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  1. About the same decision we came to. I see that you managed to add the photo, aferin sana
  2. LC, When you are writing your post there is an option to choose the photos to add, or drag them in. keep the file size small though.
  3. Good job it missed the barbi too
  4. When you have won 50 days you get a free 'Kuddly Ken' to put your pajamas in.
  5. If I don't say much sometimes people take me for Turkish. The other day in a computer shop I was doing OK and the chap got what I wanted for me. There came a point when he sussed that I was not Turkish, it was at the point when I told him that I did not want a plastic bag, he said it's OK it';s free, I told him it was bad for the environment. At that point he asked my nationality!
  6. The fees are seriously expensive. there are others which teach a fair percentage in English but are all expensive. look also at MEF Izmir https://www.mefis.k12.tr/izmir/learning-at-mef/primary-school/overview/ Sorry I cannot answer more of your questions, I have not lived in Izmir for many years. good luck
  7. We also need to be careful about the idioms we use in English if we want to be understood by Turks. I stood in the pharmacy and listed to a Brit explaining that they 'feel a little under the weather'
  8. If the bank statement is in English it can be translated here (sometimes they don't require translation, but it should be original and stamped and signed by the bank). You need proof of graduating from High School to get drivers licence swapped for Turkish one.
  9. You should check with the Turkish Embassy in your country, the rules here change frequently. Good luck
  10. We had this about 5 years ago. they insisted on fitting a 'safety switch' bloody great ugly thing next to my cooker. i tried all sorts, putting it in the pantry round the corner but out of sight (could still reach it while cooking). they would not. End result we had them disconnect the pipes from the main underground tank to the kitchen and fitted an ordinary gas bottle in the pantry. As part of this 'safety upgrade' they insisted on new pipe from the tank to the basement where the boiler is. We had to pay for it. But they did not send anyone to dig the trench (about 30m). Fortunately we have a man who does, in the village. We had to pay him too. In retrospect we have had great treatment from Aygaz, apart from this blip. They send a technician to check the tank every year even though we do not buy a lot of gas and we are waaayy of the beaten track.
  11. A few years ago we 'sponsored' a friend to live with us. As she was female my wife also had to give her agreement. We had to declare that we would support her financially and feed her etc. They accepted this and on the strength of this she was given her RP. This would have been 2016. The noter drew up the contract, we both signed it, took it to the nufus office, they did a print out listing her address as ours, too it to the Göç idaresi, they accepted it.
  12. What is wrong with a notebook (paper)? Surely one of our concerns using a password app is that the company's own system will get hacked.
  13. I think it was Winston Churchill who said (something like) 'The best argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter'
  14. Start a thread on a topic that interests you and see what the uptake is.
  15. You should change the address at the nufus office as soon as they start living there, even if it is too early to apply for the RP. I do not know what length they give in Alanya
  16. This forum does not tend to be used for quips, chat and jokes, more as a source of information. People ask a question and generally get an answer.
  17. If your parents are living in your new place then they should have notified the nufus office already. It is not usually a problem, we were two years late when we relocated from Istanbul, I assumed that moving my residence permit to here was enough. It was not.
  18. Hi Pete, from your two posts I cannot tell if you are with us or not.
  19. I think the first thing for your parents and you to do is to change their address on their existing permit with the Nufus office in Alanya. they will need you to provide a notarised document to say that you will take care of their needs, I think that it needs to be signed by you and your cousin (as the cousin's name is on the tapu). You can use financial records from a European bank to prove your funds.
  20. I would bring the police clearance certificate anyway, it is very difficult to get once you have left Japan. Who knows when the rules will change. Also after one year you may wish to take up SGK (Turkish government health care) you will need your marriage certificate to get this.
  21. To be honest Fil, my info is at least 8 years old. The only ones of my (foreign) colleagues who could claim a pension were those with Turkish citizenship. I hope that i am wrong as I paid into the system for 7 years.
  22. If it is to be official then the Ministry of Education requires teachers to have a college degree in the subject that they are teaching and an officially recognised teaching certificate. I would be wary of schools that hire teachers without these qualifications.
  23. I believe that the SGK will cover you over 65, but as far as I know you do not need to provide evidence for residency if you are over 65
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