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  1. I don't think the take away is to be leery. I wouldn't worry too much about getting ripped off. It's not a widespread thing. When it does happen, it gets on the internet, and people get the idea that it happens all the time. You're likely to find that the times you get ripped off are few and far between. The last time I was ripped off by a restaurant was like ten years ago. I was in the middle of nowhere visiting some ancient site few foreigners came to. No prices were displayed, and there was no menu. One could hardly call it a restaurant, but it was the only place to eat for miles. Whe
  2. In the vast majority of restaurants you won't be ripped off. The price is the price. But to make sure, you can ask for both a Turkish menu and an English menu. Tell them you're learning Turkish. Then check the prices on both menus. They'll most likely be the same though. Any rip-offs are most likely to happen in places where there are a lot of tourists. I have heard of cases where the bill has more on it than what the menu said. I've never experienced it, I've just heard it. I have also heard of this happening in bars, where a customer loses count of how many drinks they've had. Has that
  3. There's a food delivery service here called Yemek Sepeti (Food Basket). It's at www.yemeksepeti.com. Yemek Sepeti has lots of restaurants that will deliver to your door. And the food is very inexpensive here compared to the USA. You won't have to cook. You just sign up and enter your address details, and you can order from a variety of restaurants over and over again. It depends on where you are, but here in Muratpaşa, Antalya, you can get lots of different Turkish foods, and also Pizza Hut, KFC, Popeye's, and Arbys, besides the usual McDonalds and Burger King, delivered to you
  4. Thanks to Goreme for that info! If I may, I'd like to add something here. Real estate agents in Turkey often list a property for more than what the seller is asking. For example, a seller will go to a real estate agent, probably several of them, and say "I want ₺400,000 for my property." Then the agent thinks "hmmm... we can sell this property for ₺450,000." If it sells at that ₺450,000, the real estate agent gives the seller their ₺400,000 and keeps the extra ₺50,000 in addition to their commission. That's why you'll often see the same property being sold by different
  5. I'm happy I was able to help. Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot to me.
  6. You can find frozen vegetables in any supermarket. Broccoli is one of them. Also corn, green beans, etc. They aren't pre-cooked though. For that you would have to buy something in a can or jar. Unfortunately there are no chimichangas. They do have raw hamburger patties that are frozen, but they're not as good as what you would find in the USA. You can get Special K here. It's common. Unfortunately all of the cereals here have more sugar in them than in the USA, even the granola! There are no microwave burritos or tacos. For that you would have to go to a Mexican restaurant. There are
  7. Unfortunately, because you're moving to another province, you must do the entire application again and get a new residence permit card. That means entering your new address into the system, paying the fees, getting another notarized rental contract, and going to another appointment. Your new residence permit will be mailed to your new address and will say "Eskişehir" on it instead of Kocaeli as it does now.
  8. According to the immigration office website, a ban can be imposed if the overstay is over ten days. The ban starts at 30 days, then goes to 90 days, then can be for up to five years for serious overstays. The border officials seem to have discretion on whether or not to impose a ban. I have heard of cases where a foreigner had gotten unruly with the border officials and received a ban, and also of foreigners who were very nice and apologetic, and explained their situation, and received no ban when they should have received one. So by all means be nice to the border officials and explain y
  9. As long as you're not banned, you can return with the conditional entry information form. That is what I was told by the visa violations office at Istanbul Airport.
  10. The DCC isn't forced. It's just offered in the ATMs. You can choose not to use it, and it should never be used. It will just cost you more money. If you choose the option not to use it, you'll get your regular rate and fee (if any) the same as you always do. Again, I advise everyone here to NOT select the Dynamic Currency Conversion option, ever. There's no advantage to it, you'll just be paying additional fees to whoever owns the ATM, at whatever cost they decide. Opening a Turkish Bank Account It's each bank's decision whether or not to open an account to someone without a resi
  11. An important update on what I wrote above. On April 7th, 2021, I needed to send $10,000 US dollars to my Yapı Kredi bank account in Turkey. So I called my bank and arranged it. It would be a transfer that would automatically convert to Turkish Lira and be deposited into my Yapı Kredi Turkish lira account. That way, I wouldn't pay any fees. But while arranging the transfer, the person I was speaking to said they would send the money at the exchange rate of 7.2425. So my $10,000 USD would arrive as ₺72,425 Turkish lira. Oh, wait! I remembered looking at the exchange rate on t
  12. Ah, Las Vegas. I visited it before and was very impressed. I think you'll like Antalya, where I have been for the last nine years. You're in the right place, everybody here is helpful. And I'll do my best to help as well.
  13. The rules for an address don't consider an Air B&B place as an address. They only consider using a hotel as an address, or a friend's house as an address. I gave you the link to the article about using a hotel as an address. Here's the link for staying at a friend's house. Your Air B&B host probably isn't your friend, and they probably won't do what's necessary for you to use their place as an address. In fact, the Turkish government has imposed new rules on anyone who rents out their place for short-term stays (as people do in Air B&B), because of the possibility of terroris
  14. I used to withdraw money from my US bank account using various ATMs. At one point I saw the ATMs were offering a choice between this "Dynamic Currency Conversion" option or not using it at all. I tried the option for dynamic currency conversion (one time) and was shocked at how much it cost me to use that option. I never did it again. I should explain what Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is: Never choose dynamic currency conversion at an ATM. You'll pay higher fees, and get nothing for it. I also learned that when you use a Turkish ATM to withdraw money from an America
  15. I got the Sinovac, the Chinese vaccine. I was reading that Brazil is reporting only a 50.4% efficacy rate, and that it looks like the Sinovac vaccine is generally not as effective as the BioNTech vaccine, which has a 97% efficacy rate. So I wonder if we could get the BioNTech vaccine even after having the Sinovac vaccine. Anyone seen any news on this?
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