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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Meral in Alternative Education Systems in Turkey   
    Yes, that would be so, Sonia. But now, because of COVD-19, that kids have had to do their schooling at home, online or via TV (with parental supervision), it might just catch on a bit more.  Same might happen with jobs as people find it's plausible to work from home.
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    IbrahimAbi got a reaction from Gabriel George Gabrillo in Extension for residence permit July 2020 in antalya   
    Can you courier the document to the landlord and let the landlord notarise it and courier it back to you? Or catch a bus to Isparta it is only an hour away (and miles cooler than Antalya)
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Omer Varol in British Turk Wants to Get Turkish Citizenship   
    ^^ I did read somewhere that if you have a medical condition that will prevent you from serving in the military, you will be excused, if you have hospital documentation to back it up. I'm sure the embassy should know something about this.
    @Ken Grubb Great stuff on the docs you made, one thing to mention is that in the embassy they might want to request both parents physically present for the process, no ifs ands or buts (I faced that in the US at their embassy).
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Ken Grubb in British Turk Wants to Get Turkish Citizenship   
    Actually, I'm in the process of writing about citizenship and such documents! So I've already done the homework. Here is what I know:
    For all foreign documents, first get the document, then get the apostille, then have both the document and the apostille translated into Turkish by a Turkish sworn translator. The translator will have their translation notarized by a Turkish notary, then return your document with the apostille and the notarized translation. So:
    Once you have your birth certificate, go here:
    Once you have the apostille you need to get it translated by a sworn translator. This also involves a notary seal and signature. If you're not going to be in Turkey, contact the Turkish embassy or consulate for information about Turkish sworn translators and notaries in the UK. Usually they have businesses near the embassies and consulates. You'll likely just go to the translator. Then the translator will take the document to a Turkish notary. Once the Turkish notary stamps and signs it, your birth certificate will be as legal in Turkey as it is in the UK. Make sure you look on the back and record the document number. If you ever need a translated and notarized copy of your birth certificate again, you can just give that number to the notary and they can give you another notarized copy of it (no need to get the document again or have it translated again).
    For the criminal record check document, go here:
    To get the apostille, go to the same link above concerning the birth certificate. The procedure is the same.
    In Turkey this is called a sağlık kurulu raporu or heyet raporu. It is a health report. In Turkey you would get one from a state hospital. In Turkey it's a letter, with your photo affixed to it, signed off by several doctors from different departments who basically give you a complete check-up for various things. Since things are different in the UK, you probably just need to go to a hospital and explain what you need and they'll know what to do. Since it's not Turkey, the Turkish embassy or consulate will accept whatever the UK system has.
    Once you have the documents they need, make an appointment at the Turkish embassy or consulate again and take them what you have. Your citizenship process should be pretty easy after that.
    Good luck with it! And please, come back and let us know how it went!
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Ken Grubb in British Turk Wants to Get Turkish Citizenship   
    Here are the guides I recently wrote about obtaining Turkish citizenship by birth, and Turkish citizenship and the military obligation. Besides reading the laws, and talking to the Population and Citizenship Directorate (Nüfus), I also had them reviewed by @Eglegal (Av. Ender Keleş), our community lawyer. See attached.
    Please feel free to provide any positive or negative comments you might have. I want to be sure they make sense and are readable.
    Citizenship and Military Obligation.docx
    Citizenship by Birth.docx
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Ken Grubb in Does Time Spent in Turkey with a Tourist Visa Count Towards the Five Years Required to Become a Turkish Citizen?   
    An update: The five years in Turkey must be with a residence permit or a work permit. Time spent in Turkey with a student residence permit, or a visa, doesn't count towards the five years required to become a Turkish citizen.
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    IbrahimAbi got a reaction from Ken Grubb in My Former Company Won't Cancel My Work Permit, Causing Problems with My New Employer   
    Normally the Labour Ministry in Turkey supports the worker rather than the employer in most cases. I think you will get support from them.
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to REDDERS in Confirmed: Flights to Turkey are Resuming in June, No HES Covid-19 Tracing Code Required   
    Hi Ken,things changing daily here with dates.
    This morning THY posted their flight destinations & start dates....Here's the American dates..

    Chicago | 3 flights per week as of June 19, 2020 Washington DC | 3 flights per week as of June 19, 2020 Los Angeles | 3 flights per week as of June 24, 2020 Miami | 3 flights per week as of June 22, 2020
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Dona Timani in Paying the Residence Permit Application Fees Online   
    Yes, that's what we did last year as well, but since we have to mail the application this time, we had to pay first and add the receipt to the documents. I went to the Bostanci vergi dairesi and paid there, it was easier than I imagined, and we didn't have to wait in a long queue or anything. 
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    IbrahimAbi got a reaction from Ken Grubb in Paying the Residence Permit Application Fees Online   
    Yes it was greyed out for us too in March. We attended interview and when asked to pay we went to the tax office and showed them our application form, there are two boxes which indicate the fee. They took the money off us (cash only), gave us a receipt which we took back to the Göç idaresi and that was it. We completed the process in mid May (offices were closed for a while) and got my card through the post this week. God luck Dona
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    IbrahimAbi got a reaction from Ken Grubb in Turkish SGK Health Insurance   
    I am not too sure on that, but feel that it may be true. The logic being that up until she gets a pension then the wife is a 'dependent' of the husband. When she receives her pension then she has her own income, so should take out her own SGK policy. it would be best to check this with an SGK office.
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    IbrahimAbi got a reaction from Ken Grubb in Turkish SGK Health Insurance   
    I would advise SGK, it is only as good as your local  state hospitals. My wife and I (fortunately) have only had to use it a couple of times but we have been impressed. What is the alternative? Private with be expensive if you are over 60. Most over 60s also have pre-existing conditions which will not be covered privately.
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to PeteJF in Now back in Antalya   
    Last week left our Mersin apartment on Thursday afternoon headed to our new place in  Antalya.  We drove half way and stopped at a hotel where there were only two other guests.
    On the way to Antalya we went past some of the biggest greenhouses I have seen - used for growing bananas.
    We arrived at Antalya on the Friday afternoon - to another hotel as our furniture and goods were not due to arrive at the new apartment until Saturday morning.

    The removal company decided that because access was limited they needed three more men to do the job so we paid for that.
    Everything was in and furniture assembled by late afternoon and we spent some hours unpacking. We also got the internet connected and air conditioning installed.

    Sunday was more unpacking and haircuts for me and the boys.
    We have been having takeaway food delivered as we don't yet have the gas connected.
    Sunday evening I listened to a lecture a friend was giving on Zoom "Listening to the Underverse: Gravitational-Wave Astronomy"
    My wife has ordered many curtains.
    It was rather hot over the weekend, reaching 41°C on Sunday, down to 37°C today, so we found that more air conditioning was needed, that has now been fitted.

    We have been sorting out out the natural gas supply and still need to as residents of Antalya. We have to complete our registration here as Antalya is a different province to Mersin, the process takes a few days, but once finished and we have our new ID cards I will be automatically registered with the Turkish state health system. As I am married to a Turkish citizen I qualify for free treatment, though I do have to pay for prescriptions.
    Still have lots of unpacking to do, but feeling rather exhausted..

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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Ken Grubb in Turkish Airlines Now Requires a "Hayat Eve Sığar" (HES) Code Prior to Boarding a Domestic Flight   
    As you may know, domestic flights in Turkey will begin again on June 4th. International flights will begin again on June 10th.
    Before you can buy a ticket for a domestic flight, you must first obtain a "Hayat Eve Sığar" (HES) code. You can get one through Turkey's e-government portal at https://turkiye.gov/ or, if you're not a member, you can download the application from your mobile phone app store.
    For more information, see this article on the Turkish Airlines site:
    I didn't find the article to be very clear on what this is. But my take is that it's a way for the airline to know if, during contact tracing investigations, you've been identified as having been exposed to someone who has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. So if you apply for the number, I assume a check is done in a database to see if you've been exposed to the virus, and if you have, you won't be allowed on any domestic flights.
    I'm seeing that, for now, this doesn't involve international flights which connect with domestic flights, but that will probably change. 
    Be sure to read the article in case it's updated later.
    Special thanks to @Fizyo.deniz for passing this information on to me.
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to REDDERS in Importing a Classic Car into Turkey   
    Hi Alex,you cn import any age vehicle for either up to 2yrs or apply to keep it here permanently & putting it on Turkish foreigners'M' plates.
    To import for up to 2yrs & keep it on foreign plates ,you can enter on your 90 day visa exemption then when you have your RP go back to a border to extend the allowed time up to the expiry of your RP.

    If you wish to keep it here longer than the 2yrs and put it on Turkish 'M' plates then you must either be in receipt of a pension from your home country or have a Work Permit to work in Turkey.
    You will need to apply to Turk Touring to pay a financial bond  ,be advised ,this might be as much as you paid for the car in your home country. [ The tax is calculated by the engine size and age of the vehicle].
    To enquire about this you will need to email or phone Turk Turing to find this out [ Turkish only]. This will allow you to put the vehicle onto Turkish foreigners [M ] plates,tax ,MOT & insure it here, and allow you to sell within Turkey [ with restrictions] if required.

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    IbrahimAbi got a reaction from Ken Grubb in Coronavirus   
    Update on this. We were told that some Göç Idaresi offices were still open. We called 157 but they could not tell us if our local one is open. Today we drove in and were told by the official that yes, he remembers us and sending me to self isolate (our appointment was a few days after returning from UK). He said that are not processing RPs at the moment, but would probably start again around  mid April. He assured me that as we had finalised the application before the residence had expired there would be no problem.
    Stay safe folks.
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    IbrahimAbi got a reaction from Ken Grubb in Coronavirus   
    Loads of people out and about over 65 today. I think I was served by one in the hardware shop.
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    IbrahimAbi got a reaction from Ken Grubb in Middle or High School   
    There are some schools that teach trades eg electrician, plumber. They are found in almost every large town. They are called  Meslek lisesi.
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Cukurbagli in Is this from a book   
    Hi Mirolol, welcome to Turkey Central. I can't help with your first question but I will ask a Turkish friend.
    I found the series with English subtitles HERE
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    IbrahimAbi got a reaction from Meral in Coronavirus   
    Does anyone know if the  Göç İdaresi  offices are open these days?
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to REDDERS in Coronavirus   
    All GOC offices are closed until 6th April provisionally.
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    IbrahimAbi got a reaction from Fizyo.deniz in Antalya in summer - How to cope with the heat?   
    It is a very humid heat. Some people drive up into the mountains for a cool picnic. last year we went to the mountains with our Turkish neighbours in August. It was so cool that the missus needed to borrow a sweater!
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Meral in Multi cultural marriage-Some advice would be great   
    Wow, Oncebitten, it's good to hear back from you as I was wondering how things were working out for you. And thanks for addressing tequelinka too;  your advice (literally from the horse's mouth) will, I hope, have a stronger impression on her than anything the rest of us could possibly say, who haven't lived it.  I certainly hope she will take it to heart.
    tequelinka, I urge you to read the signs your fiance is showing you, read his anger when you challenge his dictates. Some things can't be left till after marriage to settle... you must sort them out now,  before you take that step. Before it's too late......!
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do, just don't be blind-sighted as Oncebitten says.       
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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Oncebitten in Multi cultural marriage-Some advice would be great   
    Hey guys. 4 months late on the reply, sorry! I'm awful at getting back to people lol anyway thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my post, it's greatly appreciated. 
    I'm still here at the minute with my daughter and my husband and I have had a handful of arguments since I first posted this thread. It's taken me 8 long years to see what was right in front of me and only within the last year I've started to see everything for what it is. I'm due to fly back to the UK in 3 weeks time if all is okay virus wise I've mentioned it to my mum briefly and she said I could stay with her until I get sorted. 
    The other day I also was taken aback as my husband randomly as he was going out the door threw in mention of having another baby which completely baffled me due to the arguments we'd had. Clearly there are a number of problems in our marriage that I hoped would be worked on but it seems they've obviously just gone way over his head. I've made it clear on a number of occasions that I do not want anymore  with him and he said he understood and that it was okay. Now it's like he hasn't taken what I've said seriously and threw into convo. I tried to be careful what way I handled the situation as I'm still trying to make it to the getting back home stage. So I waited until this morning and gently asked if he would get me some more of my contraceptive pill, which he did. This is obviously another way of him trying to either keep me here or make me want to return. It doesn't. 
    Again thanks for the help everyone. It's great to have advice from others point of view. I will keep an update once I've returned home! (if I do with said virus circulating!!) 
    Also to the lady thinking of marrying in the same situation as me, if I can give you any advice before you marry this man, don't do it! Please don't. I love my husband and know he has a good heart, it's just his culture and he's so used to it but my life has been pretty controlled. I'm not allowed to do anything basically. I stay inside 95% of the time. I also was told that it's not safe here for me to have coffee with my friends as I'm a foreigner! Which is bull crap to be honest. A few other girls 8 know have full independence and their husband's support them. If you're already seeing warning signs then do not go ahead and marry this man. He's not going to change or get better just because you're married. It. Will. Get. Worse. I wish I'd been told this before I married! 
    Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide to do, just don't be blind sighted like I was x

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    IbrahimAbi reacted to Cukurbagli in Multi cultural marriage-Some advice would be great   
    Hi tequelinka, Meral and I have been involved with this forum for quite a few years, we have never actually met each other but along with a couple of other people we have been trying to help people here for at least ten or twelve years and we have seen a lot of young women in your position. We know that love is a strong emotion and we know that it is sometimes very hard to believe things like this can happen to you but they do. There are too many stories of women being blinded by love and who think that they will be able to change the man they love when in fact they can't. Then we see the result of this when they ask us for help to get divorced and take their children home. We always try to get them to open their eyes and see what they are walking into and usually we fail. There are lots of stories like yours in our marriage forums, occasionally we have even got to meet these girls and they have told us they wish they had listened to us. You have already told us that you don't think you will be able to change your fiance, well please read through some of the other posts in our marriage forum or more importantly our dating and romantic relations forum. You will find all the heartbreaking stories there.
    The bottom line question you have to ask yourself is: Would I put up with this from a Christian European guy? I suspect that your answer would be no. Then why should you put up with it from a Turkish muslim guy? He might have a nice tan and be handsome but if he is going to be like this to you now what is going to happen ten years from now when he is fat and still wants to go out with his men friends and leave you at home with two or three kids?
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