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  1. All hairdressers do make up for weddings. In Isparta there is a street full of high quality hairdressers (it is the same street that the football stadium is on), There is another just opened in the Centrum garden shopping mall, but I cannot vouch for any particular one. You will probably need to book as there are many weddings in this area in summer, as relies often come over from Europe.
  2. I was wondering if the missus can buy out our place (well over 250 000 USD) which, currently, is in my sole name. Any advice from legal experts would be welcome
  3. There is also a limit on the age of the vehicle that you can import. I am not sure what it is but the Turing club can tell you http://www.turing.org.tr/
  4. I believe that if you take the phone out of Turkey and make a call on it, then the 120 day period is reset on your return.
  5. Can you but 'soya eti' in 5 star Migros Ken? We don't have one here but will call in next time I am in Antalya if they do.
  6. It would be much safer if you could meet him in your own town with family and friends close by. if he is not willing to do this you should be suspicious of him. He should want you to be comfortable.
  7. Where will you meet him for the first time? Personally I am suspicious about him. Often Turkish men do not behave well on dating sites, I have heard some horrific stories from a female friend who registered with one. i would advise that you arrange that other people are with you when you meet him for the first time if this is possible.
  8. The trıck is not to eat the soya on its own but to soak it (very small amount of water) for 15 mins, then add to Kofte mix. I guarantee you wıll not know ıt ıs ın there. Afiyet olsun
  9. You can save quite a lot of money (and, some would say be more healthy) by adding up to 20% (moist weight) soya eti to your kıyma if making Köfte. You really cannot tell the difference in taste and you will get more Köfte for your money. I used to buy it in Migros, but have not seen it for a while. https://urun.n11.com/gurme-urunler/gdo-suz-naturel-soya-kiymasi-1-kgsafir-gidaucretsiz-kargo-P225500481
  10. It is up to the agent to chase the landlord. Go to see the agent and be assertive. If this fails I believe you can serve the landlord a letter which has been notarised, to request the repairs within a reasonable time.
  11. Have a swim before you decide. We stayed in a place called Ören, somewhere near Ayvalik (not the one near Bodrum), in fact we were there when Iraq invaded Kuwait, and the water is freezing. ( We had left Kuwait 1 month earlier so it was a bit of a shock). I seem to remember it was also freezing in Teos outside Izmir.
  12. Personally I would not bother, I would buy locally and sell locally. Importing is a minefield. Just my opinion mind.
  13. I am not trying to recommend our village at all, just to point out the things that need considering before moving. Believe me, we are happy to be the only foreigners in town! At first people thought we were strange but over the years many of the things that we have chosen, bought or done have been copied by the locals. We were the first people in the village to use drip irrigation, to buy a strimmer for example, before that people had used scythes, some still do.
  14. In our village there is a bus into town each day at 08:00 but you would have to fill your time in town as the only return bus leaves at 15:00
  15. Welcome to the Forum Giray. in order to help make decent suggestions we probably need to know what you mean by non touristy. We fled Bodrum when it became unbearable for us, especially in the summer. If you really go non touristy then you will need to speak more Turkish, you will not have access to 'expat' bars and restaurants. Non of that is a problem for us. You will also need to buy a car if you are to live in a village. For us it also means having to drive 25km to the nearest town, 50km to the nearest city. When you say airport do you mean international airport or are you happy to fly vi
  16. Try changing the language to Turkish, you can change back when you have moved on a page or 2. good luck
  17. Have you thought about the possibility of a prenuptial agreement? An option would be to gift your children some money whilst you are still alive, in lieu of inheritance, and then get married.
  18. Is your father in Turkey now or the USA? If he is in Turkey and you come to Turkey I think you should be able to get a Turkish birth certificate through the Nufus mudurlugu.
  19. Is your father written on your birth certificate?
  20. I think that you get it from the tapu office to show that you are still the registered owner, it must be less than 3 months old.
  21. We heard from them today, the money was supposed to arrive today. They sent it on May 17th.
  22. I have a friend who is experiencing a delay with a transfer to the UK, maybe the banks are under instructions to take their time to avoid currency speculation. 2 years ago we sent a sizeable amount back to the UK that was not brought over from the same UK bank. It took about a week.
  23. We do not live in Koycegiz, it did not suit us. We do not wish to live in an area with a large expat population, we escaped Bodrum as it was becoming too British.
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