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  1. Hi Gabriela, Before Turkish Republic has been established, all registered stuff like birth certificate or citizen registration paper were given and kept by Ottaman's. Unless your relatives were related with army or Sultan's family, now is very difficult to reach the birth papers. You may try to apply bith registration office. Bye.
  2. In Güzelyalı region in İzmir I have a flat for rent with furniture. On fifth floor, warming with natural gas, small car park. 120 sqm. Fee is 3000 TL per month. Please contact me for the photos or any interest. Bye.. Mehmet Ali BARUT
  3. Hi Bibatulips, My uncle is a tenant for 3 years. About 5 or 6 months ago he received an official paper from electricity company which was saying he should takeover the registration of the bill from the landlord. So he did this applying to the company , paid takeover fee. As a Turkish citizen he did it very easyly. I am not sure how it works for you unless you are not a citizen. It'd better to visit the company with your landlord. Regards
  4. Hi, Do you have any idea how they opened joint bank account? I mean do your mother has individually permit to use joint account? But I think she is not seen a partner of using the account officially. Attorney at laws help you better.
  5. Hi, I am not sure but as a tenant the electricity or water bill should be registered behalf of your name. That is newly law.. Please check it in this way.. Is it written any debt on the bill?
  6. Dear Mr. Sharpe, I have sent some photos of a house by direct message. I didn't want here looks crowded with photos. Regards, Mehmet
  7. Hi Everyone, In November , 1+1 flat will be rented in Alsancak provience. It is very close to Tramvay, hospitals. First floor at Mimar sinan Mah. Fee is 1300 TL for month. If any interest I can send the photos. With a separation actually it is become 2+1. Bye Mehmet
  8. It is between Güzelbahçe and Urla /Urls iskele region. Apprx. far 20-25 km from city center (KONAK). Mostly there are villa type houses at the region. I added a map which is shown kalabak region in the circle. It is also known Zeytinalanı. Actually I recoomend you to search for in Narlıdere or Limanreis region. Yeşilyurt or Konak is little bit low profile. By the way Konak is very wide region where includes Alsancak and Güzelyalı proviences. Please tell me what your budget is for rent an apprtment. Tomorrow I will make a quick search in Narlıdere. Bye.
  9. There is a house in KALABAK region in a private complex but it is for sale. In that complex there are 3 piano teachers giving lessons. That's why I asked which region you prefer to live. That house is large 1+1 . I am not sure if you prefer or not. I am gonna ask if there is any rental one.. Bye
  10. Which provience do you prefer to live here in İzmir?
  11. As Mr. Grubb mentioned and as a real estate agent I higly recommend you thst do not rent or buy a property without seeing.
  12. Hi Neil, Could you please tell me what you did about the subject?
  13. Hi Everyone, My name is Mehmet Ali BARUT , I am 49 years old and working as a real estate agent in İzmir at Demka Gayrimenkul. Last night I was talking to my sister in law Merve BALIN, who is attorney at law in İzmir and I guess she is well known person in the group, mentioned about this forum. Today I'd like to join the group and realised that I am a member since 2011. I understood that some of you worked with an agent to buy/rent property from Turkey , Some were glad but most of you had problems with the agents. I am not glad about the sitiuation of agents in Turkey. Most of them are retired form Military and want to make additional money on their salary. The law of being real estate agent is newly handled by the goverment and is tried to improve the conditions. Anyway , I am working in İzmir and can give you secure and safe service. At our office there are 9 agents and 5 of them can speak fluent English. Please do not hesitate to contact me for your requiries. Bye.
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