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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Ken Grubb in Residence Permit Online Application System Errors   
    If you've downloaded your application form, then you're definitely in the system as having a completed appointment application. But I have heard it can take a few weeks to get the appointment e-mail or SMS in Istanbul. There's no exact amount of time since it all depends on their workload. I definitely understand your concern, but really there's nothing else you can do. If your current residence permit or visa expires, you're okay up until whatever appointment date they give you as long as you have your printed application. Take the first page and your passport with you when you go out.
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    IbrahimAbi got a reaction from Betty Zeng in Residence Permit Online Application System Errors   
    It depends on which part of the country you are applying in. Areas with lots of foreigners eg Istanbul, or Muğla may take longer than others. In my case it was about 4 days.
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Eglegal in How Can I Become a Turkish Citizen?   
    Dear All,
    Having a property is one of the preconditions only for applications through property investment type. For other type of citizenship applications,for instance, living in Turkey for more than 5 years with RP or being married with a Turkish citizen, property ownership status is not something which the immigration authority takes into consideration. 
    There are different types of applications which all of them have their own set of conditions. Thus, for those who wants to do the citizenship application should look into the requirements of that particular type.
    It is not in English language, but you can have a look at the application types under the link given below; 
    For instance, application through "marriage with a Turkish citizen" would require a 3 years long official marriage but not residence permit or property ownership etc. 
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Ken Grubb in How Can I Become a Turkish Citizen?   
    I had a Turkish friend call the Nüfus and ask if a foreigner is required to own property to become a Turkish citizen. The person working the Nüfus said no, there is no requirement for a foreigner to own property. But property ownership is one of several ways for a foreigner to prove their intent to live in Turkey.
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    IbrahimAbi got a reaction from Ken Grubb in Residence Permit Online Application System Errors   
    The early bird may get more worms but it is the second mouse that gets the cheese. Congratulations Betty.
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Joy in Turkish Pensions for Foreign Employees   
    I cannot speak to receiving a pension, but a foreigner who paid into SGK for any amount of time is eligible to claim a lump sum if 58 years old as a woman or 61 as a man. 9% of the salary is collected by the government while working and there is an amount added  based on inflation. Two attachments below. One is the form you complete and take to the SGK office nearest your last employment location to start the process of your payment. In 2 -3 months they will send a letter that you can pick up the money at a bank. You only need to complete 1, 2, and 5 and the signature,  email, mobile, and address at the bottom on the form.  If someone has worked many years, they would have the option of the annuity or the lump sum. 
    The other attachment is a presentation on this subject.  
    SGK-038 Turkey.docx Social Security_turkey.ppt
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Eglegal in I still can not believe it   
    Hi Fada, 
    First of all, sorry for the things you have been through. We are definitely so sad that this kind of inconviences are happening everyday in our home country.
    According to applicable law, builders are responsible for the defects for 5 years against buyer and their responsibility period may go up to 20 year for the hidden defects. You can claim material damage against builder if you are within this call period. In your care we are talking about the whole damage, including the extra damage given by the plumber, provided that you prove plumber worked with the instruction of the builder.
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    IbrahimAbi got a reaction from REDDERS in I still can not believe it   
    What do you mean by developer? Is it a new-build and did you buy it from the developer? it is not right to judge a country by the actions, or in-actions of one person.
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Ken Grubb in Temporary Residence Permit 6 month entry requirement?   
    As long as your residence permit is still valid, you can come and go with your residence permit. The only limit for the residence permit is it's expiration date. There's no legal requirement for you to come to Turkey within a certain time period. There used to be, but there isn't any more. So as long as your residence permit is still valid, you can return to Turkey with it.
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Ken Grubb in Our Quizzes   
    If you enjoy quizzes, we've got some good ones for you. They include quizzes about general knowledge, science, animals, history, geography and a lot more.
    We also have quizzes about Turkey and Turkey's most popular cities and towns. Most quizzes have 30 questions, and a 15-minute time limit.
    To take a quiz, to go www.turkeycentral.com/quiz/. You must be signed in as a member. After you've completed a quiz, you'll be shown the correct answers for the questions. You can only take a quiz once. Your quiz results will be posted in this forum.
    Good luck!
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Eglegal in Property Inheritance - British Father Death   
    Hi Crad26, 
    Thanks for all parties who makes contribution to the discussion here which is definitely valuable. 
    Let me explain you the situation as simple as I can, 
    1)  As your father died in 2018, it is no longer possible for you to REJECT the inheritance, as 3 months rejection period is over since he passed away. It implies that, you are now regarded as the official heir of your late father under Turkish law. 
    (There is only one exception rule to the 3 months rejection deadline, but that right could only be practiced when your father's assets is not financially enough cover his debts at the time he passed. However, it seems hard considering he owns a property here in Turkey) Anyway, 
    Legally speaking, yes, creditors have the right to claim debts (which comes from the deceased) against the heirs. However, that doesn't seem to be easy for management company claim due payments from the heirs for practical reasons, as they have to prove your heir status (through inheritance certificate and they can't collect without involving UK authorities unless your father is Turkish citizen) also they are in need to find some assets registered to you in Turkey (which you do not have as far as you have referred). 
    3) I would recommend you to transfer your shares into the name of your step mother, even if you are not willing to claim any right out of that unit. Otherwise, your step mother would not be able to sell the properties to anyone if and when she wants to do so OR her family (heirs in future) would have nothing in their possession which allows them to sell/rent etc. 
    Although it seems that following the legal procedures would serve mostly in the interest of your step mother,  it would help you and your siblings too. When you do the transfer to her name, then you are no longer responsible of property tax, condo fees etc. 
    Any questions/queries, please feel free. 
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to lawyerinIzmir in Property Inheritance - British Father Death   
    Hi , Turkish inheritance law applies to real estate in Turkey. Heritage of deceasd passed to his legal heirs if who dies without a will. A quarter of  the heritage will belong to his spouse. The rest share will belong to his childeren equally. However, transaction are not automatic. You must obtain a certificate of inharitance and apply to the Tapu Center for registeration. 
    If you do not want the your share you must have a decision from the court that you refuge the inheritance. Or you may transfer the your share to your stepmother. 
    For more detailed information, please do not hesitate to ask by sending e mail to [email protected]
    Sabahattin Yılmaz ( Attorney at Law) 
    +90 532 2776716
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    IbrahimAbi got a reaction from Ken Grubb in Drawing Money from My Turkish Bank Account After Purchasing with a Credit Card   
    They normally charge on a fixed day of the month (This is normally set by you when you first make the application, many people choose a date soon after their salary is paid). I am not sure about the interest, I am embarrassed to say that I never look!.
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    IbrahimAbi got a reaction from Fada in Credit Cards for foreigners in Turkey?   
    It depends on the bank. I agree that HSBC are very 'foreigner unfriendly' we blew them out 10 years ago. They wanted to freeze more money in my account than the credit card was good for. (Something like 3500TL and they allowed me 2000TL on the card) at the time. Garanti have not frozen anything and allow me 10 000TL, but I suspect it depends on your circumstances, we have been banking with them for over 15 years and have a house in our name which is insured through them. My advice would be to ask around. We have both credit cards, not debit cards and they work online with any company we have tried.
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to REDDERS in How to Get A Turkish Driving License, Pdf Attached   
    I too am in the process of applying,but this list from my files website from last year that a Surgery member sent to me..so you can use it for now as guidance.
    [ This WILL differ ,province to province]
    The list below is from when applications were made via the Trafic Polis, now it’s to the Nufus,so until the process & documents required can be confirmed, the list below should only be used as a rough guide.   As of 3rd Jan 2020 please ad 23.73% to the fees shown below.   1 Photocopy of RP card 2 notarised translation of education certificate 3- 4 x biometric photos 4- Notarised driving license translation 5- Doctor’s report ..inform Doctor/Hospital you need checks for drivers licence[Approx 200tl]..if over 65 you may be required to have a hearing and eye test as well. 6- Blood type card 7- Criminal Record check ,from your local Turkish court. (free) 8- Schooling certificate 9- 134.00  TL Licence fee [to be paid at the tax office] 10-  915.70TL for car type licence [ class B] paid at the tax office..[  tax for A1 or A2 motorcycle category:+ 164.40 TL] 11-  NEW OIV Tax  54.60tl.
    12- Donation to Polis Foundation 25tl 13- Proof of address from Nufus Registry office [or the e-devlet website.]
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Ken Grubb in How to Get A Turkish Driving License, Pdf Attached   
    I haven't, but you can call the Nüfus ve Vatandaşlık İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü (Nüfus) at 199. They have an English option.
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Ken Grubb in Can I Bring a Metal Detector to Turkey?   
    They sell metal detectors in Turkey, so they're not illegal. Also, their not on any restricted list on the customs website, so it should be okay. It is illegal to use a metal detector around ancient sites. Also, if you find, are given, or buy any antiquity in Turkey and try to take it out of the country, it's illegal, and you could even go to jail for it. That includes any antiquity, even a coin, and even an old carpet. If you want to take something out of Turkey and you're not sure if it's an antiquity or not, you must go to a museum and get a letter stating that it's not an antiquity before you take it out of the country.
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    IbrahimAbi got a reaction from Ken Grubb in Extension for Residence Permit July 2020 in Antalya   
    Almost certain, there is a small chance that the guys in Ankara will spot that something is missing, but think positively!
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Cukurbagli in PARTNERS OR NOT?   
    You're being taken for a ride. No it is not a Turkish custom.
    Not only is it not common practice but you won't be legally married, don't do it.
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    IbrahimAbi got a reaction from Ken Grubb in Car Insurance in Turkey   
    It does depend on the province where you register the car. If you are a foreigner I think the plates must reflect the province of your residence. istanbul and Ankara are more expensive than other areas. If you drive there you will see why!!!
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    IbrahimAbi got a reaction from Ken Grubb in Car Insurance in Turkey   
    I am not sure about imported vehicles, some companies do not want to insure cars for foreigners. We have Turkish registered cars, and insure through Axa, and allianze .
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Meral in Alternative Education Systems in Turkey   
    Yes, that would be so, Sonia. But now, because of COVD-19, that kids have had to do their schooling at home, online or via TV (with parental supervision), it might just catch on a bit more.  Same might happen with jobs as people find it's plausible to work from home.
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    IbrahimAbi got a reaction from Gabriel George Gabrillo in Extension for Residence Permit July 2020 in Antalya   
    Can you courier the document to the landlord and let the landlord notarise it and courier it back to you? Or catch a bus to Isparta it is only an hour away (and miles cooler than Antalya)
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Omer Varol in British Turk Wants to Get Turkish Citizenship   
    ^^ I did read somewhere that if you have a medical condition that will prevent you from serving in the military, you will be excused, if you have hospital documentation to back it up. I'm sure the embassy should know something about this.
    @Ken Grubb Great stuff on the docs you made, one thing to mention is that in the embassy they might want to request both parents physically present for the process, no ifs ands or buts (I faced that in the US at their embassy).
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Ken Grubb in British Turk Wants to Get Turkish Citizenship   
    Actually, I'm in the process of writing about citizenship and such documents! So I've already done the homework. Here is what I know:
    For all foreign documents, first get the document, then get the apostille, then have both the document and the apostille translated into Turkish by a Turkish sworn translator. The translator will have their translation notarized by a Turkish notary, then return your document with the apostille and the notarized translation. So:
    Once you have your birth certificate, go here:
    Once you have the apostille you need to get it translated by a sworn translator. This also involves a notary seal and signature. If you're not going to be in Turkey, contact the Turkish embassy or consulate for information about Turkish sworn translators and notaries in the UK. Usually they have businesses near the embassies and consulates. You'll likely just go to the translator. Then the translator will take the document to a Turkish notary. Once the Turkish notary stamps and signs it, your birth certificate will be as legal in Turkey as it is in the UK. Make sure you look on the back and record the document number. If you ever need a translated and notarized copy of your birth certificate again, you can just give that number to the notary and they can give you another notarized copy of it (no need to get the document again or have it translated again).
    For the criminal record check document, go here:
    To get the apostille, go to the same link above concerning the birth certificate. The procedure is the same.
    In Turkey this is called a sağlık kurulu raporu or heyet raporu. It is a health report. In Turkey you would get one from a state hospital. In Turkey it's a letter, with your photo affixed to it, signed off by several doctors from different departments who basically give you a complete check-up for various things. Since things are different in the UK, you probably just need to go to a hospital and explain what you need and they'll know what to do. Since it's not Turkey, the Turkish embassy or consulate will accept whatever the UK system has.
    Once you have the documents they need, make an appointment at the Turkish embassy or consulate again and take them what you have. Your citizenship process should be pretty easy after that.
    Good luck with it! And please, come back and let us know how it went!
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