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    I have a fish and chip shop in Bournemouth.I love Turkish culture and food.Am single and love walking in the lovely countryside here.I like driving,painting,motorsports and shopping.Am blonde but not dim!!
  1. I think it just means he had not sent back the acknowledgement of service sent to him by the court.If you are in contact with him.ask him if he signed it and sent it back to the court.If he is uncontactable then you can still do it but it takes longer.He was given 14 days to send his paper back...........ask the court office for advice..best of luck!
  2. I read through this and thought immediately...Why are they divorcing?.Muslim men actually rarely divorce and even if they do are always responsible for the ex wife.The fact that he is forced to only see his son rarely must in itself be stressful to your friend and neighbour.He may feel that as he and you have become friends he is also responsible for your welfare hence the enquiries about you seeing other men.The single independent woman is not as common in Turkey as it is over here.The family is a close knitted single being and it must be hard for him to exist outside it..............I dont know what to say...If you feel that this friendship is more damaging to you rather than making you happy then withdraw your self from it......quite tricky if he is a neighbour though.!
  3. I think,if the USA is the same as the UK,you get a certificate of no impediment from a registrar.This may have to be translated into Turkish and stamped by a notory ready to take with you on your journey.....As for the medical,am not sure.I know there is a simple blood test for both of you.which is standard practice...Hopefullly someone will help you with the details on here!! Best of Luck.
  4. I can recommend Goldsworths solicitors in London.I have used them for immigration and divorce matters.They are fast and thorough.With my cynical head on..I see your husband is here on a family visit visa...................hopefully for you he will return to Turkey..but maybe he will apply for status in this country as his family are here?..As for the brain tumour I would want proof.Not is always what it seems.
  5. This was Heathrow.They have drug dogs,Cash dogs and Food dogs..........................................dont put aniseed in your pockets,you will get the lot.
  6. Speaking of cheese..I came home through customs with a large pot of curd cheese,dry and crumbly that Mother in law had made.I had forgotten it was in the suitcase.Suddenly a huge black labrador jumped on my suitcase,tongue flapping.and yes I got caught with illegal cheese!..Lost the lot!
  7. oops,that was me then..the target!..You must go to Turkey Gigi and get the feel for the place and the people.You must see him in his own environment and to understand the essence of him.....Put your sensible head on!
  8. I dont think they can refuse to marry you.The more experienced guys on here will know the law better.They may question you as to the validity of your relationship and unless you speak Turkish this will all go over your head so your fiancee will bear the brunt.Dont forget you will have to have blood tests and paperwork.The problem may come when you apply for his visa to the States so keep every single piece of paper relating to your time together.Everything,phone bills,emails,cards,presents,letters etc to prove you have a genuine thing going.His student visa was probably refused as he had no sponsor which you have now sorted............Very Best of Luck! x
  9. Thank you ..I know I have perhaps gone over the top in helping him.I know why..he is a lovely lovely man and I still count him as my greatest friend.He is better to me than my family members and will be the first in the queue if I need help.........Its Muslim/Catholic alliance with no brick walls between us at all.We have laughed and cried together all through his immigration and settlement here...one funny story(well to me).I have a fish and chip /kebab shop and one day I bought some yoghurts for breakfast.All the staff enjoyed them and as I was clearing up I actually read the label..yes..they contained the dreaded pork word...............................but in the smallest print ever.That rubbish went straight into an outside bin.Although we are now officially divorced and his wife will be coming soon hopefully he has mentioned he wants to remarry me in the Mosque and protect me forever.............is this a normal thing?
  10. You could apply for the fiance visa ,as I did.You need to prove that you can support your fiance financially and housing wise until he gets a job here.You need to prove its an ongoing genuine relationship so save EVERYTHING..all,letters email,photos,phone bills and birthday cards etc...Fill in the forms at the British Embassy nearest to you.Its better and more exciting to do a personal visit but you can apply by post.I cant remember how much the fees are now...Then sit back and wait.I waited 5 months.There is no way you can hurry it up...But hopefully for you his passport will be returned to him with the visa in and you can meet him off the plane.....but make sure you are really really sure he is the ONE and the best of luck.xThe fiance visa will give him a restricted 2 years here but you can get married as soon as he is here.When the 2 years are up then he can apply for indefinite leave to say in the UK and take the Life in the UK test for his British passport.
  11. Sorry..there is always one..and its me......Having planned my day at the Consulate.it turns out that on my exs family paper he is still registered as a single man as we had no idea our marriage had to be registered in Turkey....am quite upset really as its been a long hard struggle and it seems to have never happened in the eyes of Turkish Law.................Now....can he just go ahead and marry in Turkey without the court hearing to recognise our divorce?............or will there be a comeback when his new wife puts in her residence visa application?
  12. As I thought the local firm of Solicitors here had no idea what I needed and suggested a trip to the Turkish Lawyers in London......So we have an appointment with the Turkish Consulate in London next week to do my exs POA...............Now can they do my one as well..or do you need to be a Turkish citizen?Cok tesekkur ederim Abi.That link was very useful and I now think the Consulate will do mine although I have to have it legalised..what a palaver!
  13. ooh hell! really.? .Am just off to the solicitors now for an initial interview.It is not a specialist company.I will see what she says.It turns out my ex has to have a POA as well as he wont be there for the court hearing himself.
  14. Merhaba everyone..Well I ve managed to divorce my Turkish husband..took a long time but its done.Please can you help me with the next bit.My ex now wants to remarry his ex wife in Turkey.I have no problem with that,just need to make sure its all done properly so as to hasten her visa to come to the UK..I have sent and received back my Nisi and Absolute from the Commonwealth Office duly signed and stamped.He is going to take them to Turkey where he presents then to be recognised there in the Court.I have to send my Power of Attorney with him,which is set up by my Solicitor here......Now does my POA have to be sent off to the FCO be verified as well??Thank you. Tansyblossom.
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