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  1. We are looking for a long term villa rental in Guzelcamli Or Davutlar for our daughter her husband and two children any info is greatly appreciated.
  2. Can my Turkish wife inherit my UK Government Pension when I die?
  3. I intend to adopt my step daughter by marriage to a Turkish woman, would my then adopted daughter be able to get dual British citizenship ?
  4. I want to make my villa over to my Turkish wife my villa is about 17 years old do I need a new habitation cert?
  5. I have been granted Turkish Citizenship so I was wondering about the benefits of obtaining this, I know a few like the visa now is no longer needed and I can vote but was wondering about any other benefits?
  6. I am paying the max now, so I guess I will just have to keep stumping up, just wondering.
  7. If you get Turkish Citizenship will you get a reduction in the amount you pay the SGK?
  8. If you have ongoing health problems that you receive medication for will it exempt you from obtaining the SGK ?
  9. What about the wording if it is my Turkish Wife who is going or hopfull will be visiting my family in the UK as I will be taking financial responsibility for her not my sister?????
  10. The links are not working??? so does anybody know what you must provide to get a visa, I am hoping to take my Turkish wife over next year, what sort of paperwork must I provide? whats this about letters from my family to say I am staying with them? and family having to provide bills etc????
  11. Things have quietened down a bit now regarding the family thing, they all know I need my space now so the intrusions are few, the eldest daughter is marrying so she will move out of the area but the youngest daughter is having marital problems but there is NO WAY I will let her move in with us. I still feel like an outsider when they all get together so I take myself off and look at the internet or read. I have told my wife that I need peace and quiet, I have just had a bypass operation and I don't need any stress, her little granddaughter is a real pain on times and is hypoactive and just doesn't listen so I have told my wife I don't want her visiting only now and again. I have told my wife is she wants to see her family I don't mind her visiting them in their OWN homes. WE still argue a lot that's because we are both strong minded I think, my wife was on her own for some 14 years before we met so she is used to being the boss needless to say so am I, we clash a lot I just hope things work out otherwise I can foresee a parting of the ways. WE have only been married for 2 years, life's too short for aggravation and unhappiness.
  12. Alimony refers to a meaning of "financial support after divorce". This might be the case if your wife needs financial support and asks you to pay. So this could be a lump sum settlement? As I have paid for everything and she has kept her money will I still have to pay Alimony ?
  13. So my home is safe? is there two court cases one to decide the divorce and one then if any assets are claimed, these are not done at the same time? how long will it take for the second case to be heard? thanks for your answers it has made me feel a lot safer now. Yes we did get married in Turkey. What does this mean .......such as alimony? we have no children , moral damage etc. ?
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