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  1. Great! I'm happy to hear everything went smoothly. It is always nice to hear about a positive experience. I hope you will keep us updated. It always helps to hear about the process from somebody who is actually going through it or who has recently gone through it. If something new is going on we can pass that information on. And if nothing new is going on, it gives us some reassurance that the information we're providing is accurate.
  2. Strange... I have never heard of that before. It makes sense though, that is, even if you apply for a short-term residence permit, and qualify for a long-term one, they should be able to just give you one.
  3. Why would he be arrested? Do you mean to be conscripted into the army? I haven't heard of anybody being arrested for it, but if he wants to be a Turkish citizen, he will have to report for military service, and it will be up to the Turkish military officials to determine if he is fit to serve or not. It isn't committing fraud to have two names, so I don't see what the problem would be there. If I were to become a Turkish citizen I could choose a Turkish name, and therefore would have two names. There is a payment that can be made to do only a very short time in the military, but he will not be able to avoid it entirely. It sounds like the best thing to do would be to see about paying the bedel, that is, the money to shorten the military time to 21 days. Then do the 21 days and get it over with. See this page from Haber Turk. It has lots of articles about the bedelli military service time, costs, etc. https://www.haberturk.com/haberleri/2019-bedelli-askerlik-ucreti-ne-kadar
  4. To have that information you would have to ask the specific person in Ankara who is handling your residence permit, and still it would vary according to that person's workload. Since it's been evaluated positively, it would just be a matter of printing the card (which would be another queue it has to wait in, then it has to be packaged and addressed, then taken to the PTT for mailng. When the PTT gets it, the PTT will send you an SMS to let you know that they have received it. The normal time, as Redders said above, is 90 days (often a lot less... it's around 40 days in Antalya) from the appointment to the card delivery. But it sounds like you are asking for a timeframe which begins with something which happens in Ankara, and how long the above steps take, in Ankara. So nobody is going to have that information except for the Ankara office. You can call the 157 helpline and ask them, but I doubt even they would even know, they would be guessing as much as we would. It's worth a try, though.
  5. It actually differs from person to person. I talked to an immigration official and she told me that the process is supposed to go according to each individual person who wants a residence permit. So depending on that person, and even the immigration official's assessment of that person, what they ask for and what they accept will vary. From reading what you said, it sounds like you are applying for a short-term residence permit, hoping to be given a long-term residence permit. It doesn't work like that... you have to apply for a long-term residence permit specifically. This is done as a first-time application, even if you already have a short-term residence permit. And you can do it at any time, you don't have to wait until your STRP expires. In fact, it's better to apply well before your STRP expires, because the LTRPs usually take longer to process.
  6. I just talked to a friend of mine from the UK about this. He recently received his long-term residence permit. He's lived in Turkey for 12 years. When he submitted his package for the LTRP, he only provided his criminal record check from Turkey, which he printed off from turkiye.gov.tr. In his interview, they didn't ask him to get a criminal record check from the UK. Interestingly, they also didn't ask him for any paper from the police showing his entries and exits from Turkey over the last eight years. One of the immigration specialists worked it out using the computer with his previous passport, number, which he entered the country with, and his new passport, which he got while in Turkey. They also didn't ask for a steady income. He is a teacher and recently stopped working because of some contract issue. But he had some 16,000 TL in a Turkish bank account, and they accepted that as well.
  7. There seems to be some delay between the approval and the actual printing and sending of the card. You said the interview was on the 16th of April? That's not much time. In Antalya, I got my PTT message with the bar code around 40 days after my appointment. Istanbul can take longer. Just a suggestion, if you call 157 again, and ask about the typical time it is taking for Istanbul, they might be able to tell you that. Often, in Turkey, you have to ask a very specific question to get the information you're seeking.
  8. Excellent, Jallow! Good luck on your appointment, let us know how it goes if you have time.
  9. Are you in Turkey now or will you be soon? If you are not in Turkey, or won't be, you will probably need to hire a lawyer to check the records for you. We have some lawyers listed in our lawyer directory, here: https://www.turkeycentral.com/companies/category/26-lawyers/
  10. I have been considering moving to the Izmir peninsula as well. I need to take a trip though, I'd like to see the towns along the northern shore of the peninsula. I went there many years ago, I wonder how much they have changed.
  11. You can call the help line at 157 and ask them what to do. As for me, I also had the problem, as I recall, it wouldn't accept all numbers for my USA visa. It seemed to require that I enter some letters as well. So I ended up entering something like "USA123456" that is, "USA" with my real passport number, and the system took it. I probably should have said something about this at my appointment, but I didn't... might be a good idea though. In any case, they do have my passport number in their system now.
  12. It is probably because of Turkey's efforts to get into the European Union. Standardizing the visa procedures was necessary. So now Turkey uses the same visa procedures.
  13. Have you considered any of the towns on the Izmir peninsula, such as Karaburun, or Seferihisar? Seferihisar is an official "Slow City" under a so-called "cittaslow" project which aims to "prevent the disruption of the uniqueness, lifestyle and local culture of the cities due to globalization." It is also near Izmir. So if you want to be in Izmir but still have that slow, peaceful feel to where you live, Seferihisar might be a place to look in to.
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