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  1. Is there a list of the documents that we will need to get a Turkish driving licence by trading a UK one? i did look around but can only find a page to say that it was being updated. Has anyone done it recently?
  2. Almost certain, there is a small chance that the guys in Ankara will spot that something is missing, but think positively!
  3. I am not sure about imported vehicles, some companies do not want to insure cars for foreigners. We have Turkish registered cars, and insure through Axa, and allianze .
  4. Personally I would do it in Afyon, I know that here in Isparta we have had non of the hassles that people encounter in areas where there are lots of foreigners. Also, I suspect all the offices are much closer together. You could cover both options, travel to Afyon via Isparta, meet your landlord, get the noterised document (just in case) and then go on to Afyon.
  5. Can you courier the document to the landlord and let the landlord notarise it and courier it back to you? Or catch a bus to Isparta it is only an hour away (and miles cooler than Antalya)
  6. Why not go to the Göç idaresi to change your registered address ahead of the appointment time. We went to the Nufus and they told me to print out our address from the on-line e-devlet site which we did.
  7. You need to have biometric photos, the photo studio should be able to put them onto your flash drive, or a CD so that you can upload them onto your on-line residency permit application. You also need to take printed copies with you to the interview.
  8. I do know of one family that home-schooled their 3 kids about 6 years ago, I am not in touch with them now though.
  9. Yes it was greyed out for us too in March. We attended interview and when asked to pay we went to the tax office and showed them our application form, there are two boxes which indicate the fee. They took the money off us (cash only), gave us a receipt which we took back to the Göç idaresi and that was it. We completed the process in mid May (offices were closed for a while) and got my card through the post this week. God luck Dona
  10. If you mean what questions you can expect during the interview, they will want to know why you live in Turkey, and about your accommodation , whether you own it or rent it. Who do you live with and relationship, how can you support yourself financially.
  11. I am not too sure on that, but feel that it may be true. The logic being that up until she gets a pension then the wife is a 'dependent' of the husband. When she receives her pension then she has her own income, so should take out her own SGK policy. it would be best to check this with an SGK office.
  12. I would advise SGK, it is only as good as your local state hospitals. My wife and I (fortunately) have only had to use it a couple of times but we have been impressed. What is the alternative? Private with be expensive if you are over 60. Most over 60s also have pre-existing conditions which will not be covered privately.
  13. Fees for an English language school will be very expensive (think 10 000 US$ or more per year). Check this out before going further.
  14. The laws may have changed in recent times but there used to be an age limit for cars to be imported. I am sure someone else will answer in more detail.
  15. There are some schools that teach trades eg electrician, plumber. They are found in almost every large town. They are called Meslek lisesi.
  16. Update on this. We were told that some Göç Idaresi offices were still open. We called 157 but they could not tell us if our local one is open. Today we drove in and were told by the official that yes, he remembers us and sending me to self isolate (our appointment was a few days after returning from UK). He said that are not processing RPs at the moment, but would probably start again around mid April. He assured me that as we had finalised the application before the residence had expired there would be no problem. Stay safe folks.
  17. Loads of people out and about over 65 today. I think I was served by one in the hardware shop.
  18. Does anyone know if the Göç İdaresi offices are open these days?
  19. Welcome to the forum, I am not sure about finding a job, do you have Turkish nationality?
  20. You should not have a problem with this.
  21. It is a very humid heat. Some people drive up into the mountains for a cool picnic. last year we went to the mountains with our Turkish neighbours in August. It was so cool that the missus needed to borrow a sweater!
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