as best I can. Yes. However, some areas require a military check, to make sure the property isn't near a military zone. Normally that's not a problem, but if a military check is required, it can take more time than 20 days. What I would suggest is to ask a property agent selling the property if a military check is required. And if it is, if they can take care of it for you. It depends on how much time your visa allows you to be in Turkey, but you can apply for a residence permit any time within 60 days of the time your vi
  4. I haven't seen it before. It reads like an error someone would get if they were applying for the first time, and the system can't find the travel document information (the passport or ID card info) that would be in the system if they recently entered the country. You said your residence permit was a touristic one previously. What kind of residence permit do you have now? I'm thinking it might be because you're applying as a first-time applicant instead of extending your residence permit. You can always call the 157 helpline and ask them what the error means and why you're getting it.
  5. I'm happy you got an answer to your question, but disappointed with the answer, as you are. In my previous attempts to learn what constitutes "working in Turkey," I talked to three different lawyers about it. They all said it has to do with being in Turkey, and doing business with other people or businesses in Turkey, receiving money from them and cutting invoices. Yet that definition of "working in Turkey" wasn't in the working laws, it was in other related laws. So that makes me wonder. If you were in another country and decided to do it, would you still need a work permit? It might be worth
  6. When I talked to an immigration officer about missing documents, he said the time limit is 30 days. But they may give you less if, for example, it's some document you can get in one day. If you can't get the missing document you need to let them know and explain the situation. It's important because if you don't get the missing documents in time it will result in a rejection, not a cancellation. With a rejection, you can't reapply for the same type of residence permit for another 180 days. With a cancellation, which the foreigner makes, you can reapply any time. There seems to be an issue
  7. OK. You didn't say it was a student residence permit. That's different. When you get accepted by a school and your visa is in the works, you'll have the visa and the student residence permit approved at basically the same time. Also, some universities issue their own student residence permits. So I'm unclear on who you're communicating with. Is it the university or the Göç İdaresi Genel Müdurlüğü (Directorate General of Migration Management or DGMM)? I need to clarify some things. Did you enter Turkey with a student visa? When did it become valid and when did it expire? Who d
  8. It depends on where you are in Turkey, and on how busy the DGMM office is where you are. The last time I extended my residence permit, it took 40 days from the time it was approved until the time I received it. I see in your comment in another topic that you received a message saying you must report to the DGMM. That would mean that there's a problem with your application, so your residence permit card won't be printed until you go to the DGMM and fix the problem. If outside of Turkey with an expired visa, You should be able to get back in by showing all of your documents to the bord
  9. Turkey's government website is called e-Devlet (e-Government), at https://www.turkiye.gov.tr/, which offers a variety of public services to Turkish citizens and foreign residents with a single website. If you're planning to live in Turkey, you should join e-Devlet. What is e-Devlet? E-Devlet (e-Government) is Turkey's online website where you can get information about the government and its various offices and programs (both national and local), pay taxes and other bills, and download official e-signed documents which concern you. Because these documents are e-signed, they require no
  10. At the end of your application, the system gives you a link to download your Residence Permit Application Registration Form. You should have downloaded that document and enclosed the first page of it with your application. That's what İbrahim Abi is referring to. You need to keep the first page of that document and your passport with you, it proves that you've applied for a residence permit.
  11. Unfortunately, foreigners can't be pharmacists in Turkey. It's one of the professions only Turkish citizens can do. Have a look at the work permit articles to learn more about working in Turkey. among others, you 'll see an article about working restrictions and prohibited professions https://www.turkeycentral.com/guides/work-permits/
  12. The first thing I would do is get a tax number and apply for your residence permit. Once you successfully apply online you can download your Residence Permit Application Registration Form. Then you can use that, with your passport, to stay legally in Turkey until your appointment or until your residence permit is approved. Then see the realtor. I mentioned in another post that you can use a hotel as an address until you find a place to buy (or even rent). So you don't have to worry about time limits as long as you have applied for your residence permit, and you don't have to rus
  13. You can apply for a residence permit while staying in a hotel. So you could come to Antalya, stay in a hotel, get your residence permit explaining that you're looking for a property. They'll even give you a residence permit for one year or more that way. Then when you find the property you want and buy it, take the property title deed to the immigration office and change your address. To use a hotel as your address, you'll need a letter from the hotel management, on hotel letterhead, explaining that you're staying there with the address and room number, and your dates of stay. It must by
  14. You don't need to have your bank records translated. They just need a printout of the last six months of activity. You should be able to save the web page onto a flash disk and take it to a print shop (or even a photography shop) and ask them to open the web page and print it. You can't submit these electronically. To find a translator, find a notary. Ask the notary, but chances are there will be a translation place next to the notary since they always work together.
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