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  1. So there's no waiting period or anything like that, as long as I have income being paid into the bank on a regular basis, I can get a debit/credit card and get white goods by paying monthly.Thanks, like I said, wasn't too sure on how that worked, I was largely presuming I wouldn't be able to do that for a few months, instead of by how much money I had coming in.Anyways, thanks again. Much apprieciated.
  2. Due to move over to Istanbul in just under 2 weeks, just wanting to know what the deal is with regards to credit purchases. Obviously when I get my residence permit I can buy white goods, that's not a problem, but I'm wondering if I'm able to buy them on credit (pay 70TRY each month for 6 months kinda thing) Or if I have to wait for a few months, or if I simply can't get credit as I'm not a citizen. Just wanting to know to help budget is all.Thanks again.
  3. It does say that it's 40k over 4 years, I imagine it'll only be around 10k each year, rather than the full 40k all at once, and if the 10k are good enough and want to stay, they'll remain, thus bringing down the ammount needed the next year. 'Course, nnow all we need is the actual requirements.
  4. Wolfy


    Thanks Ken. I didn't think it'd really be as low as that. I think even if I had to pay the 130 Lira rate, as long as I could afford it, I'd be grudgingly happy to pay. Either way at least I have an idea of how much the extras would be.Much apprieciated, thanks very much.
  5. Not in that particular hostel, but I have stayed in Hush Hostel, which is very good in my opinion, though I don't have any reference to go on, so it might not be all that great. Normally they have a safe, or somewhere that you can store your stuff though, so I don't imagine it'd be too much of an issue. I'm likely going to be going to Erasmus myself, purely to save as much cash as possible, they do have private rooms as well, so if it's within your price range you could always go that route. As a note, Hush is on the Asian side, which is why I didn't mention it. At the very least I'm pretty sure you could grab a phone number for them, or an e-mail and ask what they have available for storing a suitcase.
  6. Erasmus Hostel is on the EU side, and seems to be the cheapest. Can't find a direct website for it, but here's an external one, a search on Google brings up some more. Worth a look if nothing else. Erasmus House
  7. Thanks everyone. Some great info there, I have no doubt it'll help me out greatly. And hopefully it'll help others out as well.
  8. Wolfy


    Further question regarding this, how much would the prices change between bills included, and no bills included. Would it be, say, an extra 50TL, an extra 100TL, or no change at all?Thanks again, for all the help everyone.
  9. In my personal opinion, I'd advise to get rid of him. It just sounds like a typical nowhere relationship to me. The more you try to stay with him, the more he'll hurt you. Get out while you can.Again, this is just my opinion, and I'm sure there's alot of little things that you haven't mentioned one way or another, but as I've read it, I'd advise to let go.
  10. By Language schools I mean like English time, British English etc... By Actual schools, I mean state and private schools. Typically when discussed and compared to language schools, state and private schools tend to have better hours, and less bad word of mouth about them. Obviously this isn't all across the board there are some language schools that are better and some private/state schools that are worse, but on the whole, the general chat on forums seem to be that language schools are the sort of lower tier. It depends on the person, on whether it would be an improvement or not, some folk will likely prefer the language schools, and others state/private schools. Just thought it'd be interesting to know if anyone progressed that way, instead of just going straight to a private/state school. Just curious, why would having a citizenship be an issue? I could almost understand residency. But I'm a little confused why citizenship would be a factor.
  11. Just a thought that had occured to me, largely due to my own situation, but I thought it deserved it's own thread in case someone else wanted to know sometime later. Has anyone on these forums went from a language school, to an actual school? Or does anyone know someone who has. I'm just wondering, if there is a chance for improvement, and to step up from Language school after a while there. Do proper schools consider time spent at a language school as experience, or do they look down on the time spent there.
  12. Wolfy


    Lol, yea in my mind. That's where it's easy. Now if only it could be as simple and straightforward outside my mind, I'll be laughing. Plans rarely survive execution I believe is the term.
  13. Wolfy


    Ok, so after having a look around various sites, and being largely confused with the wildly varying price ranges, from 100TL all the way up to 2,500TL to rent, I've come to a system that I reckon should see me in good stead. Though I would like some opinions on this system, so here goes:Anything over 500TL is monthlyAnything below 100TL is dailyAnything inbetween is weekly.Would this be a reasonable assumption? It's just getting difficult to try and work out if something is a likely a bargain, or a rip off. Just wanting a rough guide to help fliter out the really expensive places from the decently priced ones. It's likely that there will be exceptions, there always is, but hopefully, this will help avoid as many issues with expecting a cheap place only to find out that it'll cost a small fortune.Thanks for all the help and advice so far, and once I get over to and settle down in Istanbul, I'll happily share as much info as I can with the forums.
  14. Wolfy


    Yea, I've had alook through the links you've put in the other thread, certainly gives alot of options, going by the price everyone else seems to be quoting, I'd imagine that the prices on Emlakjet are weekly. Which still isn't too bad, just not as cheap as I would have hoped :PBut even still 500 isn't exactly breaking the bank, and really it's just temporary to get going for the first year, and to save up some cash from working, so not a big deal. As long as the building is safe, and there's no bugs, I'm pretty ok with any other problems.Thanks for the advice on advance payments, I'll keep that in mind, could possibly help me out a great deal.
  15. Just got an e-mail clarifying it. The rate on FXCompared is for Euros, not Lira. Shame. Oh well, I guess it was FAR too good to be true.
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