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  1. I think your best bet would be to check out any of the large malls such as Armada, CEPA or Kentpark (next to CEPA) on Eskişehir yolu, Panora in Oran on the south side of town, Ankamall west of the center, Tunalı Hilmi (a beloved shopping street in Kavaklıdere (Çankaya), Karum shopping center at the top of Tunalı Hilmi just below the Sheraton tower (can't miss it) or Kızılay the shopping and business district at the center of town. Here are a few links Armada AVM AnkaMall Panora Cepa AVM You'll see the term AVM quite a lot. It's short for Alışveriş Merkezi (Shoppin
  2. Best of luck to you tomorrow Vic ! You know that we'll all be with you there in spirit !
  3. Hello Ammo,If you are looking to design and build I might be able to help you. I'll send you a message.Best Regards, Mimar
  4. I don't usually like to get involved in these kind of topics, but.....Snowglobe, he sounds like a nice guy. You never know where or when you will find the person that is right for you. Life is like that. In that regard I wouldn't be particularly concerned with whether or not that coincides with what you had planned and announced. You say he is exactly your type. Wonderful. It seems to me that he has already taken pains to try to get to know you in an acceptable situation, i.e. in the presence of other friends, which in my opinion speaks highly of him. You'll never know though whether or not he
  5. Wow ! I'm delighted to see how many of us know and appreciate Geoffrey Lewis ! His "Turkish Grammar" is a masterpiece in my opinion. Reyhan, if you can get it please do. It's not a grammar to work through from front to back, but more of a reference to check and understand the finer points of grammar. His explanations are fantastic. It can be a bit intimidating for an absolute beginner, but I think you'll do just fine with it. I have his "Teach Yourself" book as well. It had been slumbering on my shelf for quite a while. I have so many different ones it somehow "fell through the cracks". Was
  6. Be strong Vic ! October will be here before you know it. Abi is right, we're all rooting for you - give 'em hell !
  7. This is just my interpretation and it would be interesting to have some input from a native speaker's point of view, but I would say that a yalancı is a common basic liar, be it part-time or full-time, whereas an uydurukçu has more or less, whether intentionally or unintentionally, made a significant career and lifestyle choice. An uydurukçu is often truly gifted and can be incredibly charming and creative as well. Some of them may actually have no ulterior motives and their intentions may in fact be good in the long term, but their life is a lie and they're full of shxt all the same. They
  8. Looks good Reyhan. Keep on "cooking"!
  9. You're quite welcome Vic.You might also like the term uyduruk
  10. Hi Vic, it's actually hava atmak (throwing air). It roughly means to show off or to put on airs (so you were fully correct in your guess). You may also come across the noun atmasyon a derivative of atmak and the Turkicized English / French ending -mation (as in automation). It basically beans bullshxt.
  11. Hey Moe, welcome to Turkey CentralI'd say go for it. What a great opportunity to see life in a part of Turkey not often visited by tourists. I think 1.500 to 2.000 TL are enough to survive, but you probably won't have a lot for extras. Unless you enjoy being a hermit, the extent your circle of friends will most likely determine whether or not you enjoy your time there. If you don't know Turkish already, I'm sure that Turhal will be a great place to learn it. Doing so will also make it a lot easier to socialize. I'm sure that you'll make friends quickly and before you know it the whole town wil
  12. Thank you for your praise. You're all quite welcome. It was my pleasure.
  13. A friend of mine nearly escaped a serious accident on the highway between Konya and Antalya recently when he hit a spot where the roadway had been filled with gravel, apparently part of a "works in progress". It was night and the site was not marked. He nearly lost control of the vehicle. A short time later he heard on the news that four people later died at the same spot, apparently only hours after he had passed through.That being said.... try to travel during the day, keep your eyes on the road, observe the speed limit, keep a safe distance from the car in front of you and wear your seat be
  14. Thank you Abi and you're very welcome LiP. It does sound like a nice place. I had forgotten to mention "Sahibinden". Good for you !I haven't heard of a one-year trial before. If someone is going to be negligent I would think it would become apparent before that. As you say, it could be that the landlord would want to keep his options open for the future.If I remember correctly I have a mutual three month prior notice of termination in my contract. You might want to ask if you or they could have the contract officially translated and perhaps notarized (?) if you're not happy with their translat
  15. Hmmm. When I was searching for my apartment in Ankara I found that most of the unfurnished offerings were in abysmal shape and generally required a complete renovation. I opted instead for a furnished place because I was too busy work-wise at the time to organize a renovation myself and look around for furniture. It was a bit pricier, but the company was footing the bill and found the price reasonable. The deposit was equal to ca. one and a half months rent. I found the place on-line and rented directly from the owner so there were no agent's fees.Since I'm still in the place I can't comment f
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