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  1. We are looking for a long term villa rental in Guzelcamli Or Davutlar for our daughter her husband and two children any info is greatly appreciated.
  2. Can my Turkish wife inherit my UK Government Pension when I die?
  3. I intend to adopt my step daughter by marriage to a Turkish woman, would my then adopted daughter be able to get dual British citizenship ?
  4. I want to make my villa over to my Turkish wife my villa is about 17 years old do I need a new habitation cert?
  5. I have been granted Turkish Citizenship so I was wondering about the benefits of obtaining this, I know a few like the visa now is no longer needed and I can vote but was wondering about any other benefits?
  6. I am paying the max now, so I guess I will just have to keep stumping up, just wondering.
  7. If you get Turkish Citizenship will you get a reduction in the amount you pay the SGK?
  8. If you have ongoing health problems that you receive medication for will it exempt you from obtaining the SGK ?
  9. What about the wording if it is my Turkish Wife who is going or hopfull will be visiting my family in the UK as I will be taking financial responsibility for her not my sister?????
  10. The links are not working??? so does anybody know what you must provide to get a visa, I am hoping to take my Turkish wife over next year, what sort of paperwork must I provide? whats this about letters from my family to say I am staying with them? and family having to provide bills etc????
  11. Things have quietened down a bit now regarding the family thing, they all know I need my space now so the intrusions are few, the eldest daughter is marrying so she will move out of the area but the youngest daughter is having marital problems but there is NO WAY I will let her move in with us. I still feel like an outsider when they all get together so I take myself off and look at the internet or read. I have told my wife that I need peace and quiet, I have just had a bypass operation and I don't need any stress, her little granddaughter is a real pain on times and is hypoactive and just doesn't listen so I have told my wife I don't want her visiting only now and again. I have told my wife is she wants to see her family I don't mind her visiting them in their OWN homes. WE still argue a lot that's because we are both strong minded I think, my wife was on her own for some 14 years before we met so she is used to being the boss needless to say so am I, we clash a lot I just hope things work out otherwise I can foresee a parting of the ways. WE have only been married for 2 years, life's too short for aggravation and unhappiness.
  12. Alimony refers to a meaning of "financial support after divorce". This might be the case if your wife needs financial support and asks you to pay. So this could be a lump sum settlement? As I have paid for everything and she has kept her money will I still have to pay Alimony ?
  13. So my home is safe? is there two court cases one to decide the divorce and one then if any assets are claimed, these are not done at the same time? how long will it take for the second case to be heard? thanks for your answers it has made me feel a lot safer now. Yes we did get married in Turkey. What does this mean .......such as alimony? we have no children , moral damage etc. ?
  14. Sadly I am almost certain that my Turkish Wife and I will be parting company, ( we have only been married for two years) what I would like to know is how I will stand financially the house is in my name and was bought years ago and I have my own bank account with the money from my british pensions and savings I had before I got married to my Turkish wife. So the question I would really appreciate answer to is what if anything will I have to give my wife.
  15. Well they have the hump with me alright, but as long as they don't try to interfere in my life and cause a row between me and my wife its a cheap price to pay. Sad because I just like to get along help if I can (which I have) and just be given myspace, don't try to invade my space and your ok so to speak. I tried dropping hints but no joy so I just came out with it....enough. I think I am off the birthday/christmas card list now
  16. I am trying to get my wife to understand that my/our home is my castle a safe haven from trouble and strife if I don't make a stand I will be walked over and I am not having that, I don't want to interfere in anybody's life and take a dim view of anybody invading my space. It seems to be kinda working but her family are not talking to me, I can live with that, its a small price to pay for my privacy. I just wish it didn't have had to come to this. As long as me and my wife are OK thats all I really care about, selfish ? Perhaps but I need the quiet.
  17. Thanks for that, I will stick to my guns on this I will NOT be made to feel as if I am a pushover in my own home, If they don't want to speak or bother with me I really don't mind if thats what it takes to have my home back its cheap at half the price. They will need me before I need them so to speak, I am easy going but when I dig in thats it, so it will be interesting times to come but I will not back down. The language is a hard thing and the meanings of words are lost sometimes in translation. My wife thought I said / meant that I didn't want her because she had a family, I said thats what I meant, I just meant I won't have anybody camping in our home they are welcome to come in the day but not to stop overnight, and I don't want to get involved in any marital problems, their life their choice, nobody just descends on my home anymore, full stop. I just hope she can understand this. Inshalla. Many thanks for your reply, it make me think I am not this horrible ogre they think I am, they can sulk all they like I will not give in.
  18. I am married to a Turkish Woman and the hardest thing I find is a difference in culture re family, IE they seem to think that they can descend on you at will< i am a very private person and because of the language barrier I feel out of it when they all get together in my home. I just take myself off to my den and go on the internet or watch a film BUT I feel pushed out and isolated. I like my wifes family they are lovely but I don't want them staying over night too often, the youngest daughter is the worst she has problems with her own relationship and seems to want to just descend on us with her little girl to eat sleep stay up till 3am on the internet. I don't like getting involved with anybodys relationship they need to sort it out themselves. I told my wife I was not happy about them staying and all hell broke loose, I was like a social leper, none of her family talk to me they have disowned me so to speak...but if that what it takes to have my own space back so be it. I love my Wife and enjoy being with her but I refuse to be bombarded or pushed out or taken advantage of. My wife is speaking to me but it will take some time I think before we will be back as we were before. I just couldn't get her to understand that I NEED my own space and I NEED to feel comfortable in my own home. Anybody else have this problem????
  19. Has anybody caught the Brindisi To Igoumenitsa Ferry ? if you have did you book first of did you just turn up at the dock, I would like to just turn up as I don't honestly know how long it will take me to drive from Calais to Brindisi, help / info would be gratefully received .
  20. What are the best Best phone and internet package'.available, pit falls the do's and don't 's etc we will want unlimited download and a fast internet connection, costs etc would be appreciated ..
  21. Retired Artist in Burned clay (bricklayer) and for the last 20 years social worker. Soon to move to Guz in Turkey.......

  22. Can't wait to move over to Turkey in October.

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    2. Tony07


      I will be driving over to Turkey with some things that must be taken, we have started to empty some things now, it surprising the junk we keep.

    3. omentide


      We don't have a car. We have two motorbikes, but you can't carry much on those! We've been totally amazed by the amount of junk we accumulated over the past 13 years...

    4. Tony07


      I know the feeling, where does it all come from lol

  23. Has anybody had a new solar panel heating (water) system put in recently?(the tubular a ones) I am looking to change ours and update to the new style (longer water tanks and a tubular pipes) I was wondering if this could be done with the tanks nearer the roof not stuck up on legs so to speak. The nearer the roof the better for when I have to sort out the problems with the minerals in the water blocking up the ball cock etc. I was also thinking of putting in a water pump has anybody done this yet? I am aware that the whole water thing is run on gravity feed so any ideas would be gratefully received. Any idea on the cost of this new system?
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