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  1. Hiya, some may recognise me from the question i asked in the marriage area, I just thought i would say my experience as i and many others found it very interesting!I am on an Erasmus University exchange semester in Izmir, from February till July. I have my own apartment which i share with another Brit from my University.A few days ago our bell rang, i answered the door to an ageing man (I'd say 50's) in plain clothes who identified himself as 'Polis' but did not show me any ID. I also noticed the lack of a gun on his hip ( a sure sign of him not being a Turkish copper hehe) He had a few pieces
  2. In regards to the English test, will she still have to take it even though she already has taken English exams in the UK and has the certificates?And the evidence shouldnt be too hard, we have hundreds of photos from various places in the UK and Turkey, plane tickets and receipts around!
  3. Hiya, thanks for the welcome and replies,Yes we are both over 21 right now.If i understood the website guidelines correctly, once married my girlfriend would be able to work in the UK. Is that correct? She is no longer a student and as i said she has savings already planned for this and if she manages to get a job straight away, i may even be able to get something part time if it pleases the home office, then surely its not a problem. (In the eyes of a hopeful optimistic young person of course!)Ill try contact the IAS, but as i am in Izmir i don't know if i can do much with them at the moment
  4. Hi people.I have a question directed at anyone who knows things about marriage immigration rules in the UK.I have a Turkish girlfriend in Istanbul, we have been together almost 1 year and a half and have been planning to be permanently together for a good while now. She works full time now, so has enough money in her account, speaks almost perfect English, therefore the language tests are not important, She was studying in the UK when we met and during her time there she had no problems, never overstayed her visa or missed police checkups etc and they would hopefully have all this on record st
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