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  1. We were going to go in june but then couldn't so we're going in august. I was only thinking about living there but it was never a definite plan too. It doesn't matter if he's in russia for a year as i've got 2 more years of uni anyway so anything that was going to happen would have to happen after I finish uni. And I don't have a massive circle of friends and i'm at uni.. i'm not a massive loser or anything or reserved or anti-social, it's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. He has more friends than me to be fair. I don't think him going to russia for a year has any connotations at all as it make no difference to us right now if he's in turkey, russia or anywhere else as i'm at uni for 2 years anyway so no, I don't get a meaning from that.Anyway, obviously I will be cautious when i'm over there. I do think it will be fine though.
  2. I dont really think that because I met him on the internet, as a rule, he has to be strange or a weirdo.. he met me on the internet and i'm not a weirdo. Maybe he's just a bit of a nerd? Being young doesn't necessarily been you have a ton of friends and a hectic angst fuelled social life. I'm a normal girl, I don't see why it is not possible he's just a normal boy too. Anyway, I doubt he's after a visa as he's just secured a year job in russia for when he graduates which funnily enough is for the same international company my step-dad works for (i've never mentioned my stepdads name or who he works for) and is pretty high up in so i'll be able to see if it all checks out. He said he wants to save money for us.. if he is up to some kind of scam going to russia for a year seems like a weird and long way to go about it. I think maybe, I have just happened to stumble upon a normal person on the internet.The 5 years then turkey thing was more me to be fair probably getting carried away and being all dreamy as young girls so often can.I know this stuff does happen with turkish men stealing english womens money and just wanting visas etc but I don't believe that means there aren't any nice ones, whether you meet them online or on holiday. And apparently most turkish-english marriages happen with the english one moving to turkey, so in fairness it should probably be his parents and friends etc telling him to be careful i'm not after visa!My mom and his mom have communicated a bit on skype (as his mom doesn't speak a lot of english) and we have his address, phone number and his moms phone number all confirmed and written down and I am staying in a hotel (my mom has the number and address for this too). To be honest I actually think I am in a much safer position in this situation than if I was on a boozy holiday with my girls and met him then.. I know skype can only give you so much but it still betrays facial expressions etc, you have to be a pretty good actor to look genuine constantly and I think i'm a good judge of character, I can usually read people like a book. If worst came to worse my step-dad has an apartment in Istanbul as he has a lot of business trips there so I could go and stay there if anything happened or my step-dad could fly over if it was really necessary. I guess i'll just see how it all goes in august ...
  3. Hi, I know lots of turkish mean target english girls on the internet for that reason but we met by chance on chatroulette (which randomly gives you someone) so it's not like he sought me out as an english girl and as I am 18 i'm too young for a fiance visa anyway so I doubt he would chose me if he wanted to get a visa out of someone, why not someone who's actually old enough? And again, as i'm 18, I don't have any money so I don't really see what it is he could be after from me. As for the property, I think his family are quite comfortably off so I don't know if his parents might have got it for him or given him the money or something. I'm not really putting my life on hold as i'm transferring uni's so i'm away from my uni friends and I don't have any friends where I am at the moment. For the reasons i've said I do doubt he's after anything and also he stays up as late as 6am his time often to talk to me and spends his money in the internet cafe in his uni.. I mean I don't know what lengths people would go to to convince a girl they were into them for whatever reason but I just don't see what he'd gain staying up til that time most nights talking to me when I don't even have any money and he can't get a visa out of me.I wouldn't say i'm particularly unsure or anxious about his facebook friends it's just obviously a bit of a barrier for me that I can't understand them although I am trying to learn a bit of turkish. It's just that every now and then i'm like 'Okay, this is kind of frustraing'. I'm actually meeting him in Sinop which is his hometown and where he lives (i'm staying in a hotel). I've tried to read up on the area a bit, it's meant to be a pretty nice and safe city. And i've heard that tourist areas are actually where you're more likely to meet a shady character. I have to say i'm now feeling unsure about going as I don't doubt him or his motives but everyones always saying he must be after something. I don't know why his parents are happy for him, I guess it's the same way my mom thinks it's nice i've found someone I like. I don't know really, but i'd like to hope most people in this world are decent as opposed to the ones who are not. =/Thank you for the responses
  4. Hi, thanks everyone, I did read this at the time, I must have forgotten to say thanks for the replies! Thank you
  5. Hello,Just feeling sorry for myself at the moment because i'm doing the whole long distance realtionship thing with my boyfriend who is in Turkey and I am in England. I was just wondering, those of you who are currently in the same position or have been, did you ever worry at all about your guy maybe meeting a Turkish girl or something instead? I've noticed turkish girls are really pretty lol and I just can't help worrying when a girls posted on his facebook or something and they're talking in turkish and I can't understand anything, for him at least he speaks english. I know that all his friends and family know about me and everything and it's not really about not trusting him but it's just feeling so remote being over here.. I don't know, it just gets me down sometimes, I was just wondering how other people deal with this and how long people have had to deal with a long distance relationship and if it gets easier harder, whatever. Also, while his parents are very supportive and happy that their son is happy I have heard that when it comes to marriage a lot of Turkish parents would rather their son married a nice turkish girl? Experience with this anyone?Thanks for any replies x
  6. Hi everyoneMy boyfriend sent me a letter from Turkey about 2 weeks ago I think and I haven't received it yet. He said that he was told it would take 4-5 days to get to England however I have heard it can take up to 2 months even and that sometimes letters and packages are opened or destroyed and stuff like that. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of Turkey/England mail and when you reckon I can expect to receive the letter if at all.Thanksss
  7. Hiya,I was just wondering what kind of jobs expats do in Turkey? I don't speak Turkish at the moment though I am trying to learn and I study Performing Arts so I don't really see how I could get a job in that field in Turkey..I was just wondering what sort of jobs people do when they first move over there? I imagine a lot of people work in tourist areas or with english speaking companies or something? And also how hard/easy is it to find a job?Thanks for any info
  8. Thanks, yeah, I think i'm going to spend some time over there until we can apply for the fiancee one
  9. Thanks for the repliesYes, i'm only 18 so unfortunately we can't apply for the fiancee visa yet.. it seems like that would be our best option really. We decided that if we couldn't get any of the visa's I will live there after my 19th birthday (jluy) until i'm 21 and try for the fiancee visa then
  10. Hello,I'm 18 and my Turkish boyfriend is 21, I am currently looking for fulltime work for my year out before going to uni sept 2012 and my boyfriend finishes uni next june and has 2 degrees. He owns a property in Turkey but hasn't got a proper job as he is a student too. I know that with me being 18 we can't apply for a partners visa and obviously as I am a gap year student who is looking to go to uni next year I don't exactly have a great income... are we better off waiting until we're both older and have been able to earn some money and also until I am 21 and we can apply for partners visa. Having read through a lot of the posts on here I get the impression that with our current circumstances my boyfriend and I wouldn't do very well applying for a visa...Do you think if he could secure a job here and get a work visa that could be an option?Thanks
  11. Hi there, myself and my boyfriend who is Turkish want to both work here in the UK to save up money before moving to Turkey. We want to work here for 4/5 years, I am English anyway but obviously my boyfriend will need a visa. Does anyone have any idea what visa would be most suitable, I know for the work ones you need to secure a job offer before you come here but how is he supposed to do that? Does anyone know of any agencies or companies in the UK or in Turkey that could help with this?Thanks p.s he's a construction graduate
  12. Hi, i've just done a foundation degree and I am taking a gap year before doing a BA hons. Yes, he is at uni doing construction. There's no way I would let my education plans go down the pan though.. nor would my mom for that matter lol. Thank you for your reply
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